Act Out! in Paris [5] – Culture for Climate

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As we mentioned during our coverage of the Art Not Oil protest, culture dictates politics. And if your culture is vapid, your politics will be too – as evidenced by – well, pick anyone. Art in all of its iterations has played a big role in COP21 and La Gaite Lyrique is the “center of culture for climate.” Anais, part of the ArtCOP21 team, explains what that means and again, why culture is so important in the fight for climate justice.

  • All good and well — Sadly, due the ISDS provisions in secretly negotiated FTA’s, member government’s are literally held over a barrel, filled to the brink with leganese by the FTA corporations.

    It’s on record that FTA corporations have used these provisions to their own selfish advantage when environmental restrictions prevented them from polluting for profit — like they do, no doubt they will again.

    I have a fair idea how it got this bad –So what might be a creative way in which an artist would express treason and sedition ‽

  • easywriter

    Here’s an international group that looks like it might work for artists and activists:
    #BillionPeopleMarch against a future that does not compute

  • Jon

    Satirists of the World Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose but your Cheneys! Humiliate the hell out of the corporate feudal powers! Ricicule everywhere, every time.