[Act Out! 177] – The Real Problem With The Supreme Court, Endless War & Our Enemies In Blue

| Resistance Report

Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ Occupy.com

We don’t even really get to choose the person who chooses the people who dictate the highest law of the land. That might sound confusing – and it is. It’s even more frustrating. The Supreme Court is a wildly undemocratic institution that even our own Constitution doesn’t condone. Plus, a new level of secrecy and non-transparency has clouded an already opaque confirmation process. And before we ask survivors why they didn’t report, we should take a look at some of the reasons why they don’t – and address them in our own communities.

PLUS, Code Pink’s latest report outlines the 5 biggest weapons contractors in the US and their nefarious dealings that perpetuate endless war.

OUR INTERVIEW this week: A teaser of our longer interview with Kristian Williams, author of the book, Our Enemies in Blue which traces the history of the police from slave patrols to our present-day militarized force. It also discusses alternatives to policing and how communities have and could address public health without the use of police. (NOTE: the full interview will air on our podcast this Friday)

  • Steven Berge

    The citizens need to have the ability to remove from office, any and all appointed government officials. But then again, that would be too democratic?

  • chetdude

    As many “recall elections” in USAmerica shows us, the ability to remove from office is only as good as the political maturity of those voting to remove.

    Many more “liberal” judges have been removed in many states by a recall vote than right-wing ones have over the last 40 years…

  • Steven Berge

    Didn’t know that. It’s definitely a danger when big money can buy it’s way.