Act Now To Stop The US War On Venezuela

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Above photo: From CODEPINK.

As the United States government escalates coercive economic warfare (sanctions) on Venezuela and sends warships to its shores, people in the United States, in solidarity with Venezuelans, are taking action to stop this insanity.

Venezuelan activists sent this video message to us:

Here are actions you can take now:

1. Post a photo of you holding a sign and send it via social media to your members of Congress. Use the hashtag #FightCovidNotVenezuela.

2. Sign the Open Letter and share it widely. The open letter opposing sanctions being imposed by the United States against many countries will be sent to leadership in the US government and the United Nations. Click here to sign it.

3. Attend the webinar, “An Inside View of Resistance to US Imperialism in Venezuela and How to Build International Solidarity,” on Thursday, April 23 at 5:00 pm Eastern/2:00 pm Pacific. This is being co-hosted by Popular Resistance, the Black Alliance for Peace, US Peace Council, CODEPINK, International Action Center, United National Antiwar Coalition and Sanctions Kill. Featured speakers are Carlos Ron, the Venezuelan Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for North America, Ajamu Baraka of Black Alliance for Peace and Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers of Popular Resistance. Moderated by Bahman Azad of the US Peace Council. Register here and we will send more information. Facebook page here.

4. Organize for the week of action. There will be an International Week of Action against Imperialism from May 25 to 31 that will highlight the US-imposed sanctions. Visit to register your action.

  • Rapha

    Maduro needs to be tried before a regional tribunal. Oil rich Venezuela has no gasoline now. What a thief!

  • An admirable intent – I wish it could be successful. The U.S. and others need to protect the petrodollar and secure a source of oil outside of the shale industry. I doubt very much they will let up on Venezuela until they get what they want – one way or another.

  • Nylene13

    With everyone staying home due to the C. Virus, one result is scientists have noted our air is cleaner.

    Maybe this can be a start to using less cars, and needing less oil. How many jobs that are now being done from home can become Permanent work at home jobs?

  • 0040

    A worthy goal , if it were only true?

  • 0040

    Another budding , one solution fits all , authoritarian heard from ?

  • Margaret Flowers

    I think this doctor is pushing her personal political agenda. She kind of lost me when she cited her post on Facebook as if that meant something. I agree with the docs I know who say we are undercounting the deaths. We are still learning about the virus and we are finding that it attacks many organs including the nervous system, lungs, heart, liver, GI tract and kidneys. People die from COVID-19 via various mechanisms. Some present in unusual ways – for example stomach pain or a heart attack.

  • kevinzeese

    Here is an article that describes how COVID-19 kills. It is an attack on many organs. Serious cases sound difficult to treat.

  • Southern

    Thank you for your opinion – I’m not a medical professional – I was under the impression that too many death were incorrectly attributed to CV19 – after posting that listened to a podcast where she’s supporting the speedy return to work so might very be supporting something unsafe – anyway – I’m not a medical professional and thought that she made sense – what I did find odd was that she’s wearing a doctors apron coat when the video appears to have been recorded in a church.

  • Southern

    Thanks – It attacks the immune system yet it remains a mystery exactly how it all works .

    Out of a coupe of people close to me one is in intensive care while another is in charge of their medical centers CV19 response and another works as a nurse.

    The DS wasted no time to launch an attack on the the few remaining civil liberties that were left – yet how eagerly these new powers have been embraced by public servants is more than a little alarming.

  • didactic1

    I cry about your inexplicable defense of dictator Maduro.

  • didactic1

    Oil has become a cheap fuel working class drivers can’t just give up and have poor access to largely suburban roads. Government refuses to increase gas taxes and impose carbon taxes, fears popular anger.

  • didactic1

    The Venezuelan regime is also a criminal enterprise.

  • didactic1

    Amnesty International has serious concerns about the Authoritarian Maduro regime.

  • show me a centralized government that is not (some more so than others). my concern, as with any nation under assault, is for the everyday citizens

  • didactic1

    Most places don’t have a sizable chunk of population flee. When they do, there is a big problem. Venezuela. Myanmar, El Salvador, Syria, Eritrea.

  • Maxwell

    Quite the opposite is happening- “COVID deaths” are being grossly over exaggerated and that is for political purposes and massive financial gain.

    And yes that doctor above is also immersed in a political agenda.

    Straight from the horses mouth- let me know if you need more examples.

    Illinois Director of Public Health Let’s Cat out of the Bag- COVID Deaths Are Overstated

    Here is the exact quote from the director of Illinois Department of Health, Dr. Ngozi Ezike, transcribed from Illinois Governor’s health briefing on April 19th :

    “I just want to be clear in terms of the definition of people dying of COVID. The case definition is very simplistic. It means at the time of death it was a COVID positive diagnosis. So that means if you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means technically even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it’s still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone who’s listed as a COVID death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of the death.”

