Ahed Tamimi Agrees To Eight Month Plea Bargain In Military Court

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Above: Ahed Tamimi in military court. By Oren Ziv Activestills.

Note: Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian teenager, has agreed to plead guilty to four of the 12 charges she faced, including assault. She has received an eight month sentence and a three year suspended sentence. In addition, she will also pay a fine of 5,000 shekels ($1,440) and a three year suspended sentence. Her mother also received an eight month sentence for uploading the video.

Ahed and her mother were sentenced in separate trials at the Ofer military camp near Ramallah, with no media or social organizations allowed in the courtroom. Ahed’s defense team had demanded a public trial, but the military court rejected the appeal.

Among the charges dropped were those that required her to be incarcerated pending trial. Ahed’s lawyer Gaby Lasky said”The fact that the plea agreement provides for the dropping of all of counts of indictment that made her detention possible until the end of legal proceedings possible is proof that Tamimi’s arrest in the middle of the night, and that the legal proceedings against her were steps designed to settle scores.”

At the end of her first court sesson Ahed said “there is no justice under occupation.”

Ahed Tamimi’s forced plea bargain clearly illustrates role of military juvenile court: Protecting the occupation, not Palestinian minors

The conviction rate in Israel’s military courts in the West Bank is almost 100% – not because the military prosecution is so efficient, but because Palestinian defendants reluctantly sign plea bargains in which they plead guilty. A new report published yesterday by B’Tselem shows how the measures that Israel has showcased over the last decade as examples of its improved treatment of Palestinian minors in military courts have little to do with the protection of minors and everything to do with public relations. In fact, the function of the military juvenile court boils down to signing off on plea bargains such as the one signed today.

This afternoon, the military court at Ofer signed off on plea bargains for ‘Ahed and Nariman Tamimi. The plea bargains include eight months in prison and a fine. A new report published yesterday by B’Tselem, Minors in Jeopardy: Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors by Israel’s Military Courts, analyzes the changes that Israel declared over the last decade with regard to the treatment of Palestinian minors in military courts. The report reveals that while useful in Israeli propaganda, these technical changes have done nothing to improve the protection of minors’ rights.

In particular, the role of the Military Juvenile Court, whose establishment Israel views as a landmark achievement in the protection of minors’ rights in the military court system, is primarily to sign off on plea bargains already reached between the defense and the prosecution outside the courtroom. Almost all minors sign the plea bargains, having been left little choice by the military courts’ detention policy: most minors are held in custody from the time of their arrest and until they finish serving their sentence. Carrying out an evidentiary trial from within prison is fraught with difficulties, and the defendants know that if convicted, they will be sentenced to prison anyway, as no alternatives exist. Even in the extremely unlikely case that they are acquitted, the time they spent in custody throughout the trial may be just as long, or even longer, than the time they will spend in prison under a plea bargain.

‘Ahed Tamimi’s case is exceptional only in that it garnered special media attention, but it is essentially no different from hundreds of such cases every year. According to figures the Israel Prison Service (IPS) provided to B’Tselem, on 28 February 2018 the IPS had 356 Palestinian minors in custody: 95 of them were serving a prison sentence, 257 were in pre- or post-indictment detention, and four were being held in administrative detention. While Israel claims to hold dear the rights of the Palestinian minors it arrests and puts on trial, the opposite is true: the rights of these minors are routinely and systemically abused from the moment of their arrest.

  • Helen4Yemen

    “There is no justice under occupation” Ahed Tamimi

    Wow! Brilliant!

    “I want freedom for Palestine.”

    Another one! Just one brilliant quote after another coming out of the head of the Airhead. I said before that she gambled and lost when she hit the European predators hoping to get another “courage award”. But now, I say that she gambled and won huge! Her fame mulitiplied a million times. Her wreckless behaviour is now considered courage. The Tamimi family is now set for life – never would they have to worry about money issues ever again. Airhead will be invited to give “speeches” in the capitals of the West and all that Airhead has to say is “I want freedom for Palestine” and there will be deafenning applause and the people of the West cannot get enough of her messy and bleached blond hair and her “Western look”. Expect now to see Airhead with burgendy or orange bleached hair. This Airhead needs media attetion more than she needs oxygen. The Palestine tragedy does indeed need anyone who is able to keep it in the headlines and the Airhead did do that. But the focus was not Palestine but her Western looks, her “golden hair”, her “blue eyes”. To hell with this media savy and money-hungry Tamimi family.

