Anti-Trump Protests Will Fail If Tied To Democratic Party

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A Real Populist Rebellion is Needed to Challenge the System of Systemic Corruption

Why the Trump Protests, Like the Wisconsin Uprising, Will Fail

The massive, continuing protests against President Trump, #NotMyPresident, are not a movement and will only benefit Trump.  They are an emotional tactic devoid of strategy, and one that has made Trump stronger and stronger since it was first unleashed during the Republican primaries at the beginning of 2016.  ‘Trump is a racist narcissist pig, unfit to exist, much less govern,’ or so the meme goes.  But despite losing the popular vote he mat slammed Hillary and the Democrat Party. The GOP scaredy cats who were fleeing him en masse he actually rescued and rose them to control both houses of Congress.

As of this writing the Trump protests have not abated, and now this smells of serious failure, the type of total and complete butt kicking that Republicans gave to the so-called Wisconsin Uprising.  Almost six years after those massive protests against Governor Scott Walker over his disemboweling of the union movement in Wisconsin, after years of big protests with tens of thousands in the streets and a recall election attempt, the GOP is stronger than ever in the Badger State, with hegemonic control of the government in Uprising Central, Madison.

Perhaps you missed this news, because the progressive Democrat pundits, The Nation and Mother Jones crowd, are absolutely skilled at ballyhoo and PR for the Blue Revolution, but completely unable to admit failure and analyze why the progressive Left keeps getting its heads handed to them on a plate.

The echo chamber, created by the so-called “indepedendent” progressive website-based media, is a misinforming propaganda trap.  It spends all its time berating and laughing at the foul smells and foibles from the Right, extolling its own heroes in the echo chamber like Amy Goodman and John Nichols and others, and promoting the Democrat Party’s supposed progressive saviors like Bernie and Liz.

The progressive magazines, books and websites are filled with articles by people who have few if any friends in the populist Right and among the tens of millions who voted for Trump, and therefore these writers have very stunted knowledge of why Trump would receive enough votes to create a “political revolution” greater than Reagan’s historic victory of 1980.

The money for the progressive pundits and media comes from donations, but the really critical fuel is supplied by the Blue Oligarchs, their foundations, and the super rich and wealthy who want to promote the Democrat Party.  Call them the Soros and Steyer Crowd.   They see the need to whip the progressive forces into the sort of populist tide that Bernie surfed, before he washed out, took a dive actually.

We now know, not a surprise to some of us, that Bernie was pulling his punches as early as 2015, making agreements with Hillary’s team behind the scenes, thanks to Wikileaks publishing the Podesta emails.  But that should have been crystal clear to anyone paying attention when Bernie detoured in his first debate spiel to attack those attacking Hillary for her crimes and misdemeanors in privatizing her State Department emails.

Dr. Jill Stein and the Greens courted Bernie to the point of offering him the unprecedented historical opportunity to be elected President at the head of the Green Party.  Seriously folks, despite its shortcomings, were Bernie the real deal and not a poser, he would have at least tied Trump and Hillary, two of the most disliked candidates in history.  With the surge of Left and Right populist support he enjoyed among the boisterous worshipping young, he could have beat those two babyboomer relics.  But the Democrats ate him up, and Bernie allowed it to happen, and now he’s peddling books and picking up the pieces of a party owned by oligarchs and Wall Street and militarists, one he might have changed but now is just looking to revive.

But of course any sort of Bernie victory, with the Dems or the Greens, would have been a financial disaster for the oligarchs who own both the Democrats and Republicans.  Bernie is socialism-very-light, but he at least has carried a strong torch for single payer health care, and imagine if America had a President prodding to deliver that, rather than one about to eviscerate the stinking albatross of Obama’s failed legacy, Obamacare.

So here we are seeing Bernie back on his Blue horse, leading the charge for a ‘grassroots political revolution’ to revive the Democrat Party.  Ain’t gonna happen folks, we’ve seen this bad movie, too, another Groundhog Day de ja vu all over again. The progressives don’t do revolutions, they do protests in the streets, clicktivism, and they flog voting against Republicans and for Democrats.

But Bernie has followed the lead of his fellow Vermont insurgent, Governor Howard Dean, in creating an organization called Our Revolution, Bernie’s new brand name for his former Feel the Bern movement, and apparently still the title of his forthcoming book.  It joins Dean’s lobby group Democracy for America, Move On, and a handful of other clicktivist Democratic Party front groups, in trying to lead their Party back to the glory days of bygone eras that few alive even lived through!  And guess what, this political revolution will absolutely rely on the funding of billionaires and multi-millionaires, their foundations and dark money groups, whose market positions have done very well, thank you, since The Donald seized power.

