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Alana Hadid And Abby Martin: The Conversation Israel Wants To Silence

Alana Hadid, part of the most well-known Palestinian family (and the most hated by Israel), joins Abby Martin for an exclusive interview to discuss her family history, being constantly smeared by Israel, the unfolding genocide in Gaza and much more.

It’s ridiculous to hear that there are people who are chanting for Freedom that are saying “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free,” and there are literally people who are saying, “Kill them all, murder all of them, level it, take them all out,” and those two things are are being equated to each other. One is calling for freedom of all people, for equality and for democracy and the other is literally calling for genocide. And we’re having to fight those two battles at the same time. I’ve never understood or fathomed how those two things could even – no one’s calling out the genocidal speech but everyone is calling out the conversation about freedom.

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