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Argentina: The Attack Against Cristina Is Backfiring

Above Photo: Supporters of Cristina in the streets. Telam.

The prosecutors and judges who intend to politically destroy the current Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, have had their shot backfire. Those who, after years of unsuccessful judicial and media set-ups, sometimes forged in the very same office of the former right-wing president Mauricio Macri, are now asking for 12 years in prison and to perpetually disqualify her from holding public office. Charges that venal judges and Macri’s cronies would be happy to impose on her as a sentence. They already have it written, thundered Cristina, who made a memorable plea via digital networks from her office as president of the Senate, when the judge denied her the right to speak to refute elements recently introduced by the prosecutors and never previously aired in the process. With a detailed analysis and solid arguments, Cristina demolished the flimsy accusation of the prosecutors and judges in the case, whom even their own witnesses have denied.

The alleged evidence contained in a cell phone chat presented by the prosecutors was turned by the former president into a lethal weapon to undo the accusations and to expose the complicity with corruption of those who provided it. Not to mention the low moral character of these subjects, unconditional supporters of Macri and part of a judiciary largely sunk in filth. With her plea, Cristina unveiled the judicial media coup they are trying to deal not only to her, but -as she argued- to the 4 years of Néstor Kirchner’s and her 8 years of government and their conquests of social, political and economic rights for the Argentine people. To punish the audacity of Néstor and Cristina, to punish them as a bad precedent that any man or woman who tries to imitate them already knows the persecution to which he or she is exposed.

They do not forgive us, the popular Argentine leader said. having paid off the debt with the IMF and put it in its place, the fight and the agreement reached with the vulture funds, the increase of salaries above inflation, the nationalization of oil, the greater participation of workers than of employers in the distribution of the cake, the return to public and solidarity of the pension funds and the important increase of these. Moreover, this attack is really meant to be a blow to the working class by the great groups of concentrated economic and media power of the southern country

In Latin America and the Caribbean, media and judicial persecution with fabricated evidence and unjust convictions against the leaders of popular governments has become the norm. The United States realized the political benefits it could obtain from these set-ups and started giving training courses for prosecutors and judges, who, like the Brazilian judge Moro, harassed and persecuted Lula and put him in jail to prevent him from running for the presidency with legal chicanery, that was amplified and repeated ad nauseam by Globo and other local and international media groups. Cristina has been among the most harassed leaders for the longest time, both in periods in which she has governed and in the opposition. Very few people have been so slandered and denigrated by factories of lies as La Nación, Clarín and Infobae. Today one remembers with pain people like the indigenous leader Milagro Sala, political prisoner in Argentina against all principles of legality and justice, or Jorge Glas, the vice-president so loyal to his convictions and loved in Ecuador, who has been the victim of the criminal judicial and media outrage against Correism.

Argentina is currently torn between the mass agitation triggered by the attack against Cristina, the way in which her words have managed to regroup Peronism and underlined the centrality of this woman in Argentine politics. But, at the same time, with the economic adjustment initiated by the government of which she is vice-president and forced by the IMF. The adjustment will hurt a population already punished by the gigantic $46 billion IMF debt contracted by Macri and by the economic crisis, whose funds did not solve a single problem for the Argentinean people, but which, however, no judge or the media who want to destroy Cristina are asking about.  But be careful, today Moro is nothing and Lula has one foot again inside the Planalto Palace in Brazil.  Who knows if something similar will happen in Argentina.  More than 2,000 scientists and university students in the country repudiated the “judicial and media persecution” against the vice-president and a big march in her support has already been called.

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