Ahed Tamimi Offers Israelis Lesson Worthy Of Gandhi

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Above Photo: By Haim Schwarczenberg | CC BY 2.0

Sixteen-year-old Ahed Tamimi may not be what Israelis had in mind when, over many years, they criticised Palestinians for not producing a Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela.

Eventually, colonised peoples bring to the fore a figure best suited to challenge the rotten values at the core of the society oppressing them. Ahed is well qualified for the task.

She was charged last week with assault and incitement after she slapped two heavily armed Israeli soldiers as they refused to leave the courtyard of her family home in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah. Her mother, Nariman, is in detention for filming the incident. The video quickly went viral.

Ahed lashed out shortly after soldiers nearby shot her 15-year-old cousin in the face, seriously injuring him.

Western commentators have largely denied Ahed the kind of effusive support offered to democracy protesters in places such as China and Iran. Nevertheless, this Palestinian schoolgirl – possibly facing a long jail term for defying her oppressors – has quickly become a social media icon.

While Ahed might have been previously unknown to most Israelis, she is a familiar face to Palestinians and campaigners around the world.

For years, she and other villagers have held a weekly confrontation with the Israeli army as it enforces the rule of Jewish settlers over Nabi Saleh. These settlers have forcibly taken over the village’s lands and ancient spring, a vital water source for a community that depends on farming.

Distinctive for her irrepressible blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, Ahed has been filmed regularly since she was a small girl confronting soldiers who tower above her. Such scenes inspired one veteran Israeli peace activist to anoint her Palestine’s Joan of Arc.

But few Israelis are so enamoured.

Not only does she defy Israeli stereotypes of a Palestinian, she has struck a blow against the self-deception of a highly militarised and masculine culture.

She has also given troubling form to the until-now anonymised Palestinian children Israel accuses of stone-throwing.

Palestinian villages like Nabi Saleh are regularly invaded by soldiers. Children are dragged from their beds in the middle of the night, as happened to Ahed during her arrest last month in retaliation for her slaps. Human rights groups document how children are routinely beaten and tortured in detention.

Many hundreds pass through Israeli jails each year charged with throwing stones. With conviction rates in Israeli military courts of more than 99 per cent, the guilt and incarceration of such children is a foregone conclusion.

They may be the lucky ones. Over the past 16 years, Israel’s army has killed on average 11 children a month.

The video of Ahed, screened repeatedly on Israeli TV, has threatened to upturn Israel’s self-image as David fighting an Arab Goliath. This explains the toxic outrage and indignation that has gripped Israel since the video aired.

Predictably, Israeli politicians were incensed. Naftali Bennett, the education minister, called for Ahed to “end her life in jail”. Culture minister Miri Regev, a former army spokeswoman, said she felt personally “humiliated” and “crushed” by Ahed.

But more troubling is a media debate that has characterised the soldiers’ failure to beat Ahed in response to her slaps as a “national shame”.

The venerable television host Yaron London expressed astonishment that the soldiers “refrained from using their weapons” against her, wondering whether they “hesitated out of cowardice”.

But far more sinister were the threats from Ben Caspit, a leading Israeli analyst. In a column in Hebrew, he said Ahed’s actions made “every Israeli’s blood boil”. He proposed subjecting her to retribution “in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”, adding that his own form of revenge would lead to his certain detention.

That fantasy – of cold-bloodedly violating an incarcerated child – should have sickened every Israeli. And yet Caspit is still safely ensconced in his job.

But aside from exposing the sickness of a society addicted to dehumanising and oppressing Palestinians, including children, Ahed’s case raises the troubling question of what kind of resistance Israelis think Palestinians are permitted.

International law, at least, is clear. The United Nations has stated that people under occupation are allowed to use “all available means”, including armed struggle, to liberate themselves.

But Ahed, the villagers of Nabi Saleh and many Palestinians like them have preferred to adopt a different strategy – a confrontational, militant civil disobedience. Their resistance defies the occupier’s assumption that it is entitled to lord it over Palestinians.

Their approach contrasts strongly with the constant compromises and so-called “security cooperation” accepted by the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas.

According to Israeli commentator Gideon Levy, Ahed’s case demonstrates that Israelis deny Palestinians the right not only to use rockets, guns, knives or stones, but even to what he mockingly terms an “uprising of slappings”.

Ahed and Nabi Saleh have shown that popular unarmed resistance – if it is to discomfort Israel and the world – cannot afford to be passive or polite. It must be fearless, antagonistic and disruptive.

Most of all, it must hold up a mirror to the oppressor. Ahed has exposed the gun-wielding bully lurking in the soul of too many Israelis. That is a lesson worthy of Gandhi or Mandela.

  • Dave Constable

    I wonder if the Golden Globe women protesting against abuse of power are supporting this young woman’s protest of abuse of power.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    I read this elsewhere; Jonathan Cook is always a great reporter. Ahed is a great young lady (child) who has been forced to relinquish her childhood in the quest to oppose the vindictive machinations of a satanic scourge of the earth. After 54 years of waiting for a tipping point in the danse macabre of the Zionist enterprise’s lust to exterminate all Palestinians (genocide) and thieve their land, I’d like to hope that Ahed provides that moment. But will the Zionists break her spirit and body first? And will her experiences simply become an object lesson to other valiant resisters who consider the choice of denying, rather than submitting to, the rapacious oppressor?

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I think her ten year old cousin, who translated for her, is more likely to serve the cause at length.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    She’s not rich.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Am I missing something? The liberals of the West seem to be in love with the young woman’s bleached blond hair more than anything else. I am so sick and tired of hearing from so many in the West how Ahed can garner more sympathy for the Palestinians because of her Western looks. They seem not to realize what an insult that is to any non-Western person. Ahed’s father made a stupid remark that many in West believe that the Palestinians are dark-skinned and ugly but his daughter is the best proof that it is not the case. Meaning that among the Palestinians there are not so ugly blond, white skin and Western looking ones like his daughter. The number of articles that I read where her golden hair is described with words of adulation is simply sickening.

    What am I missing? All that I can remember of this woman’s “heroic” activism was when at the age of 11 she was acting for the cameras when she flexed her muscles at the armed Zionist invaders for which she received an award in Turkey. All her acting that day took less than 1 minute. A couple of years later, there was a real tragedy when a Zionist predator attacked her brother and the family came together and rescued the boy. That is what families do and the instinct to protect one’s family is part of the human nature. The last one was when Ahed was filmed by her mother acting crazy attacking the armed Zionist invaders. The Zionist predators would have riddled her body with bullets but they did not because they were aware her mother was filming it and also transmitting it live to Facebook. The young lady knew that she would not suffer consequences because she knew that the invaders were aware of the cameras. She has excpeted to wake up the net day declared the hero of the Arab world but instead she got hauled to jail in the middle of the night.