    The reason that I am so angry at this media attention seeking family is because Palestine is the issue for me 24/7/365. A white people inserted by another white people in the heart of the Arab heart has been spitting on the Arab faces ever since they arrived. There are no other areas in the world where white European colonial settlers still have their boots on the necks of the natives except for Palestine. But in Palestine, these Europeans are not even condemned but rewarded with billions of the US taxpayers’ money. How then do the Palestinians remove the white man’s boots from their necks? There has to be solidarity and serious determination to free Palestine among all Arabs and Muslims. But sectarian conflict eats away at the Arab fabric from within and the Arab peoples are thus weakened and made helpless in the face of Western aggression and Zionist terrorism.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    More non-violent resistance is needed, right?

  • chetdude

    An oppressed person forced into a “plea bargain” to reduce the pile of charges persecutors lodge against that person to insure they “do time” and to reduce the “workload” of those persecutors…

    You know, exactly the same is true for most of the people swept up in the USAmerican criminal-injustice system…

    “There is no justice under occupation!” Ahed Tamami…it’s true everywhere…

  • Jay Hansen

    Only in America…….oh, wait………..

  • Helen4Yemen

    Yea, get a bunch of silly teenagers to say:

    End the occupation
    Palestine must be free
    No Justice under occupation and

    voila! Palestine is free!

  • Helen4Yemen

    Here is the Airhead:

    Can there be peace in Palestine?

    Airhead: Yes, because Palestine is the land of peace,
    we have no problem with Zionism, we can live in peace
    with Zionists if the settlers will remove terrorism
    from their heads. Islam tells us to accept all religions,
    Jews, Christianns …

    Just an Airhead spitting out what she memorized.

    It is a goddamned colonial settler project, damn Airhead
    and the goddamned settlers have no right to a square inch
    of that land – unless by the use of force. No wonder the people
    of the West adore the silly Airhead!


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    It’s also thoughtless, because the Zionists are by nature super predators. There will be no peace in Palestine, until they are completely removed. But I feel sorry for the place that gets them.

  • Helen4Yemen

    For the silly bleached blond to say that she has no problem with Zionism is like the Algerians saying they had no problem with French colonialism, they would just like to get along with their colonizers and live in peace. For this Airhead, knowledge is not important! What is important is what kind of bleach she can apply to her hair to make it multi-colored and attractive for the West. As far as knowledge, Airhead can always say: “I want freedom for Palestine”. This Airhead makes me want to scream at her and tell her: grow up!

    The Airhead was taken somewhere in Europe and really gave a “speech” (I am laughing). This Airhead for sure is a gifted actress. She began by talking about women’s issues something that she was told to say as a feminist. Airhead cannot even tell you what a feminist is. I feel sad that this empty brain is going to be paraded all over the West and heralded as the most courageous woman that ever lived.

    Now wonder that “Ahed” and “Airhead” sound so similar.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    No problem with Zionism? She has been told to say that to lure support from the Medea Benjamin types.

  • TecumsehUnfaced


    Like all those people fought desperately at Deir Yassin when surrounded by Menachem Begin’s murdering gang of terrorist Irgun?

  • Helen4Yemen

    The silly bleached blond would never get the attention she is getting from the West had she said – like Ahmadinejad – GO HOME!


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Perhaps, by non-violence they can triumph like Monhandas Gandhi.

    Mohandas Gandhi’s pacifism caused great harm to India and Hindus. Muslims refused to listen to him and attacked Hindus who had been effectively disarmed by Gandhi’s appeals for peace. This encouraged Muslims to attack Hindus even more because they knew Hindus weren’t going to retaliate.

    Had Hindus been allowed to attack Muslims, or at least be prepared to defend themselves with weapons, the cycle of Muslim violence could have been nipped in the bud. By going on hunger fasts in order to prevent Hindus from retaliating, Gandhi was the chief villain of Partition. Hundreds of thousands of Hindus were killed and thousands of women raped because of Gandhi’s imposed pacifism. He advocated a senseless surrender to murder.

