Assange: Real Threat To US Is Not Russia But Israel

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From his refuge in the Ecuador Embassy in London, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addressed a press conference of his supporters in Berlin on Tuesday, amid speculation that he planned to reveal potentially threats to America.

But early into his speech, Assange said that while more revelations were to come, he would not be making any major announcements, asserting that there would be no point in dropping making such revelations at a time when most Americans would be sleeping.

“Russian actions on its own doorstep in Eastern Europe do not in fact threaten the United States or any actual vital interest. Nor does Moscow threaten the U.S. through its intervention on behalf of the Syrian government in the Middle East. That Russia is described incessantly as a threat in those areas is largely a contrivance arranged by the media, the Democratic and Republican National Committees and by the White House. Candidate Donald Trump appeared to recognize that fact before he began listening to Michael Flynn, who has a rather different view. Hopefully the old Trump will prevail,there is, however, another country that has interfered in U.S. elections, has endangered Americans living or working overseas and has corrupted America’s legislative and executive branches. It has exploited that corruption to initiate legislation favorable to itself, has promoted unnecessary and unwinnable wars and has stolen American technology and military secrets. Its ready access to the mainstream media to spread its own propaganda provides it with cover for its actions and it accomplishes all that and more through the agency of a powerful and well-funded domestic lobby that oddly is not subject to the accountability afforded by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938 even though it manifestly works on behalf of a foreign government. That country is, of course, Israel,” said Assange.

The assessment of Israel and what damage it does regarding what most Americans would regard as genuine national interests is most definitely not reported, revealing once again that what is not written is every bit as important as what is. I would note how what has recently happened right in front of us relating to Israel is apparently not considered fit to print and will never appear on any disapproving editorial page. Just this week the Senate unanimously passed an Anti-Semitism Awareness bill and also by a 99 to zero vote renewed and strengthened sanctions against Iran, which could wreck the one year old anti-nuclear weapon proliferation agreement with that country.

The Anti-Semitism bill makes Jews and Jewish interests a legally protected class, immune from any criticism. “Free speech” means in practice that you can burn an American flag, sell pornography, attack Christianity in the vilest terms or castigate the government in Washington all you want but criticizing Israel is off limits if you want to avoid falling into the clutches of the legal system. The Act is a major step forward in effectively making any expressed opposition to Israeli actions a hate crime.

And it is similar to punitive legislation that has been enacted in twenty-two states as well as in Canada. It is strongly supported by the Israel Lobby, which quite likely drafted it, and is seeking to use legal challenges to delegitimize and eliminate any opposition to the policies of the state of Israel.

As the Act is clearly intended to restrict First Amendment rights if they are perceived as impacting on broadly defined Jewish sensitivities, it should be opposed on that basis alone, but it is very popular in Congress, which is de facto owned by the Israel Lobby. That the legislation is not being condemned or even discussed in the generally liberal media tells you everything you need to know about the amazing power of one particular unelected and unaccountable lobby in the U.S.


  • Helen4Yemen

    We see Natanyahu on the video pointing towards the camera
    and said: “Turn the camera off so we can elaborate on this”.
    Somehow, the camera was turned on within a few seconds
    and unaware that he was being recorded had this to say:

    “Especially today, with America, I know what
    America is. America is something that can
    easily be moved to the right direction … 80%
    of Americans support us. It’s absurd. We
    have that kind of support.”

    Search Youtube for :

    “Natanyahu brags about America”

  • Helen4Yemen

    Here is the “Jewish Question” in open display.

    Herzl was telling the Sultan that unless he was given Palestine
    that he was capable of raining financial havoc on the Ottoman
    Empire. But If the Sultan was accommodating to Herzl’s needs,
    then Herzl was offering huge amounts of Jewish money.

    Note: “Dori” refers to Herzl, his childhood nickname.

    Letter to Vdmbery.

