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ALBA-TCP Holds World Gathering For A Social Alternative

Above photo: ALBA-TCP Demands Respect for Jorge Glas’ Asylum Status.

Latin American social movements gather for the construction of an agenda against imperialism.

Starting April 18, Venezuela will host the World Gathering for a Social Alternative, a two-day event organized by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) and the Simon Bolivar Institute (ISB).

This international meeting seeks to promote a common agenda to protect the Latin American people from the different forms of contemporary imperialist aggression.

This event will bring together member countries of the bloc, leaders and social movements of the region in activities and working meetings to be held in the city of Caracas.

On Thursday, the World Gathering for a Social Alternative will begin with a cultural presentation and welcoming remarks by the ALBA-TCP Secretary Jorge Arreaza.

Subsequently, there will be seminars on Dangers and Threats to Humanity; Decadent Civilization; One Imperialism, One Enemy; and The Need for a Common Project.

Speakers include intellectuals and social leaders such as Atilio Boron (Argentina), Rania Khalek (USA), Juan Carlos Monedero (Spain), Carlos Rosero (Colombia), Tebogo Phadu (South Africa), Marta Martín (Spain), Abel Prieto (Cuba), and Messilene Gorete (Brazil).

On April 19, the gathering will focus on two outstanding debates: “The principle of unity as a changing element,” led by Jorge Arreaza; and “Hyper-imperialism and a World Social Alternative,” led by Vijay Prashad, of the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research.

ALBA-TCP members and social movement leaders will organize solidarity calls with Palestine, Cuba, Haiti, and Jorge Glas, former Ecuadorian vice-president.

The “Seminar of Anti-imperialist Youth in Struggle and for Solidarity” will be held on Saturday 20, starting at 9:00 in the morning.

The World Gathering for a Social Alternative, which will be broadcasted on all ALBA-TCP networks, is fundamental to design strategies to counter the new forms of imperialist intervention by the United States, which is intensifying its sanctions against Venezuela.

The purpose of these sessions is to propose an agenda of concrete actions that the peoples could implement to face imperialism and its unsustainable economic and social model, and thus find common ground that could lead to collective solutions to the real problems of the peoples and to the construction of a new civilizing model.


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