Advocates Call On Jayapal To Release Draft Text Of House Single Payer Bill

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Supporters of single-payer health care march in Sacramento, Calif., in April. (Rich Pedroncelli / AP)

Russell Mokhiber, of Corporate Crime Reporter and Single Payer Action, wrote an article published in Common Dreams, Advocates Call on Jayapal to Release Draft Text of House Single Payer Bill, (published below) about Health Over Profit for Everyone’s call for a transparent and participatory process for the rewriting of HR 676. See, Letter to Congresswoman Jayapal – Release the text of HR 676.

The Green New Deal is using a model that Rep. Jayapal should be using. A GoogleDoc has been published with the draft of the Green New Deal legislation.

HOPE created a tool for you to use to Call Rep. Jayapal and urge her to release the text. When you contact her office, let them know about how the Green New Deal draft legislation has been made public.


She should also understand that people are angry that a small group of insiders and her staff are writing a bill that will impact every person in the United States and if she does not make the text public quickly, that protests are sure to follow. The single payer movement wants to be allies with Rep. Jayapal and will build the movement to pass the bill, but it cannot do so if we are shut out of the process. The movement needs a bill we can fully support.

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“We are being asked to mobilize support for the new HR 676, but we cannot support a bill we have not seen.”

Single payer advocates are calling on Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington) to share the draft text of HR 676 with the single payer movement for review and input.

Jayapal is the new lead sponsor of HR 676, which for the past fifteen years was sponsored by former Congressman John Conyers (D-Michigan).

“Some of your public statements recently have caused concern,” the single payer advocates wrote in a letter to Jayapal. “In particular, statements about your desire to align the text with the Senate bill, S 1804, which is inferior to HR 676. Indeed, the Senate Bill is so deficient that many in the single payer movement cannot support it unless it is significantly revised. We want the House Bill to remain strong and fully supported by the entire single payer movement as the gold standard that the Senate must measure up to.”

“We urge you to release a draft copy of the new legislation before the end of the year so people can have input before it is made final,” they wrote. “We are being asked to mobilize support for the new HR 676, but we cannot support a bill we have not seen.”

“We understand that you are rewriting HR 676 before you introduce it in 2019. It is important to us that HR 676 not be weakened in this process, but be made stronger. We ask that you release a draft of the text of the revised HR 676 so that longtime single payer advocates can read it and share our views with you before the bill is introduced.”

“Transparency matters greatly to us as does getting the policy right. HR 676 must be strong from the outset so that as it goes through the legislative process, we can be sure the final bill will solve the healthcare crisis in the United States.”

“We know you have met with representatives of some groups. Opening up the process will ensure that the best information on expanded and improved Medicare for all is contained in the bill. And, it will ensure that the whole single payer movement is in support of the bill.”

  • Lonnie Lopez

    Pramila Jayapal: watering down the demands of the left-leaning voters who put her into office and doing Nancy Pelosi’s dirty work since 2016. I live in Jayapal’s district. She made a name for herself by being an immigrant rights advocate. Within a month of being elected in November 2016, she was asking her constituents if she should abandon her support for immigrants rights in order to push the Russiagate narrative. Guess which option she chose?

  • Chris Johnson

    I suggest every Politician who cares about Our Economy, Our Budget. Businesses Big & Small, Its Citizens NEED TO SUPPORT A BILL SUCH AS H.R. 676 Improve Medicare (combine all parts into one, add Dental, Vision, Hearing. Long Term) and pay to the PRIVATE SECTOR THAT PROVIDE CARE DIRECTLY as a Single Payer. Health Insurance Companies ARE NOT IN THE HEALTH CARE BUSINESS but RISK MANAGEMENT BUSINESS. We DON’T NEED HEALTH INS CO to Administer a Plan. The system we have now costs us TOO MUCH.

  • jemcgloin

    How is immigration and “Russiagate”‘ mutually exclusive? Why would she have to abandon one to pursue the other?

  • Lonnie Lopez

    Because the Russians did not interfere in the US elections and, after two years your Democrats investigating, there’s not a single shred of evidence to say they were, ya dumb ass. Russiagate is a Democratic Party creation to distract you from the failures of the Hillary Clinton campaign and, per your response, it’s working perfectly.

  • Lonnie Lopez

    I’ll put it very very simply: While your party has been whipping up FAKE NEWS about Russian interference in the elections, immigrant children have been raped in detention centers and two immigrant children have died. So, yeah, they are ABSOLUTELY mutually exclusive.

  • Johnny Prescott

    Good question. That being said, her shift towards such a narrative is revealing of her true colors perhaps?

  • Lonnie Lopez

    THEORETICALLY, immigration and Russiagate are not mutually exclusive. But, as the facts demonstrate, Jayapal sat on her ass for the last two years and DIDN’T fight Trump on immigration. Hell, it was only in the last couple weeks she decided she’s “ready” to oppose Trump. If you are an immigrant rights supporter like I am, that’s too little, too late. Jayapal back from Tijuana, ready to tackle Trump on immigration

  • KylesUglyCar

    She doesn’t seem to have abandoned immigration, she’s been fighting it for a long time. I will agree that she’s Pelosi’s good little soldier, though. Jayapal doesn’t have the backbone of AOC for sure! She seems afraid of standing up for her district against the big Democrat and is, instead, more of a “go along to get along” type. Pelosi seems to have given her exposure by having her go on every talk show there is to try and sell the public on the Democrats as progressives and she’s not awake enough to see how she’s being used.