Accelerating Equity In Electric Cars

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Electric cars will eventually be all cars, but the speed by which they displace conventional cars will depend on making them affordable for low- and middle-income drivers.

  • voza0db

    And here we go AGAIN…

    … but the speed by which they displace conventional cars will depend on making them affordable…“, under the PRESENT MAIN SYSTEM, to achieve such goal the United States of Terrorism must keep its military bases in almost every country, keep special operations terrorist in ALL countries with minerals used to build batteries and so on! You must also end the ANTI-CHINA propaganda and engage in serious collaboration!

    SO… It seems clear that in order for the USofT terrorists can pretend to be Green and to be fighting “Climate Change” the MAJOR SOURCE of emissions of GHG – The USofT MIC and Armed Forces – must remain or increase in dimensions!

    Now that’s what I call delusion…

  • voza0db

    HERES AN IDEA- HOW ABOUT FREE CARS FOR EVERYBODY THAT NEEDS ONE? I’m serious. An agency, private or public, can supply free use of their cars to its employees. This would go a long way in reducing pollution, and its not unheard of.

  • richardprofumo

    Yes free cars are god as soon as possible. A good step with be the model some European countries have used like Holland did with there bicycles , free vehicles that are shares and available to everyone!

  • Jon

    With some 300 million gasoline cars (est.) on the roads of the US (and countless more elsewhere), it is imperative to retrofit a huge proportion of them to electric. Think of the jobs as well as ecology! (“nearly 75 percent of car dealers do not have a single electric vehicle available on their lots.”)


  • kevinzeese

    It would be great to retrofit old cars and make them electric I don’t know if technology allows it.

  • Jon

    The way MUST be found. Otherwise think of the colossal waste of resources. We can’t take no for an answer. The cars need not be “old” either.

  • The transportation sector in the United States is the single-largest emitter of planet-killing greenhouse gases

    That claim isn’t true – US Defense forces – read offense – are the worlds undisputed single greatest polluter of greenhouse gasses, more than the next 140 nations combined – in other words nobody else comes even close while the US is waging lie based wars over hydrocarbon rich territories plus unjustified economic sanctions to boot.

    The US has already gone after territories that are rich with rare earth minerals required to produce high quality Lithium batteries – Afghanistan and Bolivia are two examples – North Korea has a vast amount of rare earth minerals.

    Back to the topic – The US defense forces are simply not restricted by environmental standards – they can pollute kill and get away with murder while pushing the planet to extinction – which is probably exactly what the ruling elite had in mind so that when we go extinct only they and their offspring will repopulate the planet,

    According to Barry Sanders, author of The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of Militarism, “the greatest single assault on the environment, on all of us around the globe, comes from one agency . . . the Armed Forces of the United States.”

    Throughout the long history of military preparations, actions, and wars, the US military has not been held responsible for the effects of its activities upon environments, peoples, or animals. During the Kyoto Accords negotiations in December 1997, the US demanded as a provision of signing that any and all of its military operations worldwide, including operations in participation with the UN and NATO, be exempted from measurement or reductions. After attaining this concession, the Bush administration then refused to sign the accords and the US Congress passed an explicit provision guaranteeing the US military exemption from any energy reduction or measurement.

    Source – neutered link – theconversation dot com/us-military-is-a-bigger-polluter-than-as-many-as-140-countries-shrinking-this-war-machine-is-a-must-119269

  • The technology is out there overall the most of the old vehicles are simply too heavy to justify the expense.

    Lightweight is the key.

  • There were plenty of electric cars 100 years ago – big oil killed them.

    neutered link – globalresearch dot ca/who-killed-roger-rabbit-oil-hydrogen-political-domination-electric-car/5697098

    The American Love Affair with the Automobile”: The Unspoken History of the Electric Car

  • Jon

    Yes, well aware. One more reason to dump the cabal.