Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Ordered To Pay U.S. Contractor’s Legal Fees

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A federal judge on Wednesday ordered four Iraqis who were imprisoned at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison to pay nearly $14,000 in legal fees to defense contractor CACI, an Arlington, Va.-based company that supplied interrogators to the U.S. government during the Iraq War.

The decision in favor of CACI stemmed from a lawsuit filed by the former prisoners in 2008, alleging that CACI employees directed the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib. The suit was dismissed in June, when U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee ruled that because the alleged acts took place on foreign soil, CACI was “immune from suit” in U.S. court.

Lee did not, however, directly address the question of whether CACI employees took part in the mistreatment of prisoners. The treatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib exploded into an international scandal in 2004, when shocking photos emerged of prisoners being stacked on top of each other, threatened with dogs, and sexually abused.

A little over a month after winning the dismissal this summer, CACI requested that the former prisoners be ordered to pay $15,580 to cover the company’s legal expenses.

Lawyers for the Iraqis disputed that their clients should pay CACI’s bills, partly because the Iraqis had “very limited financial means, even by non-U.S. standards, and dramatically so when compared” to CACI, according to a court filing. Moreover, they wrote, the initial claims against CACI, involving “serious claims of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, and war crimes were dismissed on very close, difficult — and only recently arguable — grounds.”

Attorneys for the Iraqi prisoners have said they plan to file an appeal of the June dismissal this fall.

CACI did not respond to a request for comment on the ruling.

The massive defense contractor has long denied allegations that its employees abused or directed others to abuse prisoners at Abu Ghraib. A statement on CACI’s websitenotes that “Neither CACI nor any of its employees have been found or proven to be involved in” or “participated in” or “charged” with abuse, nor have they been indicted for “directing abuse.”

In 2008, CACI’s executive chairman, J. Phillip “Jack” London, wrote a book in defense of the company titled Our Good Name: A Company’s Fight to Defend Its Honor and Get the Truth Told About Abu Ghraib.

  • econdemocracy / HB

    Under ‘moral obscenity’ in the dictionary, the dictionary should say, “see this” on this story.

    Unfortunately, there is enough in our foreign policy to create a whole Encyclopedia of Moral Obscenities 🙁

    But the Second Superpower – the great majority of the people of the world – stand with victims and stand for justice – and eventually, for reparations to Iraqis, to Afghan people, to the people subjected to carpet bombing and chemical warfare in Southeast Asia, and more.

    “…and will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream” -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Amba Waters

    I wonder if Fox News share everyone’s revulsion at this image?

  • Iyyah

    monsters 🙁

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  • Susan

    Simple fact of the matter is that foreigners can’t sue Americans for damages and expect to win in an American court for actions that took place outside America.

  • Kato

    Why on earth is this the case? An immoral, criminal act is such, no matter where its committed. These guys should be fiercely prosecuted!

  • Rob

    Since they are Iraqis and this court action took place on foreign soil, I’d say they are immune from having to pay for it.

  • The prisoners should simply refuse to pay. If required they should file an appeal in Iraqi courts, UN and International Court for war crimes. After all the US took them. This way at tome of release like a hotel check out they could be asked to pay for boarding amd lodging.

  • Cece

    Show me evidence that they actually committed a crime, just because it’s reported on the news, doesn’t mean that it’s true. Then to torture them in this way is disgusting. Two negative actions don’t create positivity!

  • Losing party has to pay prevailing party’s legal costs not their legal fees (like attorney’s fees). Costs are primarily for court reporters for depositions.

  • If they rule its not a local dispute surely this shouldn’t have made it to the first hurdle let alone to the tune of over 15k.

  • Sick!

  • Contessa Sharra

    That works for me, Kato, and should for all DECENT PEOPLE!

  • Contessa Sharra

    Cece, just having our troops and contractors in Iraq was a crime!

  • How so? What *specific* law was broken?

  • US Government Property is not Foreign Soil.

  • That is a bunch of bull!They should be paying the ones that were tortured by them!This world is going to hell in a handbag for sure!Well,at least we know whats in store for the rest of us who look to our government to do the right and moral thing…it’s not going to happen!The Devil is loosed,and hell is getting paid!!!

  • Garrick Oestriecher

    Here’s the issue with jurisdiction for you less than informed persons. A US court could hear this case, as the defendant, a Va. based company, is obviously on American soil. So even though the prosecuting side is not from the United States, and the event did not happen on United States soil, the defendant is still under this court’s jurisdiction. And on such an extreme case, it is nothing short of appalling that this judge would throw out this case on the grounds that he/she did not have jurisdiction. Most likely this judge found a lot of money somewhere close to the outside of that courtroom.

