Arrests At London Climate-Change Protests Top 1,000

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Above Photo: Police officers detain a climate change activist at Waterloo Bridge during the Extinction Rebellion protest in London, April 17. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

News.Trust also reported that Extinction Rebellion “highlighted that the poorest 50 percent of the global population is being hit hardest by climate change – but have done the least to cause it, the leaders of a protest that has paralyzed parts of London said on Wednesday. Extinction Rebellion activists stopped trains and blocked roads on the third day of protests to force governments to reduce carbon emissions and avert what they say is a global climate crisis. ‘The bottom 50 percent of the income ladder are not contributing to this crisis at all, they have a negligible impact on carbon emissions,’ said Sam Appleton, outreach coordinator for Extinction Rebellion Youth.”  KZ

Climate group Extinction Rebellion has staged non-violent protests in London with the aim of stopping what it calls a global climate crisis

LONDON, April 22 (Reuters) – The number of environmental campaigners arrested during eight days of direct action in London topped 1,000 on Monday, police said, adding that Waterloo Bridge, one of the sites blockaded by the protests, had re-opened to traffic.

Climate group Extinction Rebellion has targeted sites in central London, such as Oxford Circus and Parliament Square, in a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience with the aim of stopping what it calls a global climate crisis.

Police said 1,065 people had been arrested in connection with the protests, and they had charged 53 with offences including obstructing the highway.

Oxford Circus and Parliament Square were re-opened to traffic on Sunday, they said, while Waterloo Bridge was cleared overnight.

Police had appealed to activists to move to Marble Arch, where they are allowing protests to continue.

Swedish teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg addressed crowds at Marble Arch on Sunday, urging them to never give up their campaign to save the planet.

  • Werner Rhein

    The Extinction Rebellion and any other demonstration against the destruction of our environment are acts of necessity against the entities who cause that destruction.
    They are act of civil disobedience against corrupt government and the criminals behind them who profit from the destruction.
    And with that in the interest of the majority of the population and not chargeable as crimes.

  • Jon

    “the entities who cause that destruction.” Time to look into citizen’s arrest provisions.

  • Neville

    Put them all in concentration camps at the top of Scotland where it gets a bit breezy during winter for a week and then threaten them with more of that if they protest like they do again .

  • Neville

    These protesting must be made aware that their activities are not warranted and their civil disobedience will not be tolerated and what will happen to their future lives will make what they are protesting about pale in significance .