Act Out! Think Before You Pink, Lee Camp & California Battles The Bottle

This week – let’s start off with breasts. 

Think before you pink – it’s October and pink-washing is in full swing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month but here are several reasons why you should abstain from the cancer fan-fare, and how you can really battle the big C’s – corporations and cancer. The corruption of the Susan G. Koman Foundation which spends its money on high salaries, lawsuits against other cancer groups, partnering with big oil with pink drill bits at fracking sites spreading toxins that cause cancer. It is a superficial month of marketing without any discussion of how we inadequately fund research and make access to healthcare inadequate. 

Next up, Lee Camp turns tragedy into comedy to get out serious messages about corporatocracy, war and empire.  Lee talks about activism in the entertainment industry. Comedy led him to politics, lots of steps along the way, but the one moment — stopping an execution in Texas with other death penalty activists — where he learned a very small number of people can make a significant difference.

and finally – California’s bitter fight against Nestle over bottled water and undermining the California water supply. Activists file suit to stop Nestle from pumping water out of California forests.