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Argentina: Mass Demonstration Against Government Over IMF

Above photo: Twitter.

Tens of thousands of piqueteros and piqueteras marched carrying torches this Wednesday from the Pueyrredón Bridge to Plaza de Mayo to repudiate the adjustment of the International Monetary Fund and above all to dedicate a chapter of their protest to the Government of Alberto Fernández and especially to the Minister of Social Development Victoria Tolosa Paz.

The measure of struggle rejects the adjustment in the social area by the government of Alberto Fernández and demands genuine work, the opening of the Potenciar Trabajo program for those who need it and the integral assistance to the dining rooms, among other demands.

The determination with which the comrades of the Unidad Piquetera went up to the bridge was demonstrated in the slogans dedicated to Tolosa Paz, whom they consider to be the Minister of Hunger.

The massive march went along the highway crossing the Pueyrredon Bridge and going down San Juan Avenue to the emblematic 9 de Julio Avenue, where the Ministry of Social Development is located, to arrive at Plaza de Mayo, were they started an encampment that will last until Thursday.

From 10:00 a.m. on Thursday morning they plan to mobilize towards the Ministry of Social Development to surround it with empty pots to send the message that children have no food.

From any angle it can be noted that this is a show of force by the Unidad Piquetera movement, which this week met with the Unión de Trabajadores de la Economía Popular, a pro-government organization that they are collaborating  and planning protest actions together with  for the demands of those who are mobilizing.

“The submission to the IMF is producing a disaster for millions of workers. And they are getting ready to strike even more with 400,000 dismissals from the Potenciar Trabajo that the Fund demands”, they denounce. They demand “comprehensive assistance to the soup kitchens”, the “opening of the Potenciar Trabajo program for those who need it”, “No reduction or adjustment in social assistance” and the “fulfillment of the agreements on tools and materials for productive enterprises”.

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