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Action Alert: False NYT Spy Claim On Iran Nukes Needs Correction

Above photo: The New York Times.

The New York Times (5/1/23), reporting on Iran’s execution of British spy Alireza Akbari, reported:

The spy had provided valuable information — and would continue to do so for years — intelligence that would prove critical in eliminating any doubt in Western capitals that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons.

This is not correct; as FAIR has often pointed out (, 10/17/17, 9/9/15, 9/24/13; 1/31/13; Extra!, 3–4/08), the position of US intelligence is that it has no proof Iran has decided to build a nuclear weapon. As the US State Department reiterated in April 2022:

The United States continues to assess that Iran is not currently undertaking the key nuclear weaponsdevelopment activities it judge necessary to produce a nuclear device.

This is a serious error that deserves prompt correction.


Please tell the New York Times to correct its false claim that there is no doubt that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.



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