Anyone Could Do Jaime Dimon’s Job

| Educate!

Video Exposes the Corruption of Wall Street and the Corporate Mass Media That Covers It

In this video Matt Taibbi and Sam Seder give their play by play commentary of CNBC’s  interview with Alex Pareene and why anybody could do Jamie Dimon’s job. The video exposes the incompetence of the CNBC hosts who do not seem to understand the breadth of crimes committed by JPMorgan under the leadership of Jaime Dimon, nor do they seem to be aware that Dimon was part of the cabal that collapsed the US economy with his bank, along with other too-big-to-fail banks requiring massive bailouts from the US Department of Treasury and Federal Reserve.  Indeed, the Fed continues its ongoing bailout of the big banks with $1 trillion in virtually no-interest loans to the banks at part of Qualitative Easing to prop the banks up.  The guest, Alex Pareene, and the commentators Taibbi and Seder, make the point that anyone could do the job as well as Dimon — get free money from the Fed, loan it to others, including the United States government at interest rates that create an immediate profit.  The video exposes the fraud of Wall Street bankers and the fraud of corporate mass media.