  • kevinzeese

    The problem with counting deaths all roots back to the ongoing problems with lack of testing. People die with the symptoms of COVID-19, from deaths that are common from COVID-19, yet they have not tested positive because of lack of testing.

    These deaths should be counted as COVID-19 deaths. The Illinois Director of Public Health showed how the system is flawed. She only counts those who have tested positive. That approach obviously misses many deaths from COVID, resulting in a serious undercount.

    Her description of a patient in hospice was a poor one because that is a rare occurrence. That person would have died without COVID-19 as well. More common are people with underlying illness like heart, kidney, liver, circulatory or lung diseases whose lives are dramatically shortened by COVID-19. Many of these people would have lived years, or even decades longer, but because of COVID-19 their deaths were premature. These should be counted as COVID-19 deaths.

  • Maxwell

    The problem with counting deaths all roots back to the ongoing problems with lack of testing.

    False- you’ve lost touch with reality Kevin.

    NYC Dept of public health spokesperson stated they would not be testing at home deaths but if they were “presumed” to be Covid deaths they would be counted as such. In Italy it was already noted there was original massive overestimation of Covid deaths and retractions . In Pa. it was acknowledge that they over counted Covid deaths and retractions after coroners pushed back on this corruption.

    That the CDC and NHS both gave new protocols for filing death certificates with a stress on liberal interpretations on what constitutes a Covid deaths should have been your first clue.

    Please don’t pretend you’ve done any research on this Kevin- you’re just parroting MSM talking points.

  • Cab Driver xxx

    *Note* Lest this end up in pending like everything else here at PopRes, I’ll send in parts.

    Pt 1.
    After telling someone a few months ago during the election nonsense that except for the personal I couldn’t remember ever actually disagreeing with you over anything political in nature I’m afraid you’ve made up for that now and gone and lost your way – completely.

    “COVID deaths” are being grossly over exaggerated and that is for political purposes and massive financial gain.

    Conjecture. I share none of your certainty over the statistical implications and political impact you seem to have extracted from your cherry picked “studies,” Max. What I do have is a healthy distrust for any perspective marching in lockstep with capitalist and fascist rhetoric that has historically given two hoots in hell about workers – but now alleges to speak on their behalf and their right to toil in the salt mines. Give me a freaking break!!!

  • Cab Driver xxx

    Part 2.

    And yes that doctor above is also immersed in a political agenda.

    You think?

    No doubt, many of your new comrades if honest would say otherwise. This I promise you. Which brings me to my next point. Where better to set up shop for a plunge into the vague and conspiratorial muck than the Digger? Good God, man – have libertarians become your useful idiots – or you, theres? As I told you a while back, sifting through scientific charts and data points is a fool’s errand for the leftist agitator. As is pointing to your own as evidence of “political purposes.” Since when did you need to get so lost in the weeds to find political purpose?

    We are witnessing the effects of Covid reaching well beyond its admittedly debatable biological impact. But these effects are no less alarming than, like darting cockroaches under a sudden flick of the light switch, witnessing many alleged leftists now scurrying for the closest haven from the tangible reality in front of them in favor of the spooks and hobgoblins by dark insinuation they claim to lay just underneath. The very worst reality that’s always confronted us as leftists is capitalism, Max. But making common cause with this sordid assortment of middle-class, “above politics” anti-leftists who time and again have proclaimed “top and bottom” to have replaced “left and right,” you seem to have made quite a little pronouncement of your own.

  • kevinzeese

    Now the resilts are coming in. A study of seven states has found that there are thousands of unexplained deaths, i.e., there are more deaths occurring than nomally and the number of reported COVID deaths do not make up the difference. They estimate is that there re 9,000 more COVID deaths from these seven states than have been reported. And, they explain this is low because death certificate are delayed. See this news story based on numbers of deaths from CDC.

    This demonstrates that the US is significantly under-counting COVID deaths.

  • Cab Driver xxx

    Part 3.

    “I just want to be clear in terms of the definition of people dying of COVID…”

    I just want to be clear too: Who gives a sht? Pandemic, Plandemic, chicken-pox or plague – whether “buildings ain’t supposed to fall like that” and/or Jack Ruby was James Earl Ray’s second cousin twice removed – fk difference does it make to the bottom line? What, the zillion dollar bailout/stimulus to capital ain’t enough for you? I told my wife last night there’s nothing in anything I’ve been told by the msm with regards to Covid over the last several months that justifies with certainty any of the response we’ve seen. But skepticism sure ain’t certitude, man. So I wear my stupid mask and wash my hands. In case it matters. The only thing I’m at all certain of anymore is that for human beings to have any chance at long-term survival, capitalism will have to go. Everything else is white noise and a speed trap looking for fresh victims.

  • Cab Driver xxx

    Pt 4.

