Are We About To Lose The US Postal Service?

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Above photo: From the American Postal Workers Union.

Bailout our public institutions before the corporations!

NOTE: Popular Resistance is a member of A Grand Alliance to Save the Postal Service. We urge you to take action. Politico reports:

“The U.S. Postal Service could be gone by June unless Congress immediately delivers billions of dollars to counteract the impact of the coronavirus crisis, a House committee chairwoman warned Monday night.

“Based on a number of briefings and warnings this week about a critical fall-off in mail across the country, it has become clear that the Postal Service will not survive the summer without immediate help from Congress and the White House,” Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said in a statement.”

If we lose the US Postal Service, we lose the ability to send mail at a low cost, we may lose universal postal services and we lose secure jobs, which will be distastrous for our postal workers’ families during the recession.

If you care about the USPS, tell why the Postal Service matters to you here

The Postal Service is under an unprecedented strain from the Coronavirus pandemic and we all need to act. 

Will you step up and make sure the Congress supports the U.S. Postal Service?

The crisis is straining every part of the Postal Service. It is putting new obligations on the USPS, while postal revenue falls. For millions of Americans, the Postal Service is their only contact with the outside world right now. Its network is keeping our prescriptions filled and food on our shelves.

But when the Congress passed its huge two-trillion dollar stimulus, they left the Postal Service out in the cold!

There are credible reports that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin lobbied hard to stop Congress from including financial support for the USPS in the stimulus bill. His department is in charge of the White House’s attempt to sell off the Postal Service to private corporations.

The Coronavirus crisis is raising costs for the Postal Service. But it is also throttling postal revenue, as businesses scale back their spending or stop trading altogether. Some Congress members have sounded the alarm that the USPS could run out of money as early as June!

We need to act and we need to act now. Send a message to your Senators and U.S. Representative.

Tell them that we demand that they give our Post Service the resources it needs to keep America moving in this time of crisis.

  • Big Brother Sam Other

    They had plenty of money to install machines that take digital pictures of everyone’s mail and turn it into data for big brother. They’ve automated the same effect of an agent with a camera at every mailbox in the country. There are mail sorting machines made by the military industrial complex.

  • rgaura

    Amazon should pay for the services they receive. I have read that they are totally subsidized by the USPO. We need a postal bank, like used to exist, and like one successfully operated by Japan. Piratization!

  • Jon

    With stiff competition, the worst idea ever to come out of Congress was to require US Postal Service to fund retirement 75 years into the future. We need to demand that this be repealed immediately!

  • Big Brother Sam Other

    It’s a fact. Go look at their website and they’ll even let you have pictures of your mail.

  • 0040

    The US postal service was destroyed during the Reagan regime. Profiteers and contractors now own and operate that sham organization pretending it’s run by the government when it suits them.

  • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

    They’ve slowly choked it to death by limiting its revenue options and starving it of funding and making it vulnerable to competition. Then they hold mock hearings and do studies that mourn the slow death of the postal service. You are correct.

  • Ort

    Indeed. Here’s a comment I posted in May, 2012 that I stand by:

    The destruction of the US Postal Service is proceeding in accordance with the tenets of “Chicago Boys” predatory capitalism.

    The Hollow State political predators first cut the USPS out of the federal bureaucratic herd by privatizing it in the name of increased efficiency and effectiveness.

    Then the Elected Misrepresentatives slyly encumbered it with onerous financial obligations, i.e. funding their retirement program to a hitherto unheard-of extent.

    Like usurious interest rates that force borrowers into permanent financial servitude, this was a “kill shot” designed to deal the USPS a fiscal mortal blow.

    Instead of modernizing and adapting their indispensable essential services to technological and social changes, management is compelled to devote its energy and funding to cannabalizing itself, thereby ensuring that it will be impossible to remain competitive and attractive to “consumers”.

    It’s a death spiral, with a bipartisan plurality of Elected Misrepresentative jackals and hyenas licking their collective chops to devour the corpse.

    Back to the present: I was working for the PA Department of Labor & Industry unemployment program during the 1980s, when the bipartisan enthusiasm for “privatizing” and “outsourcing” emerged.

    It was sold as a win-win advancement in social-service delivery systems; now motivated, cutting-edge private-sector organizations (i.e., businesses) would “partner” with the notoriously apathetic, inefficient, plodding efforts of government apparatchiks to pull government programs out of the ditch. The grand term “consortium” was, and maybe still is, the new buzzword.

