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All Out For Palestine!

Global emergency actions planned for Palestine, find one near you.

Emergency protests are being planned worldwide in solidarity with Palestine. See this list compiled by Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network and get involved.

Note: The following was first published by Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network. Visit their events calendar to get the latest list of planned protests. Samidoun: Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is an international network of organizers and activists working to build solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their struggle for freedom. To learn more visit:

Visit our global events calendar for the latest news and updates on actions you can join! 

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network urges all Palestinian, Arab and international supporters of Palestine to escalate their organizing and struggle to confront massacres and ethnic cleansing and support Palestinian resistance!

In this moment, it is particularly important to highlight our unconditional support for the Palestinian people and their right to resist. It is now and has always been the resistance of the Palestinian people, through all forms of struggle, that defends Palestine from colonization. Our solidarity must affirm Palestinian resistance, Palestinian return, and Palestinian liberation, throughout the entire land of occupied Palestine. 

Join us in action in Stockholm, in London, in Madrid, in Berlin, in New York, in Vancouver, in Frankfurt, in Los Angeles, in Toronto, in Toulouse, in Gothenburg, in Athens, and so many other cities in the coming days. (See the list below and at our global calendar!) Your action to support the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance, for return to Palestine and liberation from the river to the sea is more important than ever — to honor the martyrs, to stop ethnic cleansing, and to stand with Palestine in 73 years of struggle. 

See Emergency Actions below and read our calls to action: 

>>  From Gaza to Jerusalem: Confront massacres and ethnic cleansing, support Palestinian resistance!

>> Take Action! #SaveSheikhJarrah and Defend Jerusalem: Boycott Israel, Support Palestinian Resistance

Join us in the Week of Palestinian Struggle from 15-22 May — and right now, urgently, before the week officially begins — to escalate our organizing, resistance and action to support the Palestinians struggling, resisting, fighting and facing the most severe, brutal and deadly colonial violence on the front lines of liberation struggle.

READ THE FULL CALL TO ACTION in English — Arabic — German — French — Swedish


Actions are being organized every day to build for Palestine. It’s time to make our voices heard loudly and clearly for justice for Palestine. Take to the streets and join these actions below — and see our full list of events, which is constantly being updated as new actions are announced! Send us your events at

Wednesday, May 12

Thursday, May 13

Friday, May 14

Saturday, May 15

Sunday, May 16

Monday, May 17

Saturday, May 22

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