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Assange’s Partner Speaks Out After Threat From Judge

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Julian Assange’s partner and the mother of his two children has spoken out in a video released by WikiLeaks after Judge Vanessa Baraitser threatened to make her name public. 

NOTE: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange secretly fathered two children with one of his lawyers inside London’s Ecuadoran Embassy while he evaded a phony Swedish rape investigation and the threat of extradition to the US, Assange’s alleged partner claims in a video posted Saturday by WikiLeaks, which describes the video as “Julian Assange’s fiancée (and children) talks to camera for the first time on the one year anniversary of his imprisonment.”

The couple conceived 2-year-old Gabriel and 1-year-old Max. Stella Morris revealed the relationship because she wants 48-year-old Assange released from the London prison. Morris, a Swedish national living in Britain speaks Swedish and Spanish, which were both helpful to Assange. She joined his legal team in 2011 and saw him almost everyday in the embassy. She says they began to have a personal relationship in 2015, after they fell in love. She says falling in love was an act of rebellion against his persecution. She describes how the authorities sought to steal their son’s DNA and says those aligned against Julian were ruthless and knew no bounds. She fears Julian’s life could be coming to an end as they have spent ten years trying to break him down and destroy him.  – KZ

The mother of Assange’s two boys speaks of meeting the WikiLeaks‘ publisher and of their relationship after Assange’s lawyers first tried to protect her and their sons from harm.  In the 11-minute video, released by WikiLeaks late on Saturday night, his partner explains how attempts were made to steal the DNA of one their children. 

On the video, she identifies herself as Stella Morris and their children are Gabriel and Max. At Assange’s case management hearing last week, Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled that there was no reason not to reveal her identity, despite threats made to her and the children. In releasing the video on the first anniversary of Assange’s arrest in the Ecuador Embassy in London, WikiLeaks has one-upped Baraitser, neutralizing her questionable tactic.

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