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Act Now To Stop The US War On Venezuela

Above photo: From CODEPINK.

As the United States government escalates coercive economic warfare (sanctions) on Venezuela and sends warships to its shores, people in the United States, in solidarity with Venezuelans, are taking action to stop this insanity.

Venezuelan activists sent this video message to us:

Here are actions you can take now:

1. Post a photo of you holding a sign and send it via social media to your members of Congress. Use the hashtag #FightCovidNotVenezuela.

2. Sign the Open Letter and share it widely. The open letter opposing sanctions being imposed by the United States against many countries will be sent to leadership in the US government and the United Nations. Click here to sign it.

3. Attend the webinar, “An Inside View of Resistance to US Imperialism in Venezuela and How to Build International Solidarity,” on Thursday, April 23 at 5:00 pm Eastern/2:00 pm Pacific. This is being co-hosted by Popular Resistance, the Black Alliance for Peace, US Peace Council, CODEPINK, International Action Center, United National Antiwar Coalition and Sanctions Kill. Featured speakers are Carlos Ron, the Venezuelan Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for North America, Ajamu Baraka of Black Alliance for Peace and Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers of Popular Resistance. Moderated by Bahman Azad of the US Peace Council. Register here and we will send more information. Facebook page here.

4. Organize for the week of action. There will be an International Week of Action against Imperialism from May 25 to 31 that will highlight the US-imposed sanctions. Visit to register your action.

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