    There is one and only one reason why the Zionist invaders is still clinging to stolen Arab land and it is because he made sure to have the weapons he needed to defeat the Arabs. In addition, he obtained guarantees from the West to come to his rescue when needed. The Arabs removed the Crusades, the British, the French, the Italians but have not managed to remove one of the most brutal occupiers in the history of the Arab world. It is not this fake blond’s flexed muscles that is going to rescue the Arabs from this most lethal enemy but it would have to start with the Shia and Sunni Muslims coming together as brothers. But when you have decadent Gulf regimes befriending the Arabs’ deadliest enemy because they perceive Iran (the most loyal defender of Palestinian causes) to be the worse evil. Iran has never attacked any Arab nation unless attacked first like in the case of Iraq. How any person who considers himself a Muslim and would befriend the Zionist entity is just very hard for me to imagine. The Zionist enemy is well aware that his survival on stolen Arab land is dependent on the sectarian conflict within Islam and nothing pleases this alien predator than to see the Gulf regimes embracing of this enemy. As long as this alien enemy is not excised and sent back to their natural habitat in the West that many generations of Arabs can expect nothing but strife and misery.

  • Helen4Yemen

    What are the chances that the fake blond would have risked having the enemy’s boot between her legs? No, she was acting an she knew there were no consequences to her childish behaviour!


  • Helen4Yemen

    Can any Khazars please come forward

    and tell me what the Arabs owe you?


  • Helen4Yemen

    I have been asking for anyone to tell me what it is this fake blond did that makes her courageous? She did a 1-minute video where she was acting for the camera and flexing her muscles at an armed and 250 pound Zionist invaders. Is there a child who is unable to act for the cameras when mommy tells him to? Her next act of courage was when she dared to attack armed Zionist invaders, kicking and slapping them. The question to be asked is what would have happened to any other Palestinians where there were no cameras rolling. We know the answer, therefore, what made this fake blond to be so outrageous in her confrontation with the enemy? She knew and they knew Mama Tamimi was not only recording but transmitting if live to Facebook, meaning that the Zionist predators could not even interrupt Mama Tamimi because the interruption would also be transmitted live. Otherwise, they would have confiscated her cameras and who knows that they would have done to them. The little fake blond had expected to wake up the hero of the world and probably flown to Turkey or Iran for another prize but instead got hauled away to jail in the middle of the night.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Her is a video that I put together of the fake blond and her acting career.

    I also put this video together about the horrors the Palestinians face
    when the enemy believed the video was not recording.

    Here is my hero, I have watched this video over and over again
    and every time felt hope – perhaps more like him would speak up
    against the most disgusting foreign invasion in our region.


  • Robert H. Stiver

    Helen, is Ahed a “fake blond”? I have no idea and don’t care. I think you should reflect and re-examine your position. I don’t look at her hair; as I’ve noted in numerous blog comments recently, I’m concerned that her face is not that of a carefree teenager; a face that would be so were it not for the sadistic/satanic enterprise forced on her by Zionist invaders from Europe and Brooklyn. Ahed has aged beyond her years…please, Helen, consider that. I admire all of your other observations in this and other threads. You are more valuable to the cause (my cause; even more viscerally your cause) of truth, justice, dignity and liberation for the Palestinian people than resorting, e.g., to a crude reference to Ahed’s female anatomy. And, even if she did act impulsively or “childishly,” why not, for heaven’s sake?—she’s a child!!!

  • Helen4Yemen

    My dear friend: I cannot tell you how many of the “liberal left” piled up against me once I opined about Ahed. I supported the family when her brother was attacked and I posted the video of the attack at a number of blogs. And then they were showing the pictures of Ahed when she was 11 and flexing her little muscles at the Zionist enemy. I had seen those photos before and totally ignored them as staged for the cameras. I did not realize that it was the same young lady who was fighting to rescue her brother as the younger one with the flexed muscles. That was when I lost all respect for that family. You cannot reward one for just acting and especially considering the immense suffering endured by the Palestinians under the clutches of the lethal Zionist enemy.

    The liberation of the Palestinian people is the liberation of the Arab and Muslim peoples and all people of color. The arrogance and belligerence of this enemy is something the world had never witnessed before. And when I fight for the Palestinian cause, I must admit that I also do it for may own cause, because my family and history is from that that region. As long as Palestine is under the clutches of this hideous enemy, we are all under his clutches. Iraq was invaded to make this enemy feel safer and so was Libya. The threat that Iran, Syria, Lebanon face is directly as a result of this unwanted menace stuck in our region.

    I do not remember mentioning anything about her “female anatomy” and I would never! But you are at least talking to me in a friendly and civil manner. You have no idea what I have been called at another blog for voicing the same opinion about Ahed. They said that I was a Zionist agent, that my harsh comments about the enemy was only to gain trust but that my mission was to advance the cause of Zionism. C’mon! One who is deaf, mute and blind can never mistake me for a Zionist. But I must tell you that every time that I read about how this woman is blond, that she wears Western clothes and looks Western just makes my blood boil. My position is that everyone is beautiful as they are, those who are blond or white skin in my book are no better or worse than anyone else.

  • Helen4Yemen

    When this article first appeared and as would be expected, ‘The Crying People”
    made their voices heard and in fact this article did shortly after disappear from
    the Dubliner blog. But I always save a copy and this may be the only one
    available online.

    The Zionist State Has No Right to Exist

    Justin Keating on Israel

    The Dubliner, November 2005

    I have a tree in Israel, and I once had a certificate to prove it. In
    about 1950 a lady from a Zionist organisation planted it for my
    support of the Zionist Youth Movement in Ireland. But it is all so
    long ago that it has probably been cut down by now, and I have
    lost the certificate. At the time, like many young Europeans with
    left-wing views, as the full horrors of Nazi genocide became
    known, I supported the new state. But now I have totally changed
    my mind.

    I have reached the conclusion that the Zionists have absolutely
    no right in what they call Israel, that they have built their state
    not beside but on top of the Palestinian people, and that there
    can be no peace as long as contemporary Israel retains its
    present form. I hasten to make clear that none of this gives me
    any pleasure, but in the great scheme of things my personal
    wishes do not weigh heavily in the scale pans of history. I wish I
    did not think what I do, I hope I am wrong. My conclusions are
    based on the answers to five questions.

