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ALBA Rejects Disqualification Of Evo Morales’ Candidacy

Above Photo: The countries of the alliance expressed their solidarity with the struggle of the Bolivian people and with Morales. | Photo: EFE

From exile, former President Evo Morales denounced the TSE’s decision as a “blow to democracy”

Member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for America- Peoples’ Trading Treaty (ALBA-TCP), denounced this Saturday the disqualification of former President Evo Morales as a candidate for the Bolivian Senate for the May 3 elections.

According to the statement issued by the regional body, the measure taken by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) is further evidence of the continuing coup against Morales, as ​​​​the purpose of the TSE, is to “prevent the broad support of former President Morales from being proved through voting.”

In view of this situation, ALBA-TCP members “call on the international community to denounce this arbitrary and unjustified measure that threatens the freedom of the Bolivian electoral process in their right to choose their representatives”, the text states.

The countries of the alliance expressed their solidarity with the struggle of the Bolivian people and with Morales, who is “waging a historic battle for his dignity and that of his people.”

Morales was the victim of a coup that took place on November 2019, with the collaboration of the Bolivian right-wing, the Armed Forces and the Police. From his exile in Argentina, the former president has called the TSE’s decision a blow to democracy.

At a press conference held in Buenos Aires on Friday, the Indigenous leader rejected the decision of the country’s TSE to disqualify him and his former Foreign Affairs Minister Diego Pary for the upcoming elections.

Despite the fact, Morales’ party presidential candidate, Luis Arce, is still ahead with 32 percent of Bolivians voting intentions according to the survey performed by Studies and Market Company.

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