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Armed Military-Style Guards Patrol Large Mine in Wisconsin

Above photo: EarthFirstNews

People who live near the large taconite mine in Penokee Hills, WI are growing concerned about the presence of military-style armed guards. The mine is not active yet, but proposed with drilling and sampling taking place.

David Soumis writes on the Popular Resistance Facebook Page:

2fand in Wisconsin, where we are going to stop the opening of one of the biggest open pit mines in North America, in a pristine area of the country, tribal lands, with the watershed flowing into the largest wild rice bed in North America, and then into Lake Superior….the Penokee Hills, GTAC is hiring mercenaries.

Update from someone active in the struggle in upnorth Wisconsin, where the Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) is trying to blast off the tops of the Penokee Hills to get at one of the lowest-quality ore deposits in the USA.
Dear Neighbors — GTAC now has men in military fatigues with automatic weapons in the Penokee Hills– lands that you have legal access to as they are in Managed Forest status. IS THIS THE KIND OF BUSINESS we want in our community?

I find this outrageous and I ask you all to contact your news media — ask them to publish the photos and contact the DNR in protest.

This needs to go national. Its why I am posting this here.
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