The TPP was signed by the 12 countries on Feb.4, 2016 and is meant to be ratified by their respective governments within a two-year time span. This seems highly unlikely under the mandate of the next U.S. presidency given that both major candidates have made strong statements against the deal.

That is why the Obama administration considers that its “only real shot” to pass the TPP is during the congressional session that begins at the end of the elections and ends when the new session of Congress begins in January. Obama is banking on the support of “Lame Ducks” – members of Congress who have retired or lost their seat – who will have diminished political incentives to be accountable to their constituents.

This period is considered to be the most structurally ripe congressional session to pass unpopular legislation. Exiting members of Congress have less of a commitment to constituents given that they no longer need to maintain their approval for a future election. This lack of accountability was a principal motivation for the approval of the 20thAmendment to the Constitution in 1933, which reduced the “Lame Duck” session by around 6 weeks.

Obama’s attempt to put the TPP to a vote during the congressional “Lame Duck” session would not be the first time controversial legislation is discussed during this period. It was used in 1998 to consider the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, in 2002 to create the Department of Homeland Security, and in 2008 to attempt a $14 billion bail-out of the auto industry. US participation in the expansion of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which created the World Trade Organization, was passed during the Lame Duck session of 1994.

This is why we need thousands to join the #NoLameDuckUprising this November. Our futures depend on us saying NO to the TPP.

We will be hosting an action camp on Nov. 13 to be followed by 4 days of action from Nov. 14-17 in Washington, D.C. to make sure that Obama does not get Lame Ducks to carry through the ratification of the TPP. We will also be promoting local actions throughout the country during the congressional holiday break on Nov 21-23 right before the vote. Come for all or part of it, there will be ample opportunities to participate for everyone.

We will have sleeping space at a church in DC starting Saturday night, Nov. 12 for people who need to travel that day. The church will serve as our base for sleeping, eating and organizing during the week. It sleeps 50 people, and we can reserve a second church if necessary for up to 500 people.

To participate in the uprising, register here:

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