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Actions To Finish Off The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)!

We have been fighting the TPP for the past 5 years. The work of activists across the country and in solidarity with activists around the world succeeded in pushing the TPP fight into an election year and making it politically toxic.

We were told two years ago that voters didn’t care about trade, yet it was the TPP that played a critical role in the Democrat’s loss in the elections. Voters supported Trump to protest the Democrat’s support for the TPP and failure to address the needs of working people and the poor.

Now we are in the battle of the year: President Obama says that he will do all that he can to ratify the TPP before he leaves office. Trump opposes the TPP. Members of Congress who have lost their seats or are retiring are not accountable to voters.

We can stop the TPP if we take action now to prevent its ratification in the lame duck session of Congress!

Here are actions you can take:

In Washington, DC – 

November 12 to 17 – Join the Lame Duck Uprising! We are holding an action camp starting Saturday night, November 12 at 6 pm. We will hold actions starting Monday morning, Nov. 14 and running through Nov. 17. We have a church where people can stay, but you need to reserve a spot. Click here for more details and to register.

There will be two marches on Monday, November 14 (wear comfortable shoes and bring water and snacks for yourself):

11 am – Meet in Freedom Plaza at the corner of 14th St and Pennsylvania Avenue. We will visit the Reagan Trade Center and the USDA and stop at the waterfront on Ohio Drive for a riverside banner action. Click here for the Facebook page.

5:30 pm – Meet at the corner of First St and East Capitol St near the Capitol Visitor’s Center for a march through Capitol Hill. We’ll have lanterns, and light-up torches and pitchforks. Click here for the Facebook page.

November 17 – Rally to Stop the TPP in Upper Senate Park from 1 to 3 pm. Click here for the Facebook page.

November 30 – Rock Against the TPP! in the evening at Lisner Auditorium at the George Washington University. Check here for updates on the time and the artists.


From home –

November 15 to 17 – National Call-in Days. Call your members of Congress and tell them to oppose the TPP. We demand trade agreements that protect our families, workers and the planet. Click here to join the ThunderClap.

November 20 – National TPP Webinar. This is a regular educational call about the TPP. Topic to be announced still. Join the call at 7:30 pm Eastern/4:30 pm Pacific. Click here to register.

November 21 – National Day of Action. These actions will target members of Congress in their home districts during the Thanksgiving break to tell them to oppose the TPP. Find a local action near you or organize one. Visit the Action Map on Flush the TPP for details.

November 23 – National TPP Resistance Call. This is a regular national conference call to coordinate resistance actions to stop the TPP. Click here for more information and to register.

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