Activists Place Symbolic Body Bags At Entrance To Trump Golf Course

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Above photo: Members of Refuse Fascism Philly place symbolic “body bags” at the entrance to the Trump National Golf Club in Pine Hill, N.J. on Saturday. The group was protesting against President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. They removed the bags at the end of the protest. Elizabeth Robertson. Philadelphia Enquirer.

Pine Hill, NJ – “The Trump/Pence response to the COVID-19 pandemic – the actions, lies and inaction – is killing people and threatening humanity,” said Samantha Goldman, Refuse Fascism after helping place symbolic body bags at the entrance to the Trump National Golf Club in Pine Hill, New Jersey following a car caravan throughout Philadelphia demanding Trump/Pence Out NOW! “This is an emergency. This fascist regime poses a danger to humanity. Trump has blood on his hands.”


Protesters demanded that the government:
▪ Provide aid and protection for humanity globally, not just for Americans, based on international co-operation, not competition.
▪ Provide ventilators and hospital beds for those needing intensive care; and mass testing to provide information needed to slow the spread of the virus.
▪ Provide Personal Protective Equipment for all health workers.
▪ Ensure health and safety from the virus of all those in jail, prison, or ICE detention camps; immediate release of everyone not convicted of a violent crime, and of asylum seekers and families.

They said, “Most importantly, we demand the immediate removal of Trump & Pence.” calls for non-violent, mass, sustained protest at the soonest possible time, with the demand #TrumpPenceOutNOW. published a Call to Action which reads in part, “The anti-science Trump/Pence regime hid the danger of the COVID-19 virus, now a pandemic, for months, setting the stage for possibly catastrophic impact and placing those who have been targets of their overall program in the most jeopardy – immigrants forced into shadows and concentration camps; millions of Black and brown people languishing in prisons; the people of Iran facing crippling sanctions; the poor, sick, and homeless here and around the world.”

And further, “Enough. We raise our voices here to say: In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America.”

  • voza0db

    And the Herd of Morons started with the dumb actions!

    I was wondering how long it would take… Not to long.

  • lydatarz

    It’s, not “too” long. Moron!

  • Robert Bois le Duc

    Public protest is what started the American Revolution. Good for these young people, remember Kent State and be careful.

  • voza0db

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    You understand, dumb slave, that this is not an English test environment, don’t you?

    And I usually correct my miss spellings when I find them… Thanks for the heads-up, fellow moron.

  • Paul Neuwirth

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  • voza0db

    I need to talk about this behavior.

    lydatarz and Paul Neuwirth are the usual brainless MDS that one is very likely to encounter on the WWW.

    They feel anger when facing Reality/Fact so they focus on a “nothing burger”! That’s why those two instead of trying to show me, and others, why what I wrote wasn’t REAL, a FACT, they wasted time and energy talking about the absence of an ‘o’ and the excess of a “space”!

    It just reveals the huge volume of empty cerebral space! Which is FUN so, not a total waste…

  • voza0db

    Are you sure about that?!

    It seems that the way the “public” is protesting nowadays is not very efficient, and it’s very unlikely to end up in a “revolution”, at least comparing with the “american revolution” and its root causes!

  • babbusito

    What is wrong with you two ?

  • voza0db

    Just endless boredom… and ee enjoy fun activities!

  • Abel Aguirre

    Needs 2 B removed NOW 2 prevent further damage!!!

  • Darrell benz

    We should all be up in arms , An Advisor told Trump of the Virus and in February and early march he was making light of the virus during his campaign rallies and by mid March he lied and said he didn’t know about it , he may be our President but he sorely lacks any form of Leadership , and with his inactions have killed thousands and could easily reach half million , instead this idiot sends warships to Venezuela , if he had any and ounce of intelligence he would step down because he simply doesn’t have a clue of what to do or how to handle the responsibility of the Presidency , the advisors he chooses are as inadequate as he and its the blind leading the blind .

  • Darrell benz

    We should all be up in arms , An Advisor told Trump of the Virus and in February and early march he was making light of the virus during his campaign rallies and by mid March he lied and said he didn’t know about it , he may be our President but he sorely lacks any form of Leadership , and with his inactions have killed thousands and could easily reach half million , instead this idiot sends warships to Venezuela , if he had any and ounce of intelligence he would step down because he simply doesn’t have a clue of what to do or how to handle the responsibility of the Presidency , the advisors he chooses are as inadequate as he and its the blind leading the blind . If we survive this , we will look like a third world country , no respect , just a country who has great power but uses it to make the world less safe and doesn’t have a clue to know what the world needs which is humanitarian leadership instead we do the exact opposite .

  • gypsyj


  • Obvious Troll is obvious.

