Act Out! Hitler Day, Columbus Day And More

| Resistance Report

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This week on Act Out!, why Indigenous People’s Day matters: Decolonizing the mind, the power of language, ideas and shifting paradigms. Next up, there’s an epidemic of horrendous proportions in this country – and yet you may not have heard about it. We talk about the recently introduced Savanna’s Act and raising awareness for stolen sisters.

Finally, we sit down again with Mohawk film maker Paulette Moore. Kahsto’sera’a Paulette Moore is a Kanien’kehaka (Mohawk) filmmaker and educator currently collaborating with Free Speech TV to complete a series of films about the 2016/17 Standing Rock water protection actions. Her focus is to decolonize and Indigenize media arts in the context of Indigenous response to environmental extraction. She joins us to talk Indigenous movements, healing, strategizing and the eagle and the condor.

  • DHFabian

    We got a confused start on our season of outrage. Columbus Day is not a holiday of note, other than in the sense of starting the major sales season. Columbus outage should have been delayed until November, for Thanksgiving. This nicely blends into our Christmas season of rage against Christians. Our season of rage against Christians traditionally starts in October, for Halloween, dwindling around New Years. We seem to be skipping Halloween entirely this year.

    Please, people, let’s stick with tradition.