    According to Indologist and Belgian orientalist Koenraad Elst, “The fundamental problem with Gandhi’s pacifism, not in the initial stages but when he had become the world-famous leader of India’s freedom movement (1920-47), was his increasing extremism. All sense of proportion had vanished when he advocated non-violence not as a technique of moral pressure by a weaker on a stronger party, but as a form of masochistic surrender.”

    Gandhi’s advice to the victims of communal violence was “breathtaking for its callousness in the face of human suffering”. During his prayer meeting on 1 May 1947, he prepared the Hindus and Sikhs for the anticipated massacres of their kind in the upcoming state of Pakistan with these words:

    “I would tell the Hindus to face death cheerfully if the Muslims are out to kill them. I would be a real sinner if after being stabbed I wished in my last moment that my son should seek revenge. I must die without rancor. You may turn round and ask whether all Hindus and all Sikhs should die. Yes, I would say. Such martyrdom will not be in vain.”


  • Helen4Yemen

    There are 3 events that made Airhead famous:

    1) She was walking around shouting in Arabic and raising her fist at the Zionist invaders – for which she received an award when she was 11 or 13. Airhead was asked why they gave her the award in Turkey and Airhead shamelessly said for protecting her family form the “Israeli” police. She was referring to her flexed muscles with which she was entertaining the Zionist army and they were seen laughing at her.

    2) Her brother was attacked and the family came together and rescued the son – except the father who came only for 5 seconds and then left his family in a frightening situation fighting an armed Zionist thug. Why did the father abandon the family at a time when they needed him the most? He was thinking how sensational the video would be if only the females were fighting the Zionist. He explained his absence later by saying that he was afraid that his presence might escalate the situation and he worried the Zionists might start shooting. What a silly excuse! That makes him the only father in the entire world who would abandon his family in the midst of fighting an armed Zionist invader.

    3) She was seen hitting, slapping, kicking 2 tall and heavily armed Zionist thugs. What would make her take such a risk? But she knew there would be no risk because she knew and they knew that mama Tamimi was recording and transmitting it live to Facebook. Any move the thugs would have made would have been watched live on Facebook. Therefore, the Zionist thugs did not exercise restraint, they exercised good judgement.

    Therefore, there is absolutely nothing the silly Airhead did that made her famous except for her silly theatrics.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    She didn’t even throw any stones. That’s what takes real courage against the psychopathic Zionist thugs, all with a license to murder with virtual impunity.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The first time that I knew of this silly Airhead was when I saw pictures of her flexed muscles and I thought at that time if there was a way to remove them from the internet as I saw them an embarrassment for the Palestinian cause. The Airhead made headlines again when she was seen hitting and biting a Zionist thug who wanted to arrest her brother. No doubt that she acted courageously and did contribute to rescue her brother but during that 2 minute drama, she turned her face towards the camera at least 3 times: she turned her face towards the camera after she hit him, after she bit him (don’t remember the 3rd). Therefore, the camera is never out of her mind even during such a scary fight. My problem with the Airhead is that she is an Airhead (or else I would have been her biggest supporter). Everything about her is fake! When I listen to her interview, I cringe! It is no different had someone pressed “play” on a tape-recorder. She can only repeat what she memorized and therefore, her answer appear to be very rehearsed. The Palestinian cause deserves someone original, someone eloquent, smart – the Airhead is none of the above.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Did she really bite the soldier? I thought it was faked. He didn’t respond.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Yep! We’re not the only ones being occupied. We’re just exceptionally stupid about it.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Actually, she deserves praise for the way she acted during that episode. She was the first to arrive and she shielded her brother while the thug raised his fist at her. She did hit him and bite him, that is for sure. The mother was the most fierce fighter and she did bite the thug so bad in the back that the thug was heard screaming in pain. That episode was real. But what I suspect is that the thug was lured by the scheming Tamimi family. At the beginning, we see the thug shouting “ya waled” (hey boy) in Arabic but when he was at the scene where the boy was, we see that the boy’s left hand was broken and in a sling but the boy was all alone in that wilderness. Many questions jump to mind:

    a) why bring a boy with a broken arm to a conflict zone?

    b) why leave the boy with a broken arm all alone in place with huge rocks and boulders where he could have stumbled and fallen and shattered his broken arm?