    1- Did the Jews of the Old Testament come from what is now
    Israel? The answer is No.

    2- Are the Jews of the world today simply the descendants of the
    people of the Diaspora two thousand years ago? The answer is,
    only in part.

    3- Does the right of return apply to people who occupied some
    land two thousand years ago for a historically brief period, to the
    detriment of those who have been there since? Obviously no.
    Imagine a world where every people claimed that right.

    4- Did the Balfour Declaration give the Zionists the right to
    establish a state in Israel? The answer is no. At the time the
    British Government had no right to give.

    5- Did the United Nations Resolution of November 1947 give
    Zionists the right to establish the present state of Israel? The
    answer is no, and they have continuously and relentlessly
    violated that resolution for more than half a century, so that any
    tatters that now remain are void, by their action.

    I want briefly to look at each point separately. Some of what I say
    is taken from a book called My People by Abba Eban, who was
    Israeli Foreign Minister. He says the Hebrew Tribes came out of
    Mesopotamia. They moved from Ur in southwest Mesopotamia
    to Haran, in northwest Mesopotamia. It was here that Abraham
    was told, by the God that the Jews had invented to leave his land
    and kinsmen for a new country. Obedient to the divine voice, he
    moved into western Palestine, the land of the Canaanites. The
    above is loosely but accurately quoted from Eban. It follows that
    the Jews came from far away, that they claimed the land of
    Canaan because their God gave it to them, and there were
    Canaanites there already. Israel’s Declaration of Independence in
    1948 states, “The Land of Israel was the birthplace of the Jewish
    people.” This was a self serving and untruthful Zionist myth.

    My second point is that the assumption that the Jews of the
    world (all of whom claim the right of return) are descendants of
    the Diaspora takes no account of the Kingdom of the Khazars,
    about whom Arthur Koestler wrote a book arguing that he and
    other Ashkanazi Jews were their descendents. Also, it assumes
    that no Jewish girl ever got pregnant (over 2,000 years) by a
    non-Jew, and brought the child home to her parents, and it also
    forgets that the converted wives or husbands who were born
    non-Jewish can, on conversion, claim the right of return.

    Point three: At the time of the Balfour Declaration, the Ottoman
    Empire, which was the ruling power in Palestine, was falling
    apart, but the British Government had no rights in the area. The
    Declaration was made to a private person, the head of the
    Rothschild family, and while Balfour was promising the Jews a
    nation home in Palestine, T.E. Lawrence was promising the same
    thing to Palestinian Arabs. In law and in equity it has no validity.

    Finally, when the United Nations passed its historic resolution
    (with Britain abstaining) it was a plan for partition. What was new
    and crucial was that it recognized Jewish sovereignty. The flight of
    the ignorant Palestinian peasants was founded on such atrocities
    as the massacre at Deir Yasin where Zionist terrorists filled the
    well with slaughtered peasants, and went to adjoining villages
    saying, “Look what happened over there.” In addition, there were
    bogus broadcasts purporting to come from Palestinian leaders,
    advising flight. The Jewish-Arab partnership, pleaded for so
    eloquently by David Ben Gurion -“based on equality and mutual
    assistance,” to quote his words – was from the beginning a lie
    which Zionist fundamentalists did not believe

    Those same fundamentalists, who are in the ascendant now, can
    only say, “We are here because our God gave it to us.” That is too
    weak for me I’m afraid.

    All of this is a huge tragedy for ordinary Zionist people, who have
    been led up a blind alley by fanatics. But it is more. Jews have
    made an immense contribution to civilization, developing as they
    were between the great empires of Mesopotamia and the Nile,
    with both of which they had intimate contact, and by which they
    wanted to avoid being swallowed. They developed a religion and
    an ethos based on independence, liberty and democracy to
    which we all owe a debt. That religion is based on the twin
    concepts of Law and Righteousness, which inspired over the
    millennia extraordinary contributions to culture and morality. All
    admirable. In Israel/Palestine, where are they now?

    Zionists have betrayed all of this, and that is a tragedy not just for
    Jews, but for all of us.

  • Helen4Yemen

    “At the time, like many young Europeans with left-wing views, as the full horrors of Nazi genocide became known, I supported the new state. ”

    But the problem was that you were supporting the invasion of Arab land by a totally alien European people. It would be akin to the UN forcing Norway to be partitioned to settle the Rhohinga Muslims. Arab land was used to transfer the unwanted Jews out of Europe and to solve “The Jewish Question” for the Christian West at the expense of the Palestinians. To pretend otherwise and to make the reason why the Europeans are on Arab land is due to the “holocaust” is being deceptive. They were looking to make Palestine their country after having read Herzl’s “Jewish State”. These Europeans did not try to go to Brazil or Egypt or Kenya or South Africa but only Palestine.

  • Helen4Yemen

    “that they have built their state not beside but on top of the Palestinian people”

    That is what the “good Jews” speak of, they want the aliens to live side-by-side with the Palestinians but not in their place. The aliens may want to live side by side with the natives, and why not, it simply means acquiring feel land at no cost to the aliens But why would Palestinians want to live side by side with total strangers? The good Jews such as Illan Pappe, Miko Peled and the rest never seem to ask if the Palestinians agree to live with European Jewry (or any other foreigners) on their land? That decision to “live side-by-side” is made unilaterally by the invaders.

    Palestine is Arab!

  • Helen4Yemen

    ” there can be no peace as long as contemporary Israel retains its
    present form.”

    The author of this article was saying that Zionism was good as along as Zionism behaved in what the author expected. There is no good Zionism as there is no good colonialism or good slavery. The author being from the European continent should realize that the conflict between European Jewry and the rest of the Europeans was a family affair between Europeans. Asking Palestinians to receive the hated Jews would be like asking Sweden to receive millions of the Tutsi because they were at war with the Hutus. England or the UN did not own Palestine to hand it over to a totally foreign European Jewry who would like to deceive the world into believing that these snow white Europeans are descended from Israelite.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Bertrand Russell:

    (These statements were dated 31st January, 1970,

    and he died 2 days later on 2nd February 1970)

    “No people anywhere in the world would accept being expelled

    en masse from their own country; how can anyone require the

    people of Palestine to accept a punishment which nobody else

    would tolerate?”

    “The tragedy of the people of Palestine is that their country was

    given by a foreign Power to another people for the creation of a

    new State. The result was that many hundreds of thousands of

    innocent people were made permanently homeless. With every

    new conflict their number have increased. How much longer is

    the world willing to endure this spectacle of wanton cruelty?”