    Page 1016-1018 Herzl’s Complete Diaries

    Dec 31, 1900

    My good Vambery bacsi:

    Thank you for your good letter, and cordial wishes for the New
    Year! May this year see something great for mankind, particularly
    for our people, issue from our friendship. I can t get that item in
    the Politische Korrespondenz out of my mind, if only because it is
    getting into every newspaper in the world. It has been
    telegraphed everywhere. Although this hasn’t seriously worried
    me, I still can’t conceal from myself the effect on public opinion.
    Therefore, since my last letter to you the decision has matured in
    me to strike a major blow, based on this semi-officia notice.
    Flectere si nequeo superos Acheronta movebo. [If I cannot bend
    the powers above, I will move the lower world]. In the middle of
    January I shall start on a tour of my financier friends and induce
    them to cut the Turkish government off from all financial sources.
    That will perhaps show them that your Dori is no negligible
    quantity. However, as a real Jew I wish to offer one last
    opportunity for an amicable settlement. What I have in mind is
    that you immediately direct to Cohn a friendly warning in
    something like the following vein, though in your own
    words which will be more clever and more Turkish than mine:

    Dear Cohn, because of my intimate relationship with Dori I can
    today give you some information from which you can derive
    benefit, that is, avoid harm. For years Dori and his friends have
    done you favors, or offered them to you. When the Greek war
    broke out, Dori sent five physicians to your theatre of war at his
    own expense. On various occasions he had your praises sung in
    his newspapers, de- fended you and propagandized for you. The
    first thing he did at every Congress was to send you a telegram of
    homage. When he heard that your government urgently needed
    money, he immediately offered about £700,000 on terms far
    more favorable than the market ones. He never received a word
    of thanks. In fact, as a response to his latest kindness, the offer of
    £700,000, he gets a slap in the face from a semi-official
    news-agency. One of its releases says that the Turkish
    government is prohibiting the Israelites from entering Palestine,
    because the Zionist movement wants to set up the Kingdom of
    Judea. This is an absurdity. All the Zionists want to do is to settle
    the country of Palestine, under your sovereignty, with peaceful
    workmen who are too unhappy elsewhere. You and your whole
    Empire would derive enormous benefits from this. But you don’t
    want to? That’s all right, too! Nobody can or will force you to be a
    friend to the Jews. But since the Jews have nothing to hope for
    from you, you no longer have anything to expect from them

    Dori has just informed me that in the middle of January he will
    set out on a tour of his most powerful financier friends. He
    intends to induce them to grant you no more loans when you
    most urgently need them. Dori also writes me, among other
    things, that negotiations are now going on with the Canadian
    government (according to a report from Pineles, Galatz)
    regarding immigration. This government shows itself favorably
    disposed to the idea. If you want to heed my advice, send for my
    friend Dori immediately, before he leaves and starts something
    that can make in- calculable trouble for you. Be pleasant to him,
    at least listen to him – then you are still at liberty to say no to
    him if what he presents does not suit you. But this way you will
    at least keep a friend in him who can do you more good in the
    world of the press and of finance than you seem to be aware of.

    This is the loyal advice of your Reshid. But don’t you believe, my
    good Bacsi, that this is only a trick. If I have no invitation from
    Cohn by Jaunary 15, 1 shall carry out what I have said above.
    This is my decision.

    With cordial regards,

    Your devoted


  • Helen4Yemen

    America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

    By Philip Giraldi

    Tue, Sep 19, 2017

    I spoke recently at a conference on America’s war party where afterwards an
    elderly gentleman came up to me and asked, “Why doesn’t anyone ever
    speak honestly about the six-hundred-pound gorilla in the room? Nobody
    has mentioned Israel in this conference and we all know it’s American Jews
    with all their money and power who are supporting every war in the Middle
    East for Netanyahu? Shouldn’t we start calling them out and not letting them
    get away with it?”