    Likewise, the vivisection of the USPS was a public-private “consortium” of another kind: Elected Misrepresenatives teamed up with USPS competitors, e.g. Federal Express, to encircle and assault the USPS from both front and behind.

    This hijacking was facilitated by infoganda spin from business experts and pundits to rationalize and “explain” the collapse of businesses that were actually undermined and destroyed by Wall Street corporate raiders; the spin sounded plausible enough, and caught on. So there is a popular belief that the US Postal Service, and retail giants like Sears (and JC Penney) “failed” because they’re fatally infected by poor management, rely on defective business models, are outperformed by competitors, and/or rendered obsolete by technological advances.

    Obviously there is some truth to these allegations, and legitimate criticisms to be made. But this cartoonish “business Darwinism” rationalization effectively obscures the reality that financial and political predators literally make it their business to spot vulnerable entities, cut them out of the herd, then slaughter and dismember them to feed their insatiable greed and lust for dominance.

  • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

    That looks accurate to me. A few think tanks lavishly funded by big corporations also routinely cranked out studies and policy recommendations. Declining letter mail volumes have hurt their revenues but parcel revenues have made up for portions of the declining letter mail revenues. However, while other revenue options were discussed, none that could really help were allowed. As already mentioned here, the pension funding requirements were the fatal blow and are ridiculous by any standard. However, as you state, the root cause of the decline is privatization. That happened across a wide spectrum of traditional government functions and at the federal, state, and local levels. Privatization of the public “commons”, along with so many other related movements that began during the 1980s, is one reason I’ve often dated the general decline of the US (political, financial, social, and cultural) to the 1980s. It gained momentum in almost all spheres of life from that point on.

  • jim james

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone, given that the corporatists have been pushing for privatizing the USPS for decades, which is funny given that a US Postal Service is established in the Constitution….You couldn’t make this stuff up folks. It’s that ridiculous.

  • Jeff

    The corporate lackeys in government, led by Republicans but with plenty of Democratic support, have been trying to get rid of the Post Office for a long time by grossly underfunding it and demanding that it fund retirement benefits for its workers 75 years ahead of time, the only entity on the planet forced to do so. The reason is the same with all this privatization crap: to make money for their corporate buddies, in this case Federal Express, maybe secondarily for other private companies offering the same services. The 75-year pension funding requirement is such blatant BS it’s almost laughable.

  • Jeff

    People don’t seem to remember or otherwise have a clue about how bad Reagan was. Trump is nothing in comparison in most important ways. Reagan started most of the horrible stuff that we now have to deal with: destruction of the natural environment for profit, destruction of unions, keeping the world in constant fear of imminent nuclear war by threatening the Soviet Union, etc. Trump couldn’t dream of doing the great harms that Reagan did.

  • 0040

    In fact Gorbachev willingly bought into Reaganomics and ultimately sold out the USSR for his piece of the American dream. The men behind the Reagan regime were far more vicious , cruel , and organized than those backing Trump these days.

  • Steve

    Insanity. The one service the Constitution mandates be funded is basically bankrupt and privatized meanwhile our government has no issues with open checkbooks for S&P 500s.

    Just this little snippet tells you a lot about system we live under.

  • chetdude

    And even fewer people remember that Clinton cemented the last bricks of the Reagan Revolution into place.

  • chetdude

    That was NOT Gorbachev.

    It was Clinton/USAmerica’s interference in Russia’s elections in the early 90s to defeat the Socialists and install Yeltsin and the Chicago School’s Freidmannism – gangster capitalism in place.

  • chetdude

    The republicans and majority neoliberal democrats call that a GREAT idea.

  • Jay Hansen

    Bll Clinton: The best Repuglican the Democrats ever dimwittedly installed in the Offal Awfice

  • Jon

    Confusing statement. The D’s and R’s certainly have NOT been behind REPEALING the onerous 75 year retirement scam. They are the ones who instigated it. Perhaps you misread my statement.

  • chetdude

    Then why didn’t they END IT when they had it all.

    Collusion by inaction…

  • Jon

    Chet, we are in agreement here. Both parties have colluded to starve the USPS with that awful 75 year rule. Neither is pushing the repeal I keep asking for,