    “We are frequently told that we must sympathize with Israel

    because of the suffering of the Jews in Europe at the hands of

    the Nazis. I see in this suggestion no reason to perpetuate any

    suffering. What Israel is doing today cannot be condoned, and

    to invoke the horrors of the past to justify those of the present

    is gross hypocrisy. Not only does Israel condemn a vast number.

    of refugees to misery; not only are many Arabs under

    occupation condemned to military rule; but also Israel

    condemns the Arab nations only recently emerging from

    colonial status, to continued impoverishment as military

    demands take precedence over national development.”

  • Helen4Yemen

    Ghada Karmi told “Dani Dayan” that he is nothing more than a common thief.
    “My national aspirations, you respect them? Do you? The way you
    respect them is by getting out of my land! That would be the best
    illustration of how much you respect my national aspiration. I find
    you fascinating, Mr. Dayan, I really do. I can’t understand how you
    have such self assurance … A man who was born in Argentina,
    whose family comes from the Ukraine, and he is actually wanting
    people – sensible people – to believe that he has some connection
    with my country! There is another point I want to put to you since
    you respect me so much. Tell me – to many people – you despite your
    eloquence, represent nothing other – you and your fellow settlers –
    nothing other than common thieves! You live on stolen land, you
    drink stolen water, you eat stolen fruit, you farm stolen farms.
    Convince me and the audience and the viewers that you are not –
    you and your settler friends – are not common thieves.”

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I bet her mother didn’t tell her that affairs could proceed like this.

    You know what I think is genuinely courageous? Jonathan Cook filing articles exposing the Zionists from Bethlehem, or Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley reporting on Syria.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    They seem to have taken down that last video.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Helen, I truly admire and love your passion and righteous anger. I end many of my comments on numerous sites “Palestine Is Still THE Issue!” — and I do that primarily because too many people and institutions and ideologies are continually trying to shove the Palestinians further under the bus, their plight ignored. You, and I, and anyone who hates injustice must not allow that to happen. (Kudos, as always, to John Pilger for his 2003 “Palestine Is Still the Issue.” — a documentary that I showed time and time again on my local public-access cable TV system back in 2006-2010 days gone by.)

    If I misinterpreted you, I regret it: but “…risked having the enemy’s boot between her legs?” surely seemed to me a reference to Ahed’s precious femaleness-cum-female anatomy. I have two daughters, now 50 and 47, and I would go berserk if I witnessed or learned reliably that any Zionist or any other scum drove a boot between either daughter’s legs…ditto for Ahed. Is this trite?–I, too, am a Palestinian, and Ahed, too, is my daughter. (Recall that the awful Barack Obama once proclaimed “I, too, am an Israeli.” — or was it “a Jew” or “a Zionist”?)

    Palestine Is Still THE Issue!!!

  • Helen4Yemen

    Yes, Palestine is the issue and will be the issue until the invaders are removed. The main reason why these foreigners managed to conquer Arab land was mainly due to the hatred the Christian West felt towards them. The Arab peoples and the Ashkenazi never crossed paths until the Ashkenazi arrived claiming to be “returning” in the 1880’s. People need to ask what caused so much hatred between these two white Europeans, one Jew and the other Christian? One word jumps to mind: conspiracy. That is right! The Ashkenazi, few as they were, gained their strength from colluding and conspiring against their host countries. These folks now with their own land on Arab soil have their own army and navy and are still colluding but the target of their collusion and conspiracy is now primarily the Arab and secondary the Muslim countries of the world and also countries inhabited by people of color. The Ashkenazi in Palestine owes his existence to the goodwill of the Christian West and hence he does his utmost best not to offend his benefactor.

    About the boot between her legs: I was referring to the tragedy where 5 Khazars surrounded a Palestinian man who appears to be less than 5 feet tall and one of the Khazars put his boot deep between his legs. Unfortunately, there are no videos of this incident but we have enough pictures that they do tell a story. The Khazars attacked the man in front of his own mother. The boot between the legs is a sign of contempt. And these Europeans get their courage to behave the way they do because they know that they have the backing of the US. And until and unless the Arabic and Islamic peoples get it together and realize that there is no priority of the highest urgency than the removal of these aliens from Palestine that they should not hope for a better future for the generations to come.


  • Helen4Yemen

    It has been a while since I went looking for a European colonial settler by the name of Uri Avnery (the German Jew probably arrived as Henry Silverstein and changed it upon arrival on Arab land). Today, I go him. The predator speaks as if Palestine is grandmother’s land.


  • Helen4Yemen

    Thank you for alerting me, my mistake, I put the wrong link and have now

    replaced it with the right link.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Truman wrote in his diary July 10, 1947

    “The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many

    Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered

    or mistreated as displaced persons as long as the Jews get special

    treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political

    neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment

    to the underdog.”

    The reason for this outburst of anger was because some influential New York

    Jews had approached Truman and requested that he allow 10,000 Jews in

    Europe who were “displaced persons”. But Truman was forcing the Arabs to

    admit 100,000 of these refugees. Truman did not want the Jews in his own

    backyard but on someone else’s.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Natanyahu: we Jews control America!
    Natanyahu had asked that the video recording be turned off but it was turned on somehow – unaware that he was being recorded made this admission about Jewish control of America.

    Netanyahu Brags About How Easy To Manipulate The US

    Background: Netanyahu is visiting the home of a woman who just lost her husband, and she is being comforted by five other widows. There’s a young boy present, and Netanyahu asks that they turn off the camera so he can speak to them “freely”. The camera gets turned on again in mid-conversation.

    Netanyahu: Are you starting to understand what the slogan “Judea and Samaria are right here”? What does Arafat want? He wants one big settlement. It’s called “Tel Aviv”.

    Woman: Yes, that’s what my daughter in law, who comes from England, that’s what she says: “Tel Aviv is a settlement too.”

    Netanyahu: As far as they’re concerned, I think, our territorial waters are also their?
    -? [inaudible]

    Netanyahu: The fact is that they want us in the sea, yes, but over there in the sea [points aside]. The Arabs are currently focusing a war of terror and they think it will break us. The main thing, first of all, is to hit them. Not just one hit, so many painful its that the price will be to heavy to be borne. The price is not too heavy to be borne, now. A broad attack on the Palestinian Authority. To bring them to the point of being afraid that everything is collapsing.

    Woman: They’re not afraid, they’re making fun of us. They shoot into our settlement and make fun of us.

    Netanyahu: Fear that everything is collapsing. That’s what leads them to… [makes a hand motion]

    Woman: wait a moment, but then the world will say “how come you’re conquering again?”