  • Me too but they should have won in the first place as CLEARLY, this treatment is immoral and beneath anything I would have ever imagine our country would condone. How is it they were not found guilty of torture?

  • Looks to me like these are our military personnel standing around; not contractors so why were the contractors sued and not the military in the first place and for us to let them get away with this is basically signing our own death warrant as I’m sure these pictures are seen all over the world. SICK!

  • But the problem is American citizens can sue Iran and whatever in an American court. I have heard of it before. It’s ridiculous.

  • monique

    All I can see is a total lack of humanity – no matter who is right and who is wrong

  • Mohamed Boshmaf

    and some people wonder why some lots of arabs hate americans!
    they come to their country with “democracy”, bringing the whole country down to hell for the oil,kill some, torture some, leave the country in deep shit, charge some for money and simply forget about it.. I mean COME ON!

    I’m sure that’s not the whole story but that what is look like

  • Man’s inhumanity to man!!. How do we stop it????

  • How do you think reparations against Jews were done during WW2? It was the defeat of the nazi Germany that allowed to enact war tribunals with the Treaty of Nuremberg. Because it is the law does not necessarily mean it is right. Maybe one day sometime it will bite their tails.

  • This is clearly evil, even if you are punishing these men for whatever it is that they had done, this homosexual, vile perverse act is not something that the CREATOR OF Heaven and Earth would have ATTESTED TO.

  • Raymund Liongson

    ON THE PHOTO: Perverts! If this same thing was done to our US militarymen/women, how would we respond? ON THE JUDGE’S DECISION: Do I smell a corrupt or corrupted judge? Or has our own system got corrupted?
    ON HAVING BOMBED IRAQ for reasons that turned out to be UNTRUE (Iraq’s connection to 911 and storing WMD): How do we hold ourselves accountable for the killing of innocent children, women, elderly who died as a result of such bombings? How many of them died? Or, did it even matter?

  • Zahid Hussain

    Perverted Judge, perverted imperialist designs of a misguided regime put in place by misguide and be-fooled american citizens! wake up and smell the coffee, thats brewing! for heavens sake! Read more than what is readily available to form an educated opinion!

  • The picture makes my blood boil! Charging them for legal fees makes not just my blood – but my whole system boil! Having them pay legal fees when obviously they could not is pure evil! If the Iraqis did not win in this court – they should be paid by other means!

    Repeating econdemocracy: “…and will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream” -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Mark who likes truth not smoke and mirrors

    Dear Cece, Are you blind? The images were taken by others working in the facility and last time I checked if you were treated in the same way it would have been abuse. You may see it differently, but if it was you, I bet I could hear you howling for this side of the planet…

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  • Mark who lies to be nice to others

    Oh Rusty, This not about law, its about being human. Lets give your family similar treatment and see how you like it. Its just wrong. Its easy to be a big man when your treating others like crap…


    Americans should know why they are hated around the world now,
    its your Political class Dude!

  • Aniqa

    OH but American citizens can sue people of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and many other places, they can also torture and illegally occupy foreign soil.. but a foreign citizen cant sue an American for torture??? Are you insane Susan? Or just Ignorant?

  • American Human Rights Policy

  • FiLTHY SOBs have the Judge’s paid off. These corporations all have Lobbyists in D.C. Who do the Iraqis have? Who will WE have, when they unleash these types against Us? 🙁

  • gerhard

    Why is anyone surprised, isn’t the way Americans operate. I have seen and experienced it in WW2 and they haven at it ever since

  • We live in a very sick world

  • Unfortunately, there is enough in our foreign policy to create a whole Encyclopedia of Moral Obscenities 🙁

    I totally agree that it is obscen to torture people and then expect them to pay the people that tortured them.

    It is not the only absurd case that the Pentagon is responsible for. My dad got kidnapped out of a German hospital by Wesley K. Clark in 1992. Since that time I was forced to witness him getting tortured in Belgium, the Netherlands and on a US Airbase in Germany. There is a long list of witnesses to the crimes that Clark has committed. But so far the Dutch government refuses to investigate the case. They would have to admit that the Dutch secret service AIVD is helping Clark.

    Overview – links to other blogs about the case
    Folter und Mord begangen von Wes Clark

    English Blog 01

    English Blog 02

    English Blog 03

    German Blog

    Dutch Blog

    French Blog (recently started and still busy putting the information on there)

  • Please sign my Petition to the White House, the German and the Dutch Government to
    finally give back my dad on Change org.


