AN INVITATION TO A BEGINNING: Occupy Wall Street, Year One.

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Occupy Our Future, First Year of Mass Mobilization

Occupy Wall Street invites you, the 99%, to the Financial District for three days of education, celebration, and resistance. Money destroys our political process, our communities and our environment.The 1% have shackled us to unprecedented amounts of debt: credit cards, medical debt, student debt, mortgages. We are not a loan. We are the people. We’re going down to Wall Street to straighten this out.
Join a mass mobilization of the 99%. Stand and be counted. Let’s occupy our future, together. They can steal your job, your home, your freedom, your vote. They can’t steal our ability to dream together. They can’t steal our ability to take it all back.
We Need You!
Occupy Wall Street is asking everyone. All people, ALL activist organizations and networks to actively reach out to their friends, their neighbors, their membership, to help us turn out the 99% in NYC’s Financial District on September 17th. All around the world, millions are taking the streets in mass mobilizations against austerity, corporate control and socio-economic injustice. We continue to stand with them against this attack on our communities, families and livelihoods.
Tentative Schedule of Events
Here we’ve outlined our tentative schedule of events and resources for coordinating. By asking your members to provide a rough headcount, we can adequately plan to assist in housing, transportation and other critical logistics that will make this a success.
During the weekend of September 15 and 16, OWS and partners will host a permitted, two day convergence in New York City public parks.  This gathering of 99% will run a broad spectrum – Organizing our campaigns together, cultural and educational programs, framing the story of our movement, as well as orientation, networking, celebration, and direct action training for the World Goes to Wallstreet actions. Please take advantage of the anniversary of our engagement with this global movement. Get involved, or more deeply involved, so we can move forward as a community in resistance.
SEPTEMBER 17TH  – The 4th Anniversary of Black Monday – 7 AM
Make no mistake: We are still building the global people power that was unleashed last year.
We will unite in our stand against the robber financiers or we will let them continue to destroy the world beneath our feet. These days of gathering are designed to help deliver the message of resistance to the rich through a massive occupation of the Manhattan Financial District streets and a mass civil disobedience on Monday Morning. This action is for everyone. There is a level of participation for anyone who is interested, from arrestable mass civil disobedience to family-friendly rallies of support and exercising our right to stand and be counted.
The 99% will gather in NYC’s financial district for a nonviolent mass action. Additionally, we are reaching out to groups and developing a plan to plug people in from all over the country. Whether you are coming to NYC or part of the solidarity actions being planned nationwide, plug in through the Interoccupy web platform or find us through the contact info listed below.  Please join us!  Stay in touch for updates as we continue to publicize and organize with our allies.
The Free University of NYC will host a week of free educational courses and events throughout NYC. Bringing together educators, academics and renowned intellectuals from around the world, The Free University will advocate for education as a human right and demonstrate our ability to implement free education and educational values for all. This week of education will coincide with further actions, and emphasize that our campaigns will continue and grow in strength, effectiveness, and reach.
PUBLIC PLANNING MEETINGS: Every Monday, 6pm at 220 East 23rd Street, NYC. 7th Floor. We are currently coordinating housing, transport, resources, propaganda, media, press, legal, medical, and trainings, as well as the actions on S17.
TWITTER: #S17/#BlackMonday/#OWS