  • David 13


  • Robert Bois le Duc

    Well silent and non-violent protests have been going on since the U.S. gained freedom from England. The Boston Tea Party was non-violent, but made history. The Boston Massacre only became violent when British Soldiers fired on the demonstrators. Up in Maine last week, about 40 people with guns chopped down a tree and blocked the driveway of a couple from New York who were at their vacation home to avoid Coronavirus infected New York, and that had the potential to be violent. The Coast Guard responded because the State Police were too far away. Today, we’re not looking for a Revolution, we’re looking at educating the public about the dangers of right wing fascism. After all, it was Trump who said coronavirus was merely a “liberal hoax meant to interfere in his re-election”. The body bag protest was right on point, non-violent, and got media attention for the issue.

  • Brian Czmowski

    Eat shit you fucking beatniks!

  • Mike Irvin

    where is all the body bags of the dead babies you fuc8ing dummycrats kill

  • Sasha


    Let everyone out of jail for ‘non-violent crimes,’ that’s a good idea

    So fraud, extortion, blackmail, etc. etc. “Non-violent crimes”

    They know how to put on a spectacle; but they have nothing meaningful to say.

    They just know they’re supposed to be angry, but don’t really know why.

  • Vickie Collins

    Good for these young people for standing up to the bully in the White House.

  • voza0db

    Ok, just two short points…

    The Boston Tea Party was non-violent, but made history.“, but only after VIOLENCE was executed, things changed!

    Non-violent demonstrations only work – immediately – if made by, at least, more than 50% of the country population and it disturbs the GOOD LIFE of the local ruling families. If one has TIME and nothing better to do, non-violent demonstrations also works but the time spam can last an entire life time or even pass to the next generation!

    The other point, “dangers of right wing fascism”, add left wing also!
    but the problem today is more of IGNORANCE AND PERSONAL IRRESPONSIBILITY than political crazy ideologies.

  • kevinzeese

    LOL. That is a very intelligent response. Does this mean you are applauding how poorly President Trump has handled the virus? The US has the most cases in the world as he dithered for three months calling it a hoax. How can anyone support such incompetence that has risked tens of thousands of US lives?

  • voza0db

    Where you also so vociferous when Obama was in office doing almost the exact same things?

  • voza0db

    Why do you keep looking at this SARS-CoV-2 infection like it is SOMETHING NEVER SEEN in the US?!

    You need to “Think deep, do good science and do not panic!

    Dr. Joel Kettner professor of Community Health Science at Manitoba University and Medical Director of the International Center for Infectious Diseases said:

    “I have never seen anything like this… I am not talking about the pandemic, because I have seen 30 of them, one every year… But I have
    never seen this reaction, and I am trying to understand why…”

    I know why. Do you?

  • Dianne Showers

    We need a revolution an actual uprising against the trump administration. Sitting around doing nothing is why we are where we are. Most people dont want educated.

  • John Kelly

    The responsibility for the dead bodies of children is a bi-partisan affair. Both parties support Israel murdering children in Gaza, for instance. More than 500 children were killed by these fascists in 2014 alone, and then there is our criminal mistreatment of the poor and our very high infant mortality rates due to poverty and neglect… capitalism is what it’s called…. of wait, you actually meant zygotes and fetuses… clumps of cells with the POTENTIAL of becoming babies, my bad. You actually think women should be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies, and you don’t care about children, you care about enslaving women. If there were a dog, you would get pregnant. Piggies get blocked. Bye.

  • Beverly Burton Twigg

    Misspellings is the plural of misspelling. Fascist moron.

  • Marie Hagan

    When was that?

  • prius04

    Actually what really got the American Revolution going was when England started putting restrictions on the 1% of that day because England didn’t want another costly French and Indian War. So it was the 1%’s interests, not so much the common people. Though the 1% always needs the common people for cannon fodder for their wars.

  • kevinzeese

    These are related but different viruses. Why don’t you understand the obvious?

  • kevinzeese

    They ran out of body bags in NYC due to COVID-19, and the morgues filled so they used air conditioned trucks, now the graveyards are filled. This is a very serious and deadly virus.

  • voza0db

    From 2008 to 2016.

  • voza0db

    Of course… I forgot that I’m always the one that doesn’t understand the obvious!

    Is that why you are using a mask?

    A bit of knowledge from “professionals”… or, better not.

    What’s the point of sharing information with someone who is so well educated on viruses?!

  • Les Clary

    Dumbasses gotta be Dumbasses… guess they ran out of Tide-Pods.