    It was a question combined with a comment that I have heard many times
    before and my answer is always the same: any organization that aspires to be
    heard on foreign policy knows that to touch the live wire of Israel and
    American Jews guarantees a quick trip to obscurity. Jewish groups and deep
    pocket individual donors not only control the politicians, they own and run
    the media and entertainment industries, meaning that no one will hear
    about or from the offending party ever again. They are particularly sensitive
    on the issue of so-called “dual loyalty,” particularly as the expression itself is
    a bit of a sham since it is pretty clear that some of them only have real
    loyalty to Israel.

    Most recently, some pundits, including myself, have been warning of an
    impending war with Iran. To be sure, the urging to strike Iran comes from
    many quarters, to include generals in the Administration who always think
    first in terms of settling problems through force, from a Saudi government
    obsessed with fear over Iranian hegemony, and, of course, from Israel itself.
    But what makes the war engine run is provided by American Jews who have
    taken upon themselves the onerous task of starting a war with a country that
    does not conceivably threaten the United States. They have been very
    successful at faking the Iranian threat, so much so that nearly all Republican
    and most Democratic congressmen as well as much of the media seem to be

    convinced that Iran needs to be dealt with firmly, most definitely by using the
    U.S. military, and the sooner the better.

    And while they are doing it, the issue that nearly all the Iran haters are
    Jewish has somehow fallen out of sight, as if it does not matter. But it should
    matter. A recent article in the New Yorker on stopping the impending war
    with Iran strangely suggests that the current generation “Iran hawks” might
    be a force of moderation regarding policy options given the lessons learned
    from Iraq. The article cites as hardliners on Iran David Frum, Max Boot, Bill
    Kristol and Bret Stephens.

    Daniel Larison over at The American Conservative has a good review of the
    New Yorker piece entitled “Yes, Iran Hawks Want Conflict with Iran,” which
    identifies the four above cited hawks by name before describing them as “…a
    Who’s Who of consistently lousy foreign policy thinking. If they have been
    right about any major foreign policy issue in the last twenty years, it would
    be news to the entire world. Every single one of them hates the nuclear deal
    with Iran with a passion, and they have argued in favor of military action
    against Iran at one point or another. There is zero evidence that any of them
    would oppose attacking Iran.”

    And I would add a few more names, Mark Dubowitz, Michael Ledeen and
    Reuel Marc Gerecht of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; Daniel
    Pipes of the Middle East Forum; John Podhoretz of Commentary magazine;
    Elliot Abrams of the Council on Foreign Relations; Meyrav Wurmser of the
    Middle East Media Research Institute; Kimberly Kagan of the Institute for the
    Study of War; and Frederick Kagan, Danielle Pletka and David Wurmser of
    the American Enterprise Institute. And you can also throw into the hopper
    entire organizations like The American Israel Public Affairs Committee
    (AIPAC), the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) and the
    Hudson Institute. And yep, they’re all Jewish, plus most of them would
    self-describe as neo-conservatives. And I might add that only one of the
    named individuals has ever served in any branch of the American military –
    David Wurmser was once in the Navy reserve. These individuals largely
    constitute a cabal of sanctimonious chairborne warriors who prefer to do the
    heavy thinking while they let others do the fighting and dying.

    So it is safe to say that much of the agitation to do something about Iran
    comes from Israel and from American Jews. Indeed, I would opine that most
    of the fury from Congress re Iran comes from the same source, with AIPAC
    showering our Solons on the Potomac with “fact sheets” explaining how Iran
    is worthy of annihilation because it has pledged to “destroy Israel,” which is
    both a lie and an impossibility as Tehran does not have the resources to carry
    out such a task. The AIPAC lies are then picked up and replayed by an
    obliging media, where nearly every “expert” who speaks about the Middle
    East on television and radio or who is interviewed for newspaper stories is

    One might also add that neocons as a group were founded by Jews and are
    largely Jewish, hence their universal attachment to the state of Israel. They
    first rose into prominence when they obtained a number of national security
    positions during the Reagan Administration and their ascendancy was
    completed when they staffed senior positions in the Pentagon and White
    House under George W. Bush. Recall for a moment Paul Wolfowitz, Doug
    Feith, and Scooter Libby. Yes, all Jewish and all conduits for the false
    information that led to a war that has spread and effectively destroyed much
    of the Middle East. Except for Israel, of course. Philip Zelikow, also Jewish, in
    a moment of candor, admitted that the Iraq War, in his opinion, was fought
    for Israel.

