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April 15: Coordinated Economic Blockade To Free Palestine

Monday, April 15, 2024.

The global economy is complicit in genocide. Join participating cities in blocking the arteries of capitalism and jamming the wheels of production.

A proposal to coordinate a multi-city economic blockade on April 15th in solidarity with Palestine recently received overwhelming commitments to participate around the US and internationally.

The proposal states that in each city, we will identify and blockade major choke points in the economy, focusing on points of production and circulation with the aim of causing the most economic impact, as did the port shutdowns in recent months in Oakland, California and Melbourne, Australia, as just a few examples.

There is a sense in the streets in this recent and unprecedented movement for Palestine that escalation has become necessary: there is a need to shift from symbolic actions to those that cause pain to the economy.

As Yemen is bombed to secure global trade, and billions of dollars are sent to the Zionist war machine, we must recognize that the global economy is complicit in genocide andtogether we will coordinate to disrupt and blockade economic logistical hubs and the flow of capital.

Mutual Solidarity Agreement for April 15

We will act in solidarity with each other in the face of attacks from the media, politicians and the police and the Zionist project. We will support each other in the following ways:

If one city faces police repression, other cities will extend or expand their blockades or initiate other actions in response if able to the best of their abilities and capacity.

We will not attack each other or each other’s actions on social media or to the press. We will hold a post-action debrief so that we can raise principled critiques among ourselves in a constructive manner rather than publicly.

Every city will take responsibility for choosing and planning their own local actions. Fellow organizers will not discourage or denounce each others plans because solidarity means affinity, not ownership.

We will keep each other safe by not talking to the police, not coordinating with the police, and not talking to them about our actions or our fellow organizers.

Due to the sensitive nature of this action, some folks organizing for April 15th prefer to remain anonymous, or embedded solely within their existing communities. If you are organizing within your community and would like your email added here, please send it to

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