  • A.K.Mohamed Faizer

    oh – Americans brutality

  • Jose’

    Come on folks, put on your plain common sense legal wigs on, what sort of attorneys for the plaintiffs are on this case? If the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that “corporations are People”…and it has…then, if People who commit certain crimes on foreign soil can be arrested, extradited and prosecuted in U.S. courts…why should companies not be AT LEAST liable in a civil law federal court for their acts of inhumanity committed on foreign soil?! I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY, BUT I DID STAY AT A HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS LAST NIGHT?

  • Jose’

    The above photograph depicts how we set the moral standard for the humane treatment of POWs in the custody of the U.S. Armed forces! How dare we now dictate to other nations and enemies about how to humanely treat American and other POWs in their custody?!

  • As much as I hate torture and injustice. There is an international principle in which only the local police is allowed to investigate cases. In this case the since the incidents took place in Iraq it would normally have to be an Iraqi court would should prosecute the wrong doers. Given the fact that Iraq is sort of occupied by the US, the Iraqi courts can hardly be seen as independent. And the US courts are not independent either because they will not easily prosecute torturerers that got hired by the Pentagon to committ crimes for them.

    It is politics. And please do not miss understand me. I would never try to defend the actions of the Pentagon.

    My dad got kidnapped and violently tortured in Europe multiple times in between 1992 and 2011.

    I have send around the criminal charges hundreds of times within Europe. I have send information to every single senator in the US. Plus 200 politicians in the Netherlands and 700 politicians in Germany. With very little response. I have to large files filled with bullshit on paper, why no one feels quite the right facility to investigate the case.

    I received several visits from the former Dutch crown prince and nowadays King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander. I also received a few visits from Richard Branson who is politically interested and brought along Bill Clinton for a short visit. Clinton claims that it would be Bushes “wrong doing” despite of the fact that Clinton was inside the White House when Clark started to torture my dad in Europe and despite of the fact that it is Clinton who is friends with Clark.

    So again – these type of case should be treated by independend judges who care about the law and not about politicis. But that does not seem to happen.
    There is no such things as independent justice.

    I even phoned the White House several times to get attention for my dad’s case. And of course I did not get put through to President Obama. And the women on the phone inside the White House has told me literally: If this is something that we did to your family then we will not be interested in investigating it. You need to turn to European facilities to investigate the case. And guess what ? The European facilties are tumbling over each other to all let me know on paper that they are never the right facilty to investigate.

    It is always suppose to be someone else. According to both NATO as well as the German Ministry of Defense it would have to be the local police who is responsible for taking down the criminal charges and investigating the case. But the local police in the town where I live, has aided Clark with the torture and they are not at all willing to investigate themselves.

    In other words: Both Pentagon and NATO do as they please, because there is no one who would dare to stop them. They can literally do whatever they want and get away with it.

    It is an outrage. The mentality inside the Pentagon as far as I can tell has become much worse than it was during Watergate in the 70’s. Even the press is no longer independent enough to really investigate.

    And just look at how the US government is treating Assange, Manning and Snowden. Even the press is intimidated.

  • Elephant in the room

    This is how things work
    Step 1 Invade a country.
    Step 2 Appoint a government who are prepared to do anything to stay in power including turning a blind eye on rape and torture.
    Step 3 Buy oil at a rate of $30 a barrel when it is $110 on the international market.
    Step 4 insist that you have brought democracy to an oppressed people on the basis that your torture is call interrogation Technics and your bullets only cause collateral damage.
    Step 5 Claim that anyone who objects to your 4 previous steps is a terrorist.

    Truth of the matter (( Might is Right))

  • @Elephant in the room

    Very well put and you are totally right about this. What we need is an efficient facility somewhere – that dares to stop the White House and the Pentagon when they get out of line. At the moment that facility does not exist.

    Pentagon and NATO do whatever they like and no one dares to stop them.
    It would be a task for the UN if they dared.

  • Sean

    It’s sad that what should make sense isn’t common practice. It’s all a racket.

  • Below I took out some earlier made language errors. Have not yet figured out how to do that on this site: (I could not find an edit button)

    As much as I hate torture and injustice.
    There is an international principle in which only the local police is allowed to investigate cases. In this case since the incidents took place in Iraq it would normally have to be an Iraqi court who should prosecute the wrong doers.

  • Again just trying to repair ealier language errors: Sorry for that – happens when I am very tired and the text gets a bit difficult to follow.


