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After 1,600 Days Of Protest, Okinawans Bring Fight To Washington

The United States military is building another base on Okinawa in an environmentally-sensitive area, on top of the second most diverse coral reef in the world, against the will of Okinawans who have been protesting every day for over 1,600 days. There are many reasons why this base should not be built. We discuss those with Robert Kajiwara, a Hawaiian-Okinawan human rights activist, as well as why he traveled to Washington, DC and new developments in the struggle to regain Hawaiian sovereignty. And we cover news and upcoming actions.

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Robert Kajiwara is a composer, writer, film maker, visual artist, professional baseball player, and human rights activist from Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii. He is a Hawaiian national, and of Luuchuu (Ryukyuan) / Nahua / Ainu descent. He has been an outspoken advocate of indigenous / First Nations rights, and in 2018 he was appointed by the Hawaiian Kingdom as a Special Envoy to the Ryukyu Islands and China. He is also a cultural ambassador for his ancestral village of Nakagusuku, Okinawa.

During college, Rob studied Hawaiian and Okinawan history, where he learned about the similar histories of oppression that both Hawaii and Okinawa have faced. He began volunteering with the Hawaiian Kingdom, and would later be promoted to Hawaiian Kingdom Special Envoy to the Ryukyu Islands and China.

Rob’s personal blog – Musings of an Earth Alien
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Robʻs baseball blog: ​
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