  • Les Clary

    Here is the truth about how dangerous Hydroxychloroquine is. A Dr Wallace who has run the largest lupus clinic in the United States for 43 years reports he has never had a patient hospitalized due to Hydroxychloroquine. He also reported that not a single patient has contracted corvid 19. Dr Oz has reviewed 14000 Medicare records of patients who took it and not a single problem arose except for 5% who got an upset stomach or slight rash. NBC, CNN and MSNBC are reporting it is dangerous. People, they are lying to you! Several doctors worldwide have used it successfully to improve critically ill patients. They say POTUS is pushing it but the truth is he has released results from these doctors, advising that its use is between the patient and their doctor.

    On Monday night, a CNN host was talking to a guest doctor and without a fact given said to the doctor that Trump was pushing the drug because he profited from it. The guest had a stunned look on his face after the host made the statement. After 15 seconds of no response, CNN cut to a commercial and afterwards, the guest was gone. These networks are lying to their viewers, spreading fear and putting their hate of POTUS ahead of a national health crisis.

    Meanwhile, we find the WHO never investigated the virus and after the head of the WHO met with Chairman Xi on Jan 12, he just fed China’s position it was not transferred by human to human contact. NBC, CNN and MSNBC used those statement in reporting that it did not present a problem into mid Feb.

    Thank God POTUS put the travel ban in place as early as he did. Dr Birx and Dr Fauci credit that decision as the best decision made to limit more catastrophic spread. Even Joe Biden now says it was a good decision.

    Lastly, a democratic representative from Michigan extremely sick with the virus credited Trump for saving her life. Having given up on living, she heard about Hydroxychloroquine from Trump during a press conference and told her husband to get it thru her doctor. He did an off label prescription at 10:00 PM. She took it, felt better 4 hours later and was out of bed the next day.

    In a crisis like this, truth matters, politics harm. If your watching CNN, NBC or MSNBC, you are being lied to.


    I was tired of hearing how Trump called the virus a hoax and “did nothing” until March…. So I did research. Here’s the real timeline of what happened (all of this BEFORE we had even one death in the US) :
    1/6 CDC issues travel advisory for Wuhan.
    1/11 CDC tweets about corona related “pneumonia outbreak in China”
    1/14 WHO tweets that there is no evidence of human to human transmission.
    1/17 CDC started doing health screenings at 3 airports of travelers from China.
    1/21 first case in US for someone who traveled directly from Wuhan.
    1/23 WHO again says no human to human transmission outside of China.
    1/27 WHO raises alert level but is still saying China has it contained.
    1/28 CDC states “ While CDC considers covid a serious situation and is taking preparedness measures, the immediate risk in the US is considered low.”
    1/29 White House announces Coronavirus Task Force created. Note – this is despite the WHO downplaying the threat!
    1/31 Trump bans travel from China.

    Media and multiple Democrats slam his decision calling it racist/xenophobic.

    2/5 Trump acquitted (impeachment).
    2/5 Chuck Schumer in a tweet continues to call Trumps’ travel ban from China “premature.”
    2/7 White House’s Coronavirus Task Force gives press briefing.
    2/9 White House Coronavirus Task Force meets with all governors regarding virus.
    2/12 CDC waiting for approval from Chinese for CDC team to travel to China.
    2/18 HHS announces partnership to develop vaccine.
    2/21 Italy identifies its very first case in their country.
    2/21 CDC tweets that it is working with States for preparedness.
    2/24 Trump sent letter to Congress asking for $25B for virus effort.
    2/24 Nancy Pelosi made a stop in Chinatown and encouraged people to “please come and visit and enjoy Chinatown.”
    2/25 there is still no reported community spread in the US!!! (Per CDC tweet.)
    2/27 first community transmission in US.
    2/27 Trump appoints Pence to coordinate efforts.
    2/29 FIRST reported Covid19 death in US.

    It is helpful to look at the actual timeline. All of this happened BEFORE the 1st death in US.
    I got most of this info from CDC tweets so anyone can look it up to check for accuracy. There were many more actions in between, I just took some highlights.

    —copied from elsewhere

  • Suzanne Zan Thornton

    Actually protest changed the CARE act from only taxpayers to most folks. Nonviolent protest work 80% vs 20% other methods include violence hate etc.
    Read letters from Birmingham jail, no pity Joe shapario, they call me a terrorist, Gandhi, for fellowship of reconciliation, war resisters league, ADAPT piss on pity 40 years of defining policy laws and activism.
    I can list 200 examples. YouTube Metta, UU, Church Of Christ, Catholic Justice, Buddhist United..

  • Robert Bois le Duc

    Oh, so you want to participate in armed revolution ? Well I’m disabled war veteran and retired cop who is a proud liberal Democrat. Listening to you extreme lefties screaming about “Revolution” makes me laugh. I think most of you would run as soon as shrapnel started flying. Or maybe you could give grouchy Bernie a bullhorn and he could yell and shake his finger at the Trumpettes. Oh wait….he already did that.