    I have 2 large files filled with bullshit on paper, why no one feels quite the right facility to investigate the case.


    So again – these type of cases should be treated by independend judges who care about the law and not about politicis.
    There is no such thing as independent justice.


    t is always supposed to be someone else……….


    Ministry of Defence……………

  • Reply to Susan
    Simple fact of the matter is that foreigners can’t sue Americans for damages and expect to win in an American court for actions that took place outside America.

    Susan – You are right with this statement. That is how it works. But it proves that the US government is filled with racists.

    Reply to Jack:
    US Government Property is not Foreign Soil.

    Jack – You are also very correct with this. For example US ships in international waters or US Airbases in foreign countries are under the law – US soil and therefore the Federal government is responsible for investigating cases. Therefore that would be the FBI or the CID (a sort of FBI facility for crimes committed by or to people inside the US Forces).

    But the sad fact is that the FBI – according to what I have been told by the White House – can not and will not investigate the Pentagon. And the CID claims to investigate but also has no interest to want to investigate crimes that are committed by Pentagon personal.

    I will place an example of what the CID has sent me in here so you can get an idea of their bullshit.

  • From: USARMY Ft Belvoir USACIDC Mailbox USACIDC Crime Tips
    Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 7:31 PM

    To: E. Komes
    Subject: RE: Wesley Clark, ex Pentagon and ex NATO has tortured in 3
    different countries in Europe – kidnapped in 2 different countries (at
    least) – plus a long list of other crimes (UNCLASSIFIED)
    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: FOUO

    Ms. Komes,

    Thank you for your email. We have reviewed your complaint. We are unable
    to investigate these incidents, as they fall under the primary jurisdiction
    of the German Police and the Dutch Police. We stand ready to assist the
    German Police and/or Dutch Police if they request our assistance in these


    Message received from Chief Warrant Officer Graves of CID HQ in Quantico who failed to sign it. On Monday, June 18 of 2012.


    Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
    Caveats: FOUO
    Message received from a different (more helpfull) department of CID on friday June 22 of 2012

    Ms Komes

    Thank you for providing the information. I will forward this information you provided to my superiors.

    As discussed on the phone, my office does not have the authority to investigate these matters without permission from the Dutch, Belgium or German authorities. I will be more than happy to assist them in this investigation if they request.

    Thank you again for the information.

  • And here is my reply to the CID:

    Dear ladies and gentlemen of the CID,

    I find it a little sad that I would have to explain your own laws to you. Wesley Clark is a US citizen, who currently lives in the US. Clark was working for the Pentagon when he started to torture in 1992. That does make it the responsibility of the CID. Clark has also tortured on a US military installation in 1996, US Airbase Spangdahlem. Both the local police in Germany Kripo Wittlich, as the federal German police (BKA) plus the German counterpart of the CID (Feldjäger) claim that they have no jurisdiction on US military facilities. That does seem true.
    Also please check the highlighted parts below. The fact that Clark has dragged his torture victim onto a US Airbase does make it a case for US federal police. And since Clark is living in the US, the Dutch, Belgian or German police do not have any jurisdiction in the US. It is your responsibility to investigate the case !

    When committing especially heinous torture inside a Belgian hospital (cutting of body parts of a helpless victim) in june of 1999 Clark was wearing his green NATO Uniform. 2 Belgian police guys of the Antwerp police took pictures of the bleeding victim and naturally have seen Clark there. If the torture victim does not come back alive, this will turn out to be murder in the first degree.

    Torture would not even be legal under the Geneva Convention if the US had been at war with Europe at the time. Since that is not the case it makes Clarks numerous crimes even more heinous. He targeted a totally innocent already helpless victim (my dad) and has motivated a Spangdahlem MP to assist in the torture on a US Airbase while working for the Pentagon (1996). Clark at the time also pretended to be Spangdahlem Base commander. That is also not legal.

    Since my dad is still missing. Clark might have committed a first degree murder. I do expect you to investigate the case. And yes I do want Clark on the electric chair for what I was forced to witness. I am very fed up with getting all sorts of bull shit excuses from the police why no one feels quite the right facility to investigate.

    Even if the US government declared kidnapping, torture and first degree murder legal starting tomorrow, it would still not release you of the obligation to investigate and prosecute earlier committed crimes. I do not ever intent to let go. This has happened and if my dad does not come back alive, I will want Clark dead for what he has done.

    So please let me know when you finally intent to investigate. Thank you very much.

