Acronym TV 2015 Year in Review: War, Protest and Politics

| Resistance Report

Dennis Trainor, Jr. or Acroynm TV takes a look back on some of the biggest stories of 2015 including what to do about the threat of ISIS abroad and what to think of the San Bernardino mass shooting at home; from the unlikely rise of a socialist Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont and the ugly reality of real estate mogul Donald Trump’s appeal; his stint working with Jill Stein, #BlackLivesMatter puts a focus on racism at universities, the cost of Manifest Destiny’s Child, American Empire, in Syria and the Middle East, what could we do without all of that spending on the military? Trainor takes a look at all of that and more in the Acronym TV 2015 year in review.

  • larrysherk

    Good article, but there is nothing “unlikely” about Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. Our system based on mindless exploitation has been heading for a fall for a long time, and alternatives are looking more attractive as the status quo looks uglier. Bernie is either a man just in time, or a man just too late.

  • DHFabian

    A particularly notable aspect of 2015 is the way that the groundwork has been laid for the 2016 elections. The media marketed to liberals has, overall, only more deeply alienated those who aren’t on the right wing, probably most strikingly in devoting another year to promoting middle class elitism. Democrats began 2015 by making their values and priorities very clear, as they virtually ended food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled. Liberals shrugged. Pretty amazing, when you consider that the Democrats’ socioeconomic agenda is actually well to the right of former Republican presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, and even Reagan. Lib media disappeared Joe Biden from the start in a grand effort to sell Hillary Clinton, with her record as a solid neoliberal — pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate empowerment, anti-New Deal. A tad short on the progressive spirit. Media helped worsen racial tensions by giving the microphone to anti-white bigots. Their highly biased campaign against Israel — while classically red-neck American — revealed more about today’s “progressives” than we wanted to know. Quite a year.

  • rgaura

    Go Dennis, nice to see you back. Keep working for Dr Jill Stein and all sane and reverent people.