    Therefore, I conclude that the boy had no broken arm.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I am surprised to see such an article filled with Muslim hatred in Russia Insider. It appears from this article that only one side (the Muslims) were the killers and the other side the victims.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The Airhead has to make up her mind: she did say she had no problem with Zionism.
    How else did the Airhead think her land got occupied?

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    It’s better to think of them as Mughal, rather than Muslim, since they inherited much of their lethal ferocity from the Mongols, and not from Islam, which was also a victim of Mongol mass murder.

    Yes, there was murderousness feeding murderousness on both sides. That was why Gandi’s advice in this situation was highly inappropriate.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Here are a few quotes by Malcolm X, someone who is dear and close to my heart:

    I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence.

    Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.

    Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.

    You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.


  • kevinzeese

    I am also a a fan of Malcolm X and his strong comments demanding justice and freedom. But, when I compare his actions to Martin Luther King, Jr., I see MLK as much more strategic, aggressive and confrontational even though his strategy was nonviolence.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I believes that Malcolm and MLK had totally different political viewpoints. When I watch Malcolm speaking, my heart is smiling at him. His words are so natural, so real, so unrehearsed, they just seemed to come streaming out of his heart. As someone dedicated to the Palestinian cause, MLK was most certainly a man who condemned injustice anywhere else except in Palestine where his friends the Jews were the victimizers. He said “Israel” was a model democracy. But dammit, on whose land? When I watch MLK speak, he had oratory skills, but did the substance of his speeches match his oratory skills? I should not forget to mention that MLK was no threat to the established white dominated capitalist system, Malcolm was. MLk garnered more white followers who were terrified by what Malcolm was saying, therefore, MLK became what he became because of Malcolm (in my humble opinion).

  • Helen4Yemen

    The Christian West is now the best friend of the Jews that the Christian West once wanted totally annihilated. The Christian West was excited about Zionism that promised a peaceful removal of the Jews out of Christian Europe. The Christian West did not care where the hated Jews wound up going as long as it was not any land inhabited by whites. Therefore, the International Jews and the leaders of the West were looking around for a place where to dump the unwanted Jews on lands inhabited by non-whites. The lands that were considered were:

    Eastern Libya
    Southern Yemen

    The axe fell on Palestine.

    My view is this: no matter how peaceful or friendly the predators promise to be in order to live side by side with our people that our people must reject these aliens and never stop from the plan to remove them just as the Algerians removed the French. Unless and until these fake Israelite are peacefully sent home that the Arabs or Muslims or the peole of the earth can expect to live in peace.

    But the day these predators are sent home is the day the Christian West would rare its ugly head and start hating them all over again. So what is the solution? Give them land where they belong in Europe to erect a state. End of story.

  • Helen4Yemen

    This is what courage looks like – 2:59 minutes


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    The Israhelli Schutzstaffel is so fvcking evil.

  • Helen4Yemen

    There are so many “kings” in the Arab region courtesy of the West and these “kings” never bite the finger of those who made them “kings”. Look what happened after 9-11. Those who fell victims to Western (but Zionist engineered) terrorism were republics like Libya, Iraq, Syria and all of them very anti “Israel”. Oman was not touched by the upheaval and chaos nor was “Saudi Arabia” or Kuwait or Jordan or UAE or Bahrain or Morocco or Qatar. The agreement between the West and these “kings” is to be of mutual benefit to one another. I feel so grateful towards Iran and Hezbollah without whom I dread to even imagine what would have happened.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Do you see the Airhead grinning on the picture? Who was she smiling at? The answer is no one. She simply out of the blue began to smile when she was brought to court last month. I even began to suspect that her captors has drugged her to make her appear foolish in court. That is still a possibility. But as I mentioned before, this young lady most certainly is a gifted actress and perhaps she was playing some drama roles in her head and the script may have required for her to smile.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Libya, Egypt, and Iraq threw off their “kings”, and were made to pay, like Iran is still paying for overthrowing the Shah imposed on it by the CIA.

