Animal Rights Activists Interrupt Hillary Clinton Rally To Protest Meat Industry

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Above Photo: Matt Rourke / AP

Clinton is the first major party presidential candidate to issue an animal rights platform.

Hillary Clinton rally in Las Vegas was briefly halted Thursday afternoon by a group of animal rights activists who accused the candidate of not sticking to her own platform.

The Democratic presidential nominee appeared momentarily shaken by the interruption before at least four Secret Service agents joined her onstage. After a few seconds, Clinton addressed the crowd with a laugh.

“Apparently these people are here to protest Trump because Trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals,” she said. “So thank you for making that point.”

Direct Action Everywhere, the animal liberation network the activists are aligned with, issued a press release during the rally to further detail its platform, which called for “Secretary Clinton to take a stronger position for animal rights and against the raising and killing of animals for food.”

Activist Kitty Jones released an open letter on behalf of the group Thursday morning that praised Clinton for having an animal rights platform but said the candidate’s support for the issue doesn’t go far enough. The letter called for an end to government subsidies for the meat industry and for “affirmatively supporting legal personhood for nonhuman animals.”

  • il corvo

    “affirmatively supporting legal personhood for nonhuman animals.” above article

    Corporations can now be legally seen as having person hood, and yet animals are seen as food, pets, clothing or being in the way of human expansion. For folks to see animals with having rights of nonhuman person hood they would need to feel compassion not for themselves but the suffering of others. When a religion teaches the assumption that God made this earth for humans and that we are the end of evolution, then the exploitation of animals becomes a guiltless practice. Children and animals need a voice in this brutal society and Direct Action Everywhere is helping. How to foster human compassion for other beings or for that matter folks from other nations, flies in the face of acculturated human values and a self centered ego.

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  • stephenverchinski

    Even the ones eaten for human consimption are mistreated. Look up allowed biocide glyphosate levels in cattle feed. Then realize that this is also fed to our pets. Shame on Hillary and the Trade Secrets on glyphosate at the EPA.

  • michaelstumpf

    “Hillary will say anything to get elected and change nothing” Barack Obama

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Don’t be fooled. The Barf and the War Pig will get TPP through come heck or high water, then all animal rights will evaporate before corporate rights to profit.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    “Barack will say any lie to get you looking the other way when he hits you”, possibly by Vladimir Putin, or any American social activist.

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  • michaelstumpf

    Well at this point they are two of the same. It wasn’t always that way.