    Lastly, what your new closed-party audience over there lacks in tolerance for anything besides aspersions cast on those disagreeing with them, providing them with fresh meat like this otoh is more than welcomed:

    …virtually all (Italics mine) doctors are trained to be pill pushers and give bad advice when not jabbing unnecessary needles into chronically ill patients who get healthy [and] fully recovered through diet, exercise and meaningful work.

    Working in healthcare for close to thirty years, I know all too well how closely many of its cures for disease and infirmity are aligned with their causes. I know how drug manufacturers peddle influence over the healthcare system. But you are way out of line here man. In both ERs and psych facilities I’ve witnessed the broke and broken seek refuge in the very last institution that would have them before the Department of Corrections. Heart attacks, strokes, dislocated shoulders, and a ruptured appendix all speak for themselves. Might there be fewer causes for disease and calamity if profit-motive didn’t richly inform and influence the “lifestyles” that bring them to the surface? Undoubtably. Offering “discharge instructions” to a patient with neither shelter or enough food to eat brings capitalism into direct contact with those of us who know these same instructions will be found inside a trashcan or blowing across the hospital parking lot within moments of the patient’s discharge. So too, I’ve had the added frustration of seeing bosses and co-workers treat patients and one another with the savage hostility that ought be reserved for “the system” motivating their attitudes and behavior. But applying your “all doctors…” broad brush to Beverly Hills plastic surgeons as easily as you do a South Bronx pediatrician is as ignorant as anything I’ve seen you utter thus far. Seriously man. This is really bad. And of course, there was EH lapping it up like Halloween candy corn.

    Stick with the things you know about man. When you veer away from it too far you look every bit as bad as your new found friends.

  • Mensch59

    Nice set of posts. Unfortunately, @disqus_Ldnj57i6PQ:disqus and listening with understanding to constructive criticism seem to be opposites in conflict. The guy seems to be the epitome of narcissistic & arrogant & know-it-all illusory superiority. He looks down on everyone. A walking and talking contradiction. A poster boy for the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    As for him “sticking with things he knows about”, I’m guessing that his knowledge is as concrete as a “mist” or a “vapor” or “mere breath” and as metaphorical as something that is fleeting or elusive.

    My opinion of the guy has fallen as low as my opinion of E. Hayes.

  • Cab Driver xxx

    You think? I’m betting the brother shows up and says something to the effect of “Wow man – I never looked at it like that. Thanks for the heads up, Cabbie.” No?

  • Maxwell

    Already saw it.

    Quite the opposite again Kevin- they used a false baseline figure there to start with. You are also conveniently ignoring the excess deaths caused by the national house arrest- this too is well documented.

    You need to look into this far deeper than you have and please don’t cite the NY Times it’s embarrassing.I’m happy to disabuse of this notion.

    It is funny though as they are telling you directly that what they are doing and you choose to ignore it.

  • Maxwell

    I share none of your certainty over the statistical implications and political impact you seem to have extracted from your cherry picked “studies,”

    How much have you looked into this? Can you cite for me the studies that you have examined?

    It’s pretty much right in front of your face- they’re not trying to hide what is being done.

    You’ve attempted a scattered response- the fact is this is a business plan- there is no global pandemic.

    If you want to read further on this happy to send you about 100 or more “cherry-picked” articles.

    What I do have is a healthy distrust for any perspective marching in lockstep with capitalist and fascist rhetoric…

    What do you think is actually going on? $6 trillion just doled out to Wall St. more on the way and legislation that firmly ensconces this. Funny how some of us lefties have been pointing this out from the start and quite a few leftists (SEP e.g.) have resorted to CNN, The Economist, NY Times, WaPo, Financial Times, CDC and so forth as their go to sources.

    The books are being cooked- it’s a fact.

  • Cab Driver xxx

    Bollocks, man. You damn well know cooked books ain’t new.

    “How much have you looked into this? Can you cite for me the studies that you have examined?”

    “The studies?” On what? What are you arguing, Max? All the way through. Not this Digger innuendo b.s.

    “…they’re not trying to hide what is being done.” Who is this “they’re? Between that and “…some of us lefties…” it looks like someone has taken over your account. Who are you and what have you done with Maxwell?

  • Maxwell

    Of course it is not new- that doesn’t mean it should not repeatedly be pointed out. The level of what is happening here is unique. What’s coming at us, and always has, is being accelerated.

    As before I’m quite consistent. And what I post I post in many places as you know. Noone has taken over my account- laughs. I’m just pointing out the same things I’ve been citing for a few decades now.

    As I said I’m happy to pass to you many of the studies I’ve read- why you are being so obtuse on that point is beyond me. I’m not going to get into any meandering conversations here. All the best.

  • Mensch59

    The grand poohbah of truth-tellers hath spoken “… the fact is this is a business plan- there is no global pandemic.”
    That’s all and all us losers need to know.

  • Robert

    There’s also incoming evidence the Covid19 virus attacks multiple organs, not just resp. So autopsies and rereading charts is going to bump up figures.