  • Robert Bois le Duc

    Well those massacred in Boston by British Troops weren’t 1%ers. I’m fully aware of the cause, I just didn’t feel that I needed to type volumes here. I just pointed out that the victims in Boston were unarmed, but that simple fact flew right over your self righteous head.

  • voza0db

    Apparently you didn’t read my other comment!

    I paste it just for you…

    Non-violent demonstrations only work – immediately – if made by, at least, more than 50% of the country population and it disturbs the GOOD LIFE of the local ruling families. If one has TIME and nothing better to do, non-violent demonstrations also works but the time spam can last an entire life time or even pass to the next generation!

  • prius04

    Thanks for your generous comment.

  • Donna Drews

    In the 1970’s I participated in many demonstrations to help bring changes to our ecology and stop the manufacturing industry from poisoning our land and waterways. It did work. We made a difference. Sadly, our work has been undone by the current president. Point is, demonstrations do work.

  • voza0db

    I’m sorry Donna… I assume you’re talking about a local situation, because when you write “It did work” you can only be joking with me.

    Don’t blame mutTrump for everything bad…

    Don’t forget that it was during the 8 years of Barack Obama that FRACKING exploded, Arctic drilling and so many good stuff that POLLUTE and DESTROYS Ecosystems (not only in USofT).

    A small news from 2015!

    Here’s Why Obama Is Approving Arctic Drilling Again

    For a leader who has made fighting climate change a priority, President
    Barack Obama’s decision to approve Royal Dutch Shell’s return to oil and
    gas exploration off Alaska was seen by many environmentalists as a contradiction.

    Keep up.

  • Donna Drews

    I’m not touting any politician, but Trump has done so much more to destroy our planet & the animals on it than Obama. Maybe you’re a child and don’t remember the fate the earth was looking at in the 1970’s, but I do. I did not say Trump was responsible for the virus, but he is responsible for his lack of handling it. He is also responsible for not taking global warming seriously, and allowing toxic waste back into the water. He is a megalomaniac, and perhaps you feel brotherhood with him. Is your ego so overblown you fail to see the truth of anything negative (and true) about him? Again, facts are facts no matter how much you dislike them.

  • Donna Drews

    I’m a democrat, and I oppose abortions. Making them illegal does not stop them from happening though. I begged 2 women, both Republicans, not to abort their babies, yet they still did. So rather than trying to point the finger that all democrats are pro abortion, take a look inside your own house first. I could say republicans have no problem sending babies that weren’t aborted off to war, but I would like to think not all republicans are hypocrites. Thanks for making me doubt that though.

  • Henry Garza

    All the “global warming ” didn’t start during his presidency, there has been tons of thing done by all our past administrations. All because you don’t like him doesn’t mean everything you dislike is his fault… maybe you should open your eyes and quit looking through hatefilled blinders. All past administrations haven’t been perfect as this isn’t and the next one won’t be. Dems also knew about the virus in Jan and because he was still defending himself against impeachment and dems pushing impeachment they all didn’t move fast enough. Check camella harris’s tweet..they are just as responsible because they knew about and didn’t act on it

  • vitabrevisphoto

    I was just wondering where are the Y.I.P.P.I.E.S ?

  • voza0db

    Funny how you just like facts that support your illusion!

  • Troof Detector

    Worthless pieces of dog chit!

  • Cindy Linderman

    People have a sickness. So sad their hate shows. Instead of looking at facts…..they worship the news that lies, the MSM fills your head with misinformation, twisted facts, sound bites taken out of context. So sad we have lost a generation to feelings instead of facts and logic

  • Rich Johnson

    Go fuck yourselves

  • Donna Drews

    Where did I state Trump was responsible for global warming? I said I disapprove of the way he ignores it. And, where did I say I didn’t like him? Don’t make assumptions. There are things I don’t like about every president. You are the one assuming and being hateful. Because one disagrees with a policy, or lack there of, in no way is hateful.

  • Donna Drews

    Dude, I gave you facts, you just don’t like them and choose to ignore them. You are the one living an illusion. If someone disagrees with you, they are automatically wrong. Nope, you want only to believe what your narrow mind wants to believe. Get over yourself.

  • voza0db

    I’m not wasting many time writing long comments on this site because they are almost always deleted or market as spam by Margaret and /or Kevin,

    That said, you seem to be behaving just like you described.
    Don’t forget to vote blue or red! Just don’t change…

  • Robert Bois le Duc

    Awwwww, boo hoo, looks like a rightie got educated and can’t handle it.

  • Robert Bois le Duc