  • Helen4Yemen

    It does not even sound real that the multi-decade rulers of Iraq, Libya and Yemen were murdered while the camera was rolling and their bodies displayed for the public to view – except for that of Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen (I began to laugh) that nobody seems to know where his body is.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Hilarioius! Gaddafi and the Saudi King Abdullah battle it out.
    This video is only 2.37 minutes long and it has 2.7 million views. It should be watched by more people. Here is the video transcript.

    Gaddafi: He (King Abdullah) said “America is a powerful country, who could prevent them from entering into the region. I said “how can America just go into a sovereign country?” We met later on and he said “Iraq (after Kuwait) invaded Saudi Arabia!” I said, “how”? He said “we went to see it and there were hundreds of Iraqi tanks on Saudi front …the reality is that in order to defend itself at that time, Saudi Arabia woud have made a deal with the devil himself!”. So Saudi Arabia called for the US forces in … and yea, the Iraqi threat under that situation was a source of worry for our brothers in Kuwait, Saudi and the Gulf … and America has vowed to protect these regions because it is indeed a very important place for source of energy.”

    King Abdullah interrupts.

    Gaddafi: “So if you have any question, please go ahead Abdullah.”

    (Note: They added “brother Abdullah” on the video caption, but Gaddafi simply said, “Go ahead Abdullah”. He did not say, “King Abdullah”)

    King Abdullah: This thing has stopped working! (he was looking at some gadget). Your excellency Mr. President (Gaddafi), your talk requires a response. Saudi Arabia is a frontage, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not a slave of colonial force like you and others! (pointing his finger) Who brought you into power? You tell me the truth who brought you into power? (Gaddafi is seen smirking). (pointing his finger again) “Do not speak or indulge yourself in things you have no business with!” The lie is before you and the grave is in front of you.

    Gaddif (laughing): What is he talking about? What is he saying?”

    Gaddafi: The solution to the problem is in the Arabs’ hands, especially for our brothers in Kuwait. They can sort out the problems. This is an Arab-Arab problem not an American-Iraqi one.”

    (Request for closed session talk).

    Gaddafi: No, no closed session talks, there should be not any closed session talks. Look, if it were not for the Arabs in the Gulf, there wouldn’t be any America.


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I saw that! It is entertaining. Abdullah is upset.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I believe that America would not hesitate to drop a nuclear bomb on the Arabs if the Arabs were determined to be a united force.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I have watched this Egyptian candid camera many times. I do believe that that is how we the people of the region feel towards the aliens and the predators on our soil. I know I am, I know that if someone had played this candid camera on me that my reaction would probably be much stronger. I simply detest the foreign leeches on our soil – period.

    ( I do remember sharing this video too with you in the past)

    9:17 minutes


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    We should be grateful that they have a friend with advanced technology in nuclear weaponry.

  • Helen4Yemen

    My problem is that I do not understand greed, money and power. I just do not get it. I do not get it that some wealthy countries in the Arab region would live a good life because of what is beneath their soil while brothers next door in Yemen are starving. I do not get it for anyone in the Arab world to befriend the killers of Arabs. I do not understand what good is the abundance of money for if not to alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings. Therefore, I will one day go to my grave not understanding the human race.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I forgot to mention that we never got to see what Malcolm could have become. He had spent his entire political career following the ideology of his mentor Elijah Muhammad. His speeches were carefully scripted to fit the demands of Elijah. But the moment he cut those strings that bound him to Elijah was when his days were numbered. Malcolm’s visit abroad had broadened his horizon. He was moving away from being a Muslim leader but an American leader embracing all religions and races and most certainly including white Americans. At that point, he had become extremely dangerous both to the US government and to Elijah Muhammad and even god himself could not have saved Malcolm.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    And it’s not going to change. The Zionists are incapable of throttling down their predatory character, when they think the opposition weak. So they will keep grabbing, until an annihilating opposition coalesces,

  • Robert H. Stiver

    I’m not sure it’s above: I read elsewhere that Ahed and her mother have been FINED a total of $3,100 by the arrogant Zionist scourge. How bad is that?–an immiserated, illegally occupied and tormented populace not only jailed but FINED by the bastards for their non-violent resistance….

  • larrysherk

    Israel is clearly as sick as the United States when the state is threatened by children. We witness this horrendous evil as we rouse ourselves to a greater vibration and consciousness. Such obvious darkness cannot stand the slightest light.