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Anonymous Group Releases Direct Phone Numbers For White House Staff

Above Photo: Anonymous Group Releases Direct Phone Numbers for White House Staff [Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

An anonymous group has released some direct phone numbers for several White House staff employees. Well, we knew sooner or later someone was going to release some stuff on Donald Trump, particularly since he’s trying to make himself into something of a dictator.

This comes after the White House public comments line was shut down after Trump was inaugurated. That’s because the wannabe dictator doesn’t want to hear what the public has to say. He just wants to hear his voice only.

Well, the anonymous group set up the “White House Comment Line,” to send a message to the White House. Click on the link to see the phone numbers and make some calls before they are changed.

A spokesperson for the group told Gothamist“Open communication is the foundation of a good, functioning democracy.” “But it’s a two-way street. Right now there’s ‘information’ coming out of the White House to the people, but not much the other way around. They may have shut down the comment line, but we the people still have comments. In light of that, we wanted to create one way for the people to be heard.”

I hope Donald Trump’s tax returns are leaked as well. The American people deserve to see what he’s obviously hiding.

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