Act Out!: 400+ Reasons To Eat The Rich And More

| Resistance Report

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This week on Act Out!, tempting though it may be to ignore all things real and political for the next few days, hiding behind cranberry sauce and turkey legs won’t change the ever-widening and gaping abyss before us. Dive in with us as we survey our grotesquely top-heavy economy and where people like you and me stand today.

Next up, some headlines from Scotland to Syria to why the oil and gas industries are racist. And finally, NAFTA renegotiations plus an expert take on what’s to come and what we can do about it.




  • DHFabian

    People might be surprised to learn that below people “like you and me” is an entire chunk of the population in real poverty, many with no incomes and no way back up today. As hard as things are for the growing percentage of the population in low-wage, short-term jobs, there are many with no incomes. And it’s the country, not the people pushed into poverty, that has failed.

  • kevinzeese

    They would be surprised if they read poverty as we regularly report on poverty and other issues related to it.