    Netanyahu: the world won’t say a thing. The world will say we’re defending.

    Woman: Aren’t you afraid of the world, Bibi?

    Netanyahu: Especially today, with America. I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right correction.

    Child: They say they’re for us, but, it’s like…

    Netanyahu: They won’t get in our way. They won’t get in our way.

    Child: On the other hand, if we do some something, then they…

    Netanyahu: So let’s say they say something. So they said it! They said it! 80% of the Americans support us. It’s absurd. We have that kind of support and we say “what will we do with the…” look. That administration was extremely pro-Palestinian. I wasn’t afraid to maneuver there. I was not afraid to clash with Clinton. I was not afraid to clash with the United Nations. I was paying the price anyway, I preferred to receive the value. Value for the price.

    Child: But never mind that we gave them things, and we can’t take them back. Because they won’t give them back to us.

    Netanyahu: (holds his and to stop him from speaking): first of all, first of all, Oslo is a system – you’re right. A, I don’t know what can be taken and can’t be taken.

    Woman: he has political opinions, believe me.

    Netanyahu: He’s right.

    Woman: He said such things to Arik Sharonthat. I told him: that’s not – that’ not a child’s opinion. The Oslo Accords are a disaster.

    Netanyahu: Yes. You know that and I knew that.

    Woman: Fine, so I thought that…

    Netanyahu: The people [nation] has to know.

    Woman: Right. But I thought that the prime minister did know, and that he’d do everything so that, somehow, not to do critical things, like handing over Hebron, that…

    Netanyahu: What were the Oslo Accords? The Oslo Accords, which the Knesset signed, I was asked, before the elections: “Will you act according to them?” and I answered: “yes, subject to mutuality and limiting the retreats.” “But how do you intend to limit the retreats?” “I’ll give such interpretation to the Accords that will make it possible for me to stop this galloping to the ’67 [armistice] lines. How did we do it?

    ((Note: The Oslo Accords stated at the time that Israel would gradually hand over territories to the Palestinians in three different pulses, unless the territories in question had settlements or military sites. This is where Netanyahu found a loophole.))

    Netanyahu: No one said what defined military sites. Defined military sites, I said, were security zones. As far as I’m concerned, the Jordan Valley is a defined military site.

    Woman: Right [laughs]. The Beit She’an settlements. The Beit She’an Valley.

    Netanyahu: How can you tell. How can you tell? But then the question came up of just who would define what ,U.Defined Military Sites were. I received a letter – to me and to Arafat, at the same time – which said that Israel, and only Israel, would be the one to define what those are, the location of those military sites and their size. Now, they did not want to give me that letter, so I did not give the Hebron Agreement. I stopped the government meeting, I said: “I’m not signing.” Only when the letter came, in the course of the meeting, to me and to Arafat, only then did I sign the Hebron Agreement. Or rather, ratify it, it had already been signed. Why does this matter? Because at that moment, I actually stopped the Oslo Accord.

    Woman: And despite that, one of our own peope, excuse me, who knew it was a swindle, and that we were going to commit suicide with the Oslo Accord, gives them – for example – Hebron. I never understood that.

    Netanyahu: Indeed, Hebron hurts. It hurts. It’s the thing that hurts. One of the famous rabbis, whom I very much respect, a rabbi of Eretz Yisrael, he said to me: “What would your father say?” I went to my father. Do you know a little about my father’s position?

    Woman: Yes.

    Netanyahu: My father is…

    Child: No. [laughs]

    Woman: He’ll read in a little while.

    Netanyahu: He’s not exactly a lily-white dove, as they say. So my father heard the question and said: “Tell the rabbi that your grandfather, Rabbi Natan Milikowski, was a smart Jew. Tell him it would be better to give two percent than to give a hundred percent. And that’s the choice here. You gave two percent and in that way you stopped the withdrawal. Instead of a hundred percent.” The trick is not to be there and break down. The trick is to be there and pay a minimal price.

    Woman: Can you say that as prime minister.

    Netanyahu: In my estimate that will happen.


  • Helen4Yemen

    Opinion Joan of Arc in a West Bank Village

    Uri Avnery Jan 02, 2018 (Haaretz)

    “Ahed Tamimi was apparently chosen by a higher power for the role she is fulfilling. She’s strawberry blond, like most of the girls in her village, blue-eyed and brave. Abusing her in jail will only enhance her ability to impress others her age who are living under occupation.”

    Blue-eyes and strawberry blond. But the fake blond is famous only for raising her fist at the predators and reciting in Arabic what her mother told her to say. She knows the Khazars do not understand Arabic, therefore, all the hollering was not intended for the Khazars’ ears but for Mama Tamimi’s video camera. If I were a mother of a young kid in Palestine, I would probably teach them karate and tell them to act it out in front of the Zionist army just to have them on camera and the next day my kids are world famous and may even get invited to visit Turkey or Iran.

    And if the colonial settler Avnery thinks she was chosen by a higher power, what makes him think that he could linger on stolen Arab land?

    I am just angry, very angry, the Palestinian suffering is of such magnitude and in the midst of it all we have Palestinian actors and publicity seekers. I cannot accept that. I try not to say anything but all the praises and admiration for this young lady for doing absolutely nothing gets me flustered. I wish the young lady well and I think she has already suffered enough at the hands of her colonizers and they should set her free.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    You made a lot of excellent comments there. I added one asking him where he got the right. Was it the Talmud? * “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)?

    He manifestly has no concern for the the misery his Zionist kind were forcing on other human beings. He is a Jewish supremacist, seeing all non-Jews are animals.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I just wanted to watch it again. I operated out of purely selfish motives. You don’t need to thank me.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The German predator wrote:

    “Israeli children of Eastern descent”

    “Eastern-Jewish culture”

    He had been leeching off Arab resources for decades and yet he

    replaced “Arab” with “Eastern”. I have never heard those expressions

    before. He probably made them up. But he knows that his survival

    on stolen land is totally dependent on brute force they must apply

    to continue to squat.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I agree. It would require much publicity injurious to the Zionist “project”. Then her being set free would encourage more resistance and more publicity. I think that the Zionists have blundered being so anxious to punish and intimidate a mere child who had done them no real harm.

  • They’re only concerned with what’s happening around them, the rest of the time they’re happy to play acting roles which are massively overpaid.