    Kind Regards,
    Edith Komes

  • United States Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC, usually abbreviated as just CID) investigates felonycrimes and serious violations of military law within the United States Army. The command is a separate military investigative force with investigative autonomy; CID special agents report through the CID chain of command to the USACIDC Commanding General, who reports directly to the Army Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the US Army. By position, the USACIDC commanding general is also the Army’s Provost Marshal General.

    The command does not charge individuals with crimes; instead, CID investigates allegations and turns official findings over to the appropriate command and legal authority for disposition and adjudication. CID exercises jurisdiction over military personnel who are suspected of offenses under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as well as civilian personnel when there is probable cause to believe the person has committed an offense under the criminal laws of the United States with a nexus to the U.S. Army. CID special agents may be military personnel (NCOs or warrant officers), or appointed civilian personnel.


    In the United States, the principle of dual sovereignty applies to homicide, as to other crimes. If murder is committed within the borders of a state, that state has jurisdiction. If the victim is a federal official, an ambassador, consul or other foreign official under the protection of the United States, or if the crime took place on federal property or involved crossing state lines, or in a manner that substantially affects interstate commerce or national security, then the federal government also has jurisdiction. If a crime is not committed within any state, then Federal jurisdiction is exclusive: examples include the District of Columbia, naval or U.S.-flagged merchant vessels in international waters, or a U.S. military base. In cases where a murder involves both state and federal jurisdiction, the offender can be tried and punished separately for each crime without raising issues of double jeopardy, unless the court believes that the new prosecution is merely a “sham” forwarded by the prior prosecutor.[1]


  • What it would take to get this on the Agenda of the White House is large scale protest and demonstrations in front of the White House. I

    t would take hundreds of thousand of people protesting against torture and the decline of civil liberties in the US (with the patriot act) of a scale that we had during a Vietnam for them to just notice and even than it took years for the US government to finally leave Vietnam.

  • Out-sourced military answer have no responsibility or loyalty to anyone. If they were American military they could be held responsible no matter where in the torture occurred. Why is this militia allowed to run free??

  • “Government 0f Pentagon” is the correct G0P wording…

  • Gerhard…..
    ich hätte ernsthaft ein Interesse daran um mehr darüber zu hören. Ich bin aufgewachsen in einer Zeit als wir in der Schule gehirngespült wurden um zu glauben die tollen Ami’s wären unsere Freunde obwohl sie das Platt platt bombadiert haben. Inzwischen sind diese tollen Freunde seit 1992 dabei um meinen Vater durch diverse Länder in Europa zu schleifen und zu foltern. Das gelingt denen so leicht weil die Scheiss Bundeswehr ganz einfach auf Wunsche und Anfrage eines Psychopaten ganz einfach deutsche Bürger ausliefert ans Ausland zwecks Folter und als nächstes der BND der örtlichen Kripo Auftrag gibt man dürfte nicht untersuchen. Das ist kein Witz.
    Der holländische heutige König was so freundlich um zu zugeben das der Scheiss AIVD auch mitwirkt an dem Fall und der korrupte Dreck den man in Holland Polizei nennt foltert selber lustig drauf los und findet das normal. Und nur durch diverse Besuche von Willem-Alexander ist mir bewusst geworden das die holländische Dreck Polizei vom AIVD angesteuert wird.
    Das Ausweisen des CIA Typen aus Berlin war nur Kosmetik. In Wirklichkeit machen die fetten Säcke von der Bundeswehr ganz genau das was Ihnen vom Pentagon vorgekaut wird als ob die BRD kein freies Land wäre.

  • Gary, I am European and I have never been Al Qaida or anything like that. In fact I did the best I could to warn about 9/11 and have put the correct date, targets and the 4 correct flight numbers of the attack on paper as far back as 1979 ! (I am very clairevoyant) The Dutch Royal family has that paper, the German government has plenty of copies of it since 1979. So I know for sure that your Pentagon was very seriously warned about the upcoming attack. Believe it or not…………..their way of saying Thank you for trying to help keep our people alive is to torture my dad. Trust me………the US government had the perfect information to keep the correct 4 flights on the ground and evacuate the correct buildings. They did not want to prevent the attack and that is criminal. They are already coming after people like you and me, so us. The filth inside the US government is much worse than you dare to imagine.

  • UnrealTournamentSERB

    my name is mihajlo gagic and i am in fort hood. they put me here since i was 8 and they give all of us foreigners lsd, they rape little kids, torture people, and mind control all of us. united states navy sucks dicks, americans are bitches. Rusija please save me