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Anti-Pipeline Solidarity Protests Across Canada And Beyond

Above photo: From Twitter.

People gathered in front of the RCMP in Regina on Tuesday to show their support for the people of the Wet’sawet’en territory in British Columbia who are trying to stop the construction of a pipeline through the area.

Protesters held signs with messages such as “No pipelines”, “Is this reconciliation” and “In solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people.”

This follows the police-lead breach of a camp blocking a remote forestry road in British Columbia meant to stop Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Ltd., part of energy company Transcanada, from doing work on a portion of the Coastal Gaslink Project.

An injunction was filed in a British Columbia court in December leading to the RCMP taking action at the camp, arresting 14 people blocking the construction of the pipeline.

Wendy Lerat, an organizer of the Regina protest, says the action by RCMP is a violation of Indigenous sovereignty.

“The stand that’s being made in Wet’sawet’en territory, that’s in an area where there have actually been court rulings that have clearly indicated tha they have inherent and Indigenous title to the land,” Lerat said.

“And yet in spite of that, the Government of Canada has moved forward with a course ensuring that industry continues to have the upper hand.”

The group behind the Regina protest says if the freedom of the Wet’sawet’en people is challenged, it challenges the freedom of all peoples.

Similar protests were held across the country over the course of the day.

Here are Tweets from those actions:

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