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Arts And Activism In Pandemic Times; Eleanor Goldfield On Her New EP

This week, Clearing the FOG speaks with artist and activist Eleanor Goldfield about her new EP, “No Solo.” This is her first solo production and it is her most personal and political piece. Goldfield talks about the struggles of artists during the pandemic as they have been left out of the rescue plans. She discusses the role of the arts, particularly in activism, and her involvement in direct action, mutual aid and supporting campaigns to save the forests. Goldfield is journalist, podcaster, documentarian, photographer and more. Her work, as well as her new music video, “Pyre,” can be found at

Listen here:

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Eleanor Goldfield is a creative radical, journalist and filmmaker. Her reporting work has appeared on Free Speech TV, RT America, Mint Press News, ROAR, Popular Resistance, Truthdig and more. She is one of the 2020 recipients of the “Women and Media Award” presented by The Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press. She is currently a board member of the Media Freedom Foundation.

Her first documentary, “ Hard Road of Hope ,” covers past and present radicalism in the resource colony known as West Virginia. Thus far, the film has garnered international praise, a Best Feature Length Documentary award, and Best Woman Filmmaker Award, and has Official Selection laurels in 13 film festivals including Cannes Independent.

Currently, Eleanor is the host of the podcast Act Out! and the co-host of the podcast Common Censored along with Lee Camp as well as the Silver Threads Podcast with carla bergman, all three of which are also available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

Previously, she founded and fronted the political hard rock band Rooftop Revolutionaries who toured extensively, opening up for acts such as Tom Morello and Helmet. She worked for 10 years in recording studios such as The Village in Los Angeles as a technician, and during that time received a B.S. (which she finds endlessly amusing) in Audio Science.

Her work as a community organizer is based on mutual aid principles and direct action.

As an artist, her work typically combines live music, spoken word and projected visuals. Besides touring, performing and media work, she also assists in frontline action organizing and activist trainings.

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