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Act Out! Episode 13 – #ShellNo, Sun Sets On Patriot Act

This week we dive into the toxic sludge of the oil industry, beginning with Shell’s latest plans to drill in the Arctic. Luckily, activists are standing, and sitting, up to these corporate cronies. We talk to Bill Moyer of Backbone Campaign and George Edwardson, Inupiat leader, about the #ShellNo protests, how you can get involved and the importance of leaving the Arctic the f#@% alone.

Moving on to Santa Barbara, Nigeria and the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the oil industry easily gets this week’s lowlife scum award. Speaking of lowlife scum, frack is wack and Beyond Extreme Energy is making sure the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission hears them loud and clear over the sound of their rubber-stamped fracking rigs. Join them this week!

Finally, it’s not all bad news or bad views – in fact, few things are as beautiful as the sunset over the falsely titled Patriot Act. Endin’ on a high note!


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