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Anonymous Wages War On Montreal Police

The online hacktivist Anonymous has sent a threatening message to the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SMPV) and Montreal police against bulldozing of a homeless camp set up by Anonymous in Viger Square for OpSafeWinter.

The purpose of setting up shelter village was to save homeless people the extreme cold weather, but on January 7th,  the Montreal police dismantled the camp calming “they are saving lives”.

In retaliation Anonymous has called for occupy Viger Square movement in which a protest will be held against police activity against homeless people. Anonymous has also asked its supporters to bring with them protective gear such as gas masks, material for building barricades, and anything else that might be useful in defending the encampment should it be attacked by the SPVM (Montreal Police).

Click here to read full statement.

During an exclusive conversation with official Anonymous handle on Twitter going with the handle of @OpSafeWinterwe were told that: 

 “The world over, the homeless are having their only possessions rippped from them by the authorities, whether London, New York or Montreal. We stand by OpSafeWinterMTL and their statement of disgust at the lack of support on the streets when people are on their knees.”

Watch the video message sent by Anonymous to Montreal police: 

It was in 2013 when after taking over the cyber world, the online hacktivist group Anonymous had decided to go one step ahead by going on ground for raising voice against poverty, homelessness and bringing harmony among different communities of the world.

Anonymous had engaged an operation under the banner of #OPSafeWinter in which Anonymous members would work on ground to help poor in fight against poverty and providing shelter to homeless.

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