  • Helen4Yemen

    When I look at the map of what they call “Greater Israel” and compare it to the size of Palestine, it could be 20 or 30 or even 50 times bigger. 70,000,000 Arabs live in what they had planned to seize had they had the power to do so. Where were all those millions of Arabs going to go? And what were a mere 15,000,000 Jews going to do with all that land? In Herzl’s Complete Diaries, they did plan for “Greater Israel”. But now, not only do they not have “Greater Israel”, the Palestinian population within Palestine is greater than the Jewish population. But still, I do not care how many Jews live in Palestine, whether 7 or 70 million, they simply need to go home.

    Ahmadinejad: Go home! Yes, I agree, go home!

    (I uploaded this video about a month ago and it has had almost 5,000 views … good …. hopping for 5 million views sometime in the future!)


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I wonder how all those white skins out of Russia newly converted to Judaism would be treated by Jews outside of Palestine. Would they be accepted by the uncorralled Jews? Would they remain Jews? Why should they? They only became Jews so that they could steal Arab land in Palestine. I wonder if they all got circumcised.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Jeff Blankfort : “They wanted white Jews in Israel. They did not care whether they were Jews or not. They are so hypocritical, so cynical, about a third of the Russian Jews who came there were not Jews at all. They said they were Jews, they wanted a white population, because the European Ashkenazi are essentially racist against people of dark skin.”

  • Helen4Yemen

    How do we defeat the enemy when Arab regimes are welcoming and befriending the enemy?
    Mileikowsky (Netanyahu) at the UN 2015

    “Israel is working closely with our Arab peace partners to address our common security challenges from Iran and also the security challenges from ISIS and from others … Many in our region know that both Iran and ISIS are our common enemies. And when your enemies fight each other, don’t strengthen either one – weaken both.Common dangers are clearly bringing Israel and its Arab neighbors closer.”
    Sickening! The biggest enemy of ISIS is Iran and interesting that ISIS killed thousands of Muslims and Christians but never touched any Jews – not even once – unless the Jew was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the intended victims were Muslims and Christians. And how do the Gulf regimes feel when their friend Mileikowsky is telling the world that these regimes have befriended the murderers of Arabs.

  • Helen4Yemen

    A Lithuanian referring to my region as his region feels me with disgust!

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    It’s funny that the Talmud from which they draw this supremacist malevolence was written by brown-skinned Pharisees.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I must tell you, I know nothing about the Talmud. And for me, past history is a good indicator of future history. These folks were expelled more than 100 times out of Europe. That is a lot of expulsions. Did they happen for no reason at all? No! The only way we can move forward is we must know what were the causes.


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    The older Bibi gets, the more he has the face that he deserves, that of a con man.


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Here’s a discussion of a little bit of it by Dr. Israel Shahak.

    How have the Jews managed to keep teachings of this sort concealed from the Gentiles among whom they live? The truth of the matter is that they have not always been able to do so. Luther was not the only Christian scholar who learned Hebrew, peered into the Talmud, and was horrified by what he saw. Sometimes the Jews were able to bribe the Christian authorities to overlook such things, but throughout the later Middle Ages there were prohibitions and burnings of talmudic literature by outraged popes and bishops. The Jews developed a clever system of double bookkeeping to circumvent such “persecution”. They modified or deleted the offending passages from new editions of the Talmud, and they made up a separate compendium — Talmudic Omissions, or in Hebrew Hesronot Shas — which circulated surreptitiously among the rabbis. In Israel today, feeling cocky enough to dispense with most such deceptions, the Jews are putting the passages which formerly had been omitted or modified back into the latest editions of the Talmud or the Shulhan ‘Arukh in their original form. They are still careful with translations into Gentile tongues, however. Professor Shahak gives an example:

    “In 1962 a part of the Maimonidean Code … the so-called Book of Knowledge, which contains the most basic rules of Jewish faith and practice, was published in Jerusalem in a bilingual edition, with the English translation facing the Hebrew text. The latter has been restored to its original purity, and the command to exterminate Jewish infidels appears in it in full: “It is a duty to exterminate them with one’s own hands.” In the English translation this is somewhat softened to: “It is a duty to take active measures to destroy them.” But then the Hebrew text goes on to specify the prime examples of “infidels”who must be exterminated: “Such as Jesus of Nazareth and his pupils, and Tzadoqand Baitos [the founders of the Sadducean sect] and their pupils, may the name of the wicked rot.” Not one word of this appears in the English text on the facing page (78a). And, even more significant, in spite of the wide circulation of this book among scholars in the English-speaking countries, not one of them has, as far as I know, protested against this glaring deception.”

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Hehe, but they don’t think so. They’re liberated!!!

  • Helen4Yemen

    Robert: I forgot to mention about what I would love for this young lady to become. I would want her to acquire strong enough knowledge about the history of Palestine. I would love for her to get out of the limelight and spend that time just acquiring knowledge. I would love for her to master the English language. Eventually, she can emerge as a grown up and start giving interviews and speeches. She can become a very effective advocate for Palestine. Right now from what I have seen of her attending a conference somewhere in Europe, her speech appeared to be very rehearsed. She has acquired enough fame that she could eventually do a lot of benefit by representing Palestine at world conferences about Palestine.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Insha’allah, Helen. In the meantime, let us pray that the bottomless evil of the Zionists who have Ahed in their physical clutches will not break her spirit. I’m not qualified to write this with any depth, and I don’t think the Zios have broken his spirit — yet — but somehow Marwan Barghouti’s face and life situation appear before me as a not unlikely portent of Ahed’s future. They are that brazen, arrogant, malicious…all in all, the work of a collective criminal psychosis that is best summarized by your words earlier in this comment thread: “The arrogance and belligerence of this enemy is something the world (has) never witnessed before.” The entirety of humanity should be chastened and shamed by that reality within which the Palestinian people-victims suffer every day, unbearably….

  • Robert H. Stiver

    I just watched the video at this 1:45 AM, Saturday, Jan. 13th. It is a great, passionate statement by the Kuwaiti Speaker. But…as always, I become bogged down by details (that I think are crucial to full context and understanding): the video was posted by you, Helen, in Oct. 2017; but when was the statement actually made? Before what body (UNGA?) In what setting and circumstances? Beyond the frequent applause, was/were there any follow-on supportive statement(s) by another delegation(s)?

  • The 137th session of the IPU?

  • Helen4Yemen

    “The 137th session of the IPU is currently underway in St Petersburg, Russia. The international organisation sees representatives from 176 sovereign states come together for negotiations and talks.”