The Democracy Alliance, which I have written about, will be the first go-to stop for the progressive fundraisers.  The Game Changer Salon, a progressive insider email list run by Billy Wimsatt, was chatting about getting money to elect Dems in 2018 and 2020 even before Hillary and Podesta finally concededl.  Soros and Steyer and the Big Unions will continue to funnel the groups on that list big money, probably more than ever.  The Democrat Party front groups that the Soros gang bought and created a decade ago looked so powerful and slick schmoozing with Obama,  until Trump’s real brand of populism crushed it.  But the billionaires are enjoying the Trump stock market surge, and they will regroups and roll out more money for their Dem front groups.

If it wasn’t already, the buzz words these folks are all talking is populist movement from the Left.  They know what that might look like, because Bernie had one going before he killed it.  So their hope will spring alive!  (Kudos to the unexpectedly large percentage of Bernie supporters who did not support Hillary, by the way.  If only your hero had that level of integrity!)

So here is what the future looks like folks, but you don’t need your shades, it’s not very bright.  The Trump protests are a guaranteed loser, an emotional vent that will only translate into support and sympathy for him, as the totally failed Wisconsin Uprising made Scott Walker a superhero and gave the GOP complete control in that state.  As the protests subside, the progressive vultures will rise — the OurRevolution, Brand New Congress, Democracy For American, Move On professionals — a well established clique feeding together, pushing and shoving, at the same trough, blasting the same PR memes into the progressive echo chamber, building their political revolution within the Democrat Party, already working as its fronts for 2018 and 2020.

Any real political revolution will continue to be short circuited by the cooptation of this crowd of self-promoting Game Changers, hacks, flacks and pundits.  But, like you never heard of the absolute and total ass kicking given the failed Wisconsin Uprising, you who remain stuck in their Blue Propaganda echo chamber will keep getting the well-honed talking points about how we must heal and unite and build a powerful grassroots force to take back America, and make it great again. Oh wait, there’s a trademark on that phrase, Make America Great Again.  Someone else owns that.

John Stauber is an independent writer, activist and author.  His books include Toxic Sludge Is Good for YouMad Cow USA and Weapons of Mass Deception.  In 1993 he founded the Center for Media and Democracy to exposed corporate, political and media propaganda campaigns.  He retired from the Center in 2008.

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  • gininitaly

    Excellent article, you pegged it.

  • DHFabian

    Democrats are over, for reasons that Democrats and our liberal bourgeoisie ignore. The Clinton wing split the Dem voting base wide apart in the 1990s, and the past eight years confirmed that this split is permanent. And this wasn’t Obama’s doing.

    While liberals maintained their pep rally for the middle class (much later, expanded to “working class”), the overall life expectancy of the US poor fell below that of every developed nation.

  • rgaura

    Good analysis! We must begin to see the Tapeworm that exists in both parties, and many of our institutions, before we can commit to ridding ourselves of the parasite.

  • RD Worley

    Agree about the big marches, etc. but author proposes no alternative model for progressives. Working to gain control of local and state governments is crucial. What is the strategy?

  • Dempublicans dominate because they still control the majority of American minds. The Presstitutes control the dialogue. And $ controls them all. Very, very few have yet to recognize the common ground that unites us rather than that which divides us. As the increasingly toxic waters rise and the hopes of a future built on technological wonders sinks into the acidic oceans to dissolve back into the primordial soup, the growing panic of a humanity trapped by a misunderstood culture in decline devolves towards chaos. Life is the opposite of chaos. Life is immensely complex inter-relatedness. Everything that divides us leads towards chaos. Ego is a false story that separates us from everything. $ is a false story of separation that defines a dysfunctional human family. Does anyone remember how to Love unconditionally? Nature is not our enemy. It is the womb that gave birth to all life. Why do you think the message from the women of Standing Rock was so powerful? Water is Life. The mothers of a matriarchal culture still remember with fierce Love the reason for our being, to protect all life without condition. A few of the women who marched on Saturday are ablaze with the fierce Love that defends the most vulnerable among us. These women, these mothers of life, defend the common ground for us all. The heart that beats in every life is what unites us. The Sacred is within everyone. Remember always.

