Activists Disrupt Hearing Over Fast Track For TPP

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Activists Disrupt Senate Finance Committee Hearing over U.S. Trade Rep’s push to “Fast Track” the TPP

1tppsenU.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman was greeted with protest at Tuesday’s Senate and House Hearings on Capitol Hill, as people raised concerns about the President’s trade agenda and “Fast Track” Trade Promotion Authority. Activists with signs and banners chanting “No TPP!” and “No Fast Track!” were escorted from the Senate Finance Committee hearing room shortly after the U.S. Trade Representative took the microphone.

The legislation, which Obama requested from both parties during last week’s State of the Union address, would limit congressional oversight of the Administration’s free trade agreements and is widely opposed by hundreds of environmental, labor, public health, food safety, and faith groups nationwide.

Protesters wore shirts reading “No Fast Track” and held signs stating “Froman lies,” a response to the Ambassador’s recent claims that Fast Track is the “best tool to ensure that Congress and the public have ample time to give our trade agreements the public scrutiny and debate they deserve.” Past versions of Fast Track legislation, including one introduced with little support last January, limits the amount of time Congress has to consider agreements and suspends their ability to make amendments to the texts.

1tppsen1Dr. Margaret Flowers, co-director of, held a sign that said “Trading away our future” to highlight the devastating impact that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will have on many issues that people care about such as food safety, the cost of medicines, Internet freedom, environmental protection, financial regulation and democracy.

Richard Ochs, a retired steelworker from Baltimore, and Kevin Zeese, Esq also from, held a banner that read “TPP Fast Track: Job Killing Act,” which sought to draw attention to the devastating impact past free trade agreements have had on U.S. jobs. While Obama’s State of the Union claimed that the authority would “protect American workers,” unions including the AFL-CIO, Teamsters, CWA, and more have instead spoken out against it.

1tppsen3In fact, there is broad opposition to fast tracking the TPP across the political spectrum and across issues. “Fast Track is far from a ‘done deal’ in the United States and foreign negotiators ought to be cautious before accepting provisions that will harm their population.” said Kevin Zeese. See

In addition to the photos below, the DailyDot captured several GIFs from CSPAN footage, click here.

  • Linda Jansen

    Hey, Kevin and Margaret! Thanks for being there. I called Hatch and left him a message about his “no cheap politics in this hearing” crack. I told him we already know he only allows BIG MONEY in HIS hearings. πŸ˜‰

  • kevinzeese

    Thanks for doing that. I hope he hears from other on that comment. He only likes very expensive politics that lines his campaign budget. He doesn’t want to hear from the people who are impacted by these corrupt trade agreements designed to help big business.

  • Southernfink

    Thanks for supplying the information that enables the global public to stay in the loop.

    Not one nation participating is these negotiations appears to be allowed any form of debate — yet there is little to no resistance coming from opposition members and who really should be grabbing their one and only chance.

    Fast track equivalents are happening everywhere.

    MSM is silent everywhere.

    Politicians with ambitions to pursue future careers in the corporate sector realize they must keep their pie holes shut.

    I know that our liberties were not won without suffering, and may be lost again through our cowardice. ~ Upton Sinclair ~

  • planetesh

    Completely inspiring action here against the corporate-takeover TPP. Secret negotiations are UN-AMERICAN. Corporate tribunals are UN-AMERICAN.

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  • OHDisqusNSA666100

    Naderites, absolutely flat out vindicated, Obama = Bush, Obama loading US jobs into his juicer and make happy rich guys.

  • Southernfink

    Full respect.

    Overheard during video

    One of the protesters was heard — No TPP !! No TPP !!

    I’m a retired shipyard worked – my job was shipped overseas
    along with thousands of other jobs

    Another voice – You’re not representing you’re people.

    Shipyard worker – Yes I am ! and he is absolutely correct !

    The TPP is not about protecting nor defending people’s rights.

    The TPP is all about increasing corporate rights –, those rights have to come from somewhere translating into less civil rights including the ceding of sovereignty for new members.

  • Southernfink

    Well done – you’re a legend ~!

  • Z54

    Slick Oily and Michael Froman negotiating away the sovereignty of the US Government, the fifty United States and the amerikan people. Let’s call it what it is, TREASON!

  • Bighead1883

    The MSM are part of the TPP NAFTA and all FTA`s they can`t report on their objectives and employees are corporate workers on contracts.
    Forget any involvement by MSM or expect a change on their part.
    The STUPID in Australia believe that the MSM was once fair and Democratic,well they never were and they never will be,they are the minion of 1 Rupert Murdoch who is a Globalist SOB like the Koch bros etc.
    People have to wake up outside the square and the best way is to turn of your effing TV set.

  • Southernfink

    TPP – FTAAP – MEFTA – FTAA – TTIP – TAFTA – CETA –EUAA – DCFTA –TISA – TFA – those are just the proposed ones on the global negotiating table.

    Yup, the MSM is owned and controlled by the mega corporations – that keeps a lid on things.

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