    I came upon the article below on Oct 18, 2017 and I uploaded this video two days later on Oct 20 and my tribute video for the young Kuwaiti on Oct 21 (see link below). For any Arab to accept the foreign entity on Arab soil simply means he has no respect for himself as an Arab. I have to tell you that when I watch this video, I feel like I had taken Valium, it has a calming effect on me, perhaps I love his anger, perhaps because he restores hope that there will be more like him restoring the Arab dignity. When the Palestinians were receiving a rain of bombs, the loudest voices protesting among heads of state were from Iran and South America. There are so many “kings” in the region who owe that title to the West.

    My Tribute video: https://youtu.BE/UxU0c0nGR8k

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    This is interesting. I had heard of this before, but not in such beautifully explicit terms The rabbis were traitorous exploiters of their own people. This is a precedent to the Zionists blocking escape of the non-Zionist Jews from interment in Hitler’s labor camps.

    Since the time of the late Roman Empire, Jewish communities had considerable legal powers over their members. Not only powers which arise through voluntary mobilization of social pressure (for example refusal to have any dealing whatsoever with an excommunicated Jew or even to bury his body), but a power of naked coercion: to flog, to imprison, to expel – all this could be inflicted quite legally on an individual Jew by the rabbinical courts for all kinds of offenses. In many countries – Spain and Poland are notable examples – even capital punishment could be and was inflicted, sometimes using particularly cruel methods such as flogging to death. All this was not only permitted but positively encouraged by the state authorities in both Christian and Muslim countries, who besides their general interest in preserving ‘law and order’ had in some cases a more direct financial interest as well. For example, in Spanish archives dating from the 13th and 14th centuries there are records of many detailed orders issued by those most devout Catholic Kings of Castile and Aragon, instructing their no less devout officials to co-operate with the rabbis in enforcing observance of the Sabbath by the Jews. Why? Because whenever a Jew was fined by a rabbinical court for violating the Sabbath, the rabbis had to hand nine tenths of the fine over to the king – a very profitable and effective arrangement. Similarly, one can quote from the responsa written shortly before 1832 by the famous Rabbi Moshe Sofer of Pressburg (now Bratislava), in what was then the autonomous Hungarian Kingdom in the Austrian Empire, and addressed to Vienna in Austria proper, where the Jews had already been granted some considerable individual rights. 2 He laments the fact that since the Jewish congregation in Vienna lost its powers to punish offenders, the Jews there have become lax in matters of religious observance, and adds: ‘Here in Pressburg, when I am told that a Jewish shopkeeper dared to open his shop during the Lesser Holidays, I immediately send a policeman to imprison him.’

    Professor Israel Shahak about Jewish “Religion”
    Jewish History, Jewish Religion
    The Weight of Three Thousand Years

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Thank you! I recall seeing the video a few months ago and burned (probably not as personally or viscerally as you, Helen) with the same admiration, passion, and wellspring of hope. I likely saw it, courtesy of this same MEMO release, at this PR or another blog…”stuff” just gets so bogged down and jumbled and overwhelming in my aging mind that I lose track….

    I guess I must snarkily ask: Has anything concretely, truly happened to benefit the Palestinians’ cause since the Kuwaiti Speaker’s terrific, from-the-heart words back in October 2017? I think the answer must be NO.

    Undoubtedly, indubitably, always: Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

  • Helen4Yemen

    I have to say that we have to count every small blessing no matter how small, they add up and become a powerful force. The greatest blessing, of course, is the Internet. Rewind the time back to the days without the Internet. They controlled the news! The old generation of Americans raised on “I love Lucy” or other such programs were totally the product of that age and whatever they knew of the Palestine tragedy was what was fed to them by the Jewish controlled media. No more! People do often decide for what is in their best interest, other times for justice, sometimes the two may coincide. But the entity they call “Israel” is not in America’s best interest. In fact, to the contrary. So why would Americans go against their best interest and support the entity? There may be other motivations and I believe that the Christian West simply dread the notion of the Jews now in Palestine coming home. The hatred the Christian West felt for these folks ended only after they were sent to Palestine.

  • Helen4Yemen

    This is my opinion:

    – 95% of world Jewry is Ashkenazi of European origin.

    – These Europeans and the people of the Middle East never crossed paths until the European faked his way to Arab land as “returning”.

    – The Arab Jews lived as members of the Arab community spanning many centuries. It was only after the arrival of the European Jew that the Arab Jews betrayed their brothers, the Arab people, and joined their coreligionists, the Ashkenazi, in the Zionist plunder of Arab land.

    – The Talmud may have messages of horror, but the OT is filled with hundreds of terrorist messages. Do we really need to study the Talmud? The Ashkenazi can have his Talmud as long as he is away from stolen Arab land. The Ashkenazi riled against Christians and hardly ever against Muslims but then he switched enemies and befriended his age-old enemy, the Christian West, and targeted the Muslims as his enemies after the conquest of Palestine. What I am saying, therefore, is that I just want him gone, and he can take his Talmud, his technology, his god, his medicine, he can take it all, I simply want him to go home.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    If you want to get the Ashkenazi out of Palestine, you have to invalidate them where they are getting their crucial support.

  • Helen4Yemen

    “EXCLUSIVE: Woman who jumped from New York rooftop bar wrote harrowing letter to friends before death telling of pain at strict Hasidic Jewish upbringing and how she struggled with life after quitting faith.”

    It is sad, it matters not what caused the person to commit suicide, it is always sad. As I read what she wrote before committing suicide, I felt nothing but compassion for her.


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    You missed the point. Please re-read the material I’ve been sharing with you.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    The point is that this Talmudists, whether knowledgeable or unthinking minion, are globally dangerous. That is quite an accusation. It must be backed securely at all points. What they have been doing in Palestine should be evidence enough, but it renders the case small-based. A wide-based one in which their conduct in Palestine is correlated with their theological basis, social history, and conduct elsewhere is much more likely of stopping their global ambitions and dislodging them from Palestine.

    Please, I am not doing these studies for trivial reasons for sympathizing in more detail with their internal victims.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    People need to understand that we are dealing with an ancient mafia, securely ensconced in what was until about two centuries ago a very totalitarian religion. They need to understand that the theological base of this religion and its mafia is that only they are fully human. All others are animals at their disposal. That is why they could do so much horror in Palestine and be euphoric about it. This is a condition know as sociopathy. Being afflicted with this sociopathy, the Talmudists will never be done doing horrible things to people. No one is safe. Understanding that will arouse the complacent. Understanding that Zionist entity gives the Talmudists the invaluable tool of sovereignty in the quest for world hegemony will motivate people to rend this tool from the Talmudists.