  • Aquifer

    You really are into O, aren’t you …

  • Aquifer

    3rd party – get serious about politics – win elections

  • Aquifer

    “The echo chamber, created by the so-called “indepedendent” progressive website-based media, is a misinforming propaganda trap. It spends all its time berating and laughing at the foul smells and foibles from the Right, extolling its own heroes in the echo chamber like Amy Goodman and John Nichols and others, and promoting the Democrat Party’s supposed progressive saviors like Bernie and Liz.”

    Thank you Mr. Stauber ! – Have been calling out “prog media” for some time now – very glad to see your piece – but as for Sanders being a real promoter of SP, check out

    Stein’s gambit to Sanders was brilliant, IMO, risky but brilliant – his failure to act on it demonstrated in a way that none other could what a bag of wind he is …

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    That article by Russell Mokhiber that you cited made me laugh by the way it closed:

    During the battle over Obamacare on the Hill in 2009, I asked Sanders why he was supporting Obamacare when he stood for single payer.

    Sanders was a student of the difference — Obamacare controlled by the health insurance companies and written by their lobbyists — single payer a public system that cuts the health insurance companies out of
    the game.

    Sanders looked at me, snarled, told me not to lecture him and walked away.

    Goodbye single payer. Hello Chuck Schumer.

    There in a few concise sentences Sanders mask is ripped off again and shredded.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    It’s amazing that people can’t see that our Indonesian Candidate has been assiduously feeding power to the thugs of the Deep State.

    Junk Dealer Brennan and Crapper Clapper were only two temporary faces of the collective fiend within.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Probably should accept the fact that there is a life cycle for political parties, and start a new one every few decades. Money finds every leak possible into system to pour corruption, which builds and builds.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    You have a lot of fuel there to chop up and collect into separate zingers.

  • Aquifer

    As noted in the article

    “Lori Kearns is the health policy advisor to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont).
    She’s been making the rounds in recent weeks telling single payer supporters that Senator Sanders will not introduce his single payer bill into the Senate next year.
    Why not?
    Because party unity is more important than single payer.
    Sanders apparently believes that single payer will get in the way of electing a Democratic Senate in 2018.”

    So “party over principle” is not just some phrase i invented to describe Sanders repeated conduct – son of a gun 🙂

  • My head is full of all kinds of crap. Sometimes it just erupts in my writing. We need to keep it as simple as possible so people can understand. Victims can mature into Activists through understanding. We cannot empower people. People can only empower themselves. Witness Trump. But we can help spread understanding. When I chose to act as a coordinator for The Zeitgeist Movement, I made a decision to become an activist because I had awoken to a certain level of understanding that motivated me to action. I don’t represent anyone but myself. My activism empowers me. But it will only empower us if I am able to share understandings with you. When we discover common ground, intersectionality is the new term I think, with other activists, we empower one another. The downside to activism is that people who are comfortable tend to remain passive. The upside to Trump is that he is making a lot of people very uncomfortable and his actions will only accelerate the process. Activists who discover intersectionality and coordinate actions have geometrically greater impacts depending on their numbers. Look for what unites us, not what divides us.

  • Clemensghost

    Wednesday, June 14th is Flag Day. It’s also Donald Trump’s Birthday. Assuming that we have not rid ourselves of the vermin by then, would it not be a thrill to declare and deliver a true national strike and close absolutely everything on that day, including internet and infrastructure traffic?

  • RSII0210

    Just look at who paid for Sanders SECOND weekend home after he acquiesced to Clinton.

    They are ALL big monied cronies who wish to keep getting wealthy off of YOU!

  • amongoose

    “Anti-Trump Protests Will Fail If Tied To Democratic Party”?
    Actually that more accurately should be the democratic party will fail if tied to the protests, and it will, because it is.

  • Mike Soukup

    There is no “work around”. The paradigm has changed. “Liberalism” – “progressivism” – can ONLY survive when the liberals control the information. Without MISINFORMATION and PROPAGANDA being spoon-fed to the masses – it all falls apart.

    We live in the dawn of a new era- the age of instant peer-to-peer communication. We no longer NEED (nor believe) CNN, NYT…they have lost control of the information.

    The internet, social media and smart phones now rule the day – and liberals are getting CRUSHED in the real world (because there is no moral, logical or historical foundation for liberalism – it is a worldview based upon “how the liberal FEELS” on any given subject – and that changes depending on skin color, sexuality, gender and just WHO said what.)

    It’s not “coming back”. It was ALWAYS lies, misinformation and propaganda – and intimidation.

    The Democratic party is dead Jim……