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Another Visit To FCC Chairman Wheeler’s House

Broad National Consensus Developing in Favor of Reclassification of the Internet as a Common Carrier and Putting in Place Net Neutrality

Time for the FCC to Carry Out the Will of the People

We ended the day as we began it — in the driveway outside of  FCC Chair Tom Wheeler’s house, but this visit was very different.

A lot had happened since our first visit. President Obama spoke out in favor of everything we wanted: reclassification and net neutrality. He recognized the importance of equal access for all and the role of the Internet in encouraging creativity in the economy. After the president spoke out it was like a dam being opened. All sorts of key people, trade associations and corporations came out for reclassification and net neutrality. These new additions to the discussion showed a strong national consensus developing in favor of the proposals the net neutrality community has been urging.

We decided to give Tom Wheeler and his wife a bottle of wine. In it we included the lyrics of the song “Which Side Are You On, Tom?” as well as a note saying “We are looking to support at Internet hero?” signed by the People. Wheeler came home, shook our hands and we had a friendly exchange, then we spoke about the national consensus that was developing and how the rulemaking proceeding had served an excellent role in helping to create that consensus. We also said that the Internet community would support Wheeler if he reclassified and ensured net neutrality; and that we would defend the proposal if it were attacked.  We also urged the FCC to make a decision at their next meeting on December 11 and not delay the process.  It is time to put into effect the national consensus that has developed and move forward to build a better Internet, with more access in rural and poor communities as well as faster service for all.

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