    Your appeals to genetics is helpful, the falsehood of “returning” needs continuing exposure. But it is the Holohoax that is their supreme excuse for grabbing Palestine. That is why they fight dirty in every which way to protect it, and why I fight it in every honest way I can.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I did notice that you seem to have strong interest in the Talmud and you are saying that exposing the teaching of the Talmud which instruct its followers to do all sorts of harm to the non-Jew is a good way of exposing them and thereby garnering more opposition against Zionism and more sympathy for the Palestinians. That may be so. But for me, I feel that the OT has enough instructions on how to harm the gentile. I know so little about the Talmud. How big is the book, how many pages? I have read the New and Old Testament and the Koran and I have a fairly good understanding of what is contained in those books. And was the OT the driving force for the conquest of Palestine or the Talmud? Knowing nothing about the Talmud, I would have to say the OT. Zionism is based on the OT and those who say Judaism is not Zionism are being very deceptive. About 10 years ago, I stumbled upon the Edwin M Wright interview that is archived at the Truman Online Library. Wow! I read it carefully and we learn a lot about what took place to steal Palestine. I then searched for anything else by Edwin M Wright and I found about 3 or 4 more -all of them gems. I have now compiled all the links onto one link shown below. I most certainly encourage anyone to take the time to read them. I learned a lot from them. One can acquire enough knowledge about Zionism just from the Edwin M Wright links.


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Please note that the Christians include the Hebrew Bible in their theology. But where they have Christ and his teachings superceding the Hebrew Bible, the Talmudist Jews have the Talmud, big difference.

    The Edwin M. Wright interview is only one example of their Talmud-approved conduct that has made them so unpopular throughout history, and not a virus called “anti-Semitism”.

    This what Professor Israel Shahak is worried about. However smarter Talmudist Jews think they are, Gentiles do figure it out and an expulsion or pogrom results. He wishes his tribe would grow up.

    But only under tremendous force and pressure will they grow up. That also means isolating the sociopaths among them, since this condition is largely seen by psychologists to be incurable. Do you think that Netanyahu, Ayelet Shaked, Naftali Bennett, or Avigdor Lieberman could ever grow a conscience?

  • Helen4Yemen

    You and I have known one another for quite a while and I do not remember you hardly mentioning the Talmud until recent times. Is it because you have developed new interest in the topic? I support you 100% that anything that exposes the evil practices of these people needs to be encouraged. But how many people really knew anything about the Talmud and what % of the Jews are educated in the Talmud? Also, what I find fascinating is that the Christian world has the OT and NT bound together and in the OT are teaching about how the Jews are a “chosen” people and how they are to displace and murder the gentile and take his place. Don’t the Christians understand that the gentile is them? Also, the Jews reject the New Testament and even object to its name denying that there is such a book as the NT nor is theirs the OT because how could there be a Old one since they do not accept the new one? The Muslims also do believe in the both OT and NT but finding a Muslim whose hands have ever touched the OT or NT is really almost impossible.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The link below has about 7 of the main reasons why Jews were hated according to Mark Twain. I concur with his assessment. One word that jumps to mind why the Christian West hated the Jews is “disproportionate”. In Germany at less than 1% of the population, they owed upwards of 80% of the newspapers, chain stores, the stock exchange, private banks. If any other group had that kind of disproportionate ownership of anything, they would be hated as well. Mark Twain refers to them as “money getters” and in that pursuit of money getting they impoverish the gentile. In the US, at only 2% of the population, they are as high as 40% of the enrollment of some of the most sought after universities. Is all that lust for money Talmud driven? It could be! The only way to end what they call
    “anti-semitism” is that these people have to join the human race.


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I kept reading about the horrible stuff that was in the Talmud, gathered several correlating sources, and it simply became a “go!” for another very relative research project.

    People have been calling a long time for a two state solution, but increasingly by past Zionist history such a “solution” was a joke. Only outlier Zionists think any kind of peaceful sharing was possible. The inner core of the movement intended displacement of the native population from the start and were willing to anything to accomplish it.

    Still, there are people ignorantly calling for compromise of some sort like a single state, so I decided it was time to use Talmud theology as well historical events to refute that impossible dream.

    Christians naively believe that Jesus has replaced the OT with something better, not only for them and for everybody else. They also believe that Jews will wake up and convert. They live in La-la land.

    Muslims are religion believers too. Just like Brother Nathanael, they abandon rationality when regarding their own religion.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    They are a tribe that helps each member toward success and accumulation of godliness, which is money, which they extract from the “others”. They win, because they rig the game, and no one else has had such long practice. This would be fair, if the rest of society were willing to organized in such a totalitarian way. The nation states may have provided escape from the rabbinical dictatorship, but the pressure against dissent remains oppressive heavy. People are shunned and go mad with misery.

    It is a great curse to be born Jewish: You either become a sociopath or risk extraordinary misery from abandonment. Only those already at the fringes make the transition to independence comfortably.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Dr. Israel Shahak has spent a heck of a lot more time on this than I have. I have barely enough experience in this area to know that he makes good sense and explains his viewpoint very well, if with rather sentences that would drive the Hasbara crazy.

    I recommend collecting the file, scanning it to see what’s in it, then storing it for later or slow digestion.

    I don’t try to digest stuff like this in one meal, or several meals, but maybe in a couple of dozen snacks. That way I retain much more of what is really useful. Some material stays stored away much longer than digested, but I have it for reference if the need comes up.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Yes, we need everything we can get. We need to shatter the Holohoax, publicize their Satanic Talmudic verses, expose their other crimes both inside and outside of Palestine, and shatter their credibility. Even so, they will remain nearly invincible with the money power, but they can be fought, if enough people realize the peril of our situation.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I seem to remember 34 volumes. I remember it encompassing several shelves. A law that extensive has to be full of sheet. I bet there’s lot that nobody has found yet, because it’s clothed with pretty words.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Remember Norman Finkselstein’s book, “The Holocaust Industry”? I read it long time ago but I hardly remember what was contained in that book. I watched the video below and Norman was peddling his “Holocaust”. He never gets on stage without bringing up Mommy and Daddy “holocaust survivors”. Normal is the greatest peddler of the
    “holocaust” lie. You hear him talking about how much he cares for Palestinians? Well, he came out swinging against BDS movement.



  • TecumsehUnfaced

    He did come out swinging. but I think the negative response made him shut up about that afterwards. He realized that he blew it.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Thanks for the Holocaust Industry reference. I’ve copied it off for later. I’m sure Finkelstein says a lot that I don’t know, but I already know that the Holohoax was a lucrative publicity triumph for the Zionists.