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‘Appalachia’s Agony’: The Human Effects Of Mountain Top Removal

This is the Appalachian Community Health Emergency Campaign.

The Appalachian Communities Health Emergency Act is the first law ever proposed that would end the human rights/ human health disaster that is Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia.

The New York Times called Mountaintop Removal “Appalachia’s Agony.” It’s no wonder: communities near Mountaintop Removal sites suffer shockingly disproportionate levels of cancer, heart disease, pulmonary disease, birth defects and other physical and mental illnesses.

More than four thousand people die in West Virginia mining communities every year. Science calls these “excess deaths.” We call them Husband, Wife, Grampa, Granma, Brother, Sister, Son, Daughter, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin.

Mountaintop Removal’s horrors MUST end, and you have a vital role to play in ending it. Get your member of Congress to sign on to the A.C.H.E. Act now.

Read the legislation or the summary.

Read the studies that document cancer, birth defects and other health conditions caused by mountain top removal.

1coalTake action:

Mountaintop Removal is a scourge to the people who have to live near it. A human health disaster is unfolding and expanding daily in the areas of Central Appalachia where Mountaintop Removal takes place.

There is only one bill in Congress with the power to end Mountaintop Removal. The Appalachian Communities Health Emergency (A.C.H.E.) Act restores order to a chaotic region, putting people’s health first.

We can pass this bill, but it will take your help. PLEASE use this widget to contact your member of the House of Representatives and insist that he or she sign on to HR 526.

When you work to help us pass The A.C.H.E. Act, you will know you’re really doing something to make life better in Appalachia.


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