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Anti-Colonialists Against Billionaries (ACAB) Visits Pipeline Company

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…Gates and Doors Glued Shut!

Before the first rays of sun hit the wretched Dallas, TX skyline, a crew of Anti-colonialists Against Billionaires (A.C.A.B.) paid a visit to the corporate offices of Energy Transfer Partners, a pipeline company owned by Texas billionaire Kelcy Warren.

A.C.A.B. locked the parking garage gate shut and superglued the locks to the office doors with the understanding that whenever ETP employees are working, Mother Earth is suffering. A banner was left which read “Kelcy Warren Is An Asshole. Solidarity with S.R.S.T. [Standing Rock Sioux Tribe] No DAPL.”

Kelcy Warren is a first class asshole. He is responsible for both the Dakota Access Pipeline currently being constructed across Lakota treaty territory without the prior, free and informed consent of the Lakota people, AND he is also responsible for the Trans-Pecos Pipeline currently being build through the Big Bend region of Texas. Kelcy Warren got rich by exploiting the fracking boom and using eminent domain to steal thousands of land easements across the continent.

He’s spent his ill-gotten gains to take private ownership over a public park in Dallas, to purchase his own Caribbean island, to buy several mega ranches and a luxury desert resort with a golf course that spans the US border. People die every day for being on the wrong side of the border, but Kelcy Warren and his asshole friends can golf across it for fun. What a bunch of assholes.

A.C.A.B. was inspired to take action by the uncompromising resistance shown by First Nations people and all water defenders who are protecting our sacred Mother Earth from the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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