    Add to the folly a Jewish U.S. Ambassador to Israel who identifies with the
    most right-wing Israeli settler elements, a White House appointed chief
    negotiator who is Jewish and a Jewish son-in-law who is also involved in
    formulating Middle East policy. Is anyone providing an alternative viewpoint
    to eternal and uncritical support for Benjamin Netanyahu and his kleptocratic
    regime of racist thugs? I think not.

    There are a couple of simple fixes for the dominant involvement of American
    Jews in foreign policy issues where they have a personal interest due to their
    ethnicity or family ties. First of all, don’t put them into national security
    positions involving the Middle East, where they will potentially be conflicted.
    Let them worry instead about North Korea, which does not have a Jewish
    minority and which was not involved in the holocaust. This type of solution
    was, in fact, somewhat of a policy regarding the U.S. Ambassador position in
    Israel. No Jew was appointed to avoid any conflict of interest prior to 1995,
    an understanding that was violated by Bill Clinton (wouldn’t you know it!)
    who named Martin Indyk to the post. Indyk was not even an American
    citizen at the time and had to be naturalized quickly prior to being approved
    by congress.

    Those American Jews who are strongly attached to Israel and somehow find
    themselves in senior policy making positions involving the Middle East and
    who actually possess any integrity on the issue should recuse themselves,
    just as any judge would do if he were presiding over a case in which he had a
    personal interest. Any American should be free to exercise first amendment
    rights to debate possible options regarding policy, up to and including
    embracing positions that damage the United States and benefit a foreign
    nation. But if he or she is in a position to actually create those policies, he or
    she should butt out and leave the policy generation to those who have no
    personal baggage.

    For those American Jews who lack any shred of integrity, the media should
    be required to label them at the bottom of the television screen whenever
    they pop up, e.g. Bill Kristol is “Jewish and an outspoken supporter of the
    state of Israel.” That would be kind-of-like a warning label on a bottle of rat
    poison – translating roughly as “ingest even the tiniest little dosage of the
    nonsense spewed by Bill Kristol at your own peril.”

    As none of the above is likely to happen, the only alternative is for American
    citizens who are tired of having their country’s national security interests
    hijacked by a group that is in thrall to a foreign government to become more
    assertive about what is happening.

    Shine a little light into the darkness and recognize who is being diddled and
    by whom. Call it like it is.
    And if someone’s feelings are hurt, too bad. We don’t need a war with
    Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it.

  • ingo

    Add to this excellent account that right wing groups in Europe under the leadership of a UK Conservative Syed Kamall are now orientating their model of nationalistic hate of refugees/ immigrants and Muslims by looking to Israel and how it treats its neighbours and those who co own their country, The Palestinians.
    The AfD in Germany, after receiving the help of the European Conservative Reformist group in the EU Parliament, received 13% of the popular vote, a disturbing protest vote, when the Nazi’s only got 3% in 1930 and were in power three years later. These groups are organised throughout Europe and support each other, with parts of the same establishment that supported the rise of A.H. in 1933, now smarting to do it all over again. Fools who want wars, for us to suffer so they can proffer from it.

  • Margaret Flowers


  • mwildfire

    This may all be true but two things need to be said: a good many American Jews are opposed to all this, there are at least two organizations working on it (Jewish Voice for Peace and J Street)–and not everyone in this camp is Jewish. There are also those who love war and will ally with anyone who offers one, and then there are the fanatics who call themselves Christian and have bought into a crackpot theory about Revelations in which we need Armageddon in the Middle East and then Jesus comes back. Israel has embraced these people even though they assert that at some point I believe it’s 144,000 Jews will convert and be saved and all the rest will be eternally tormented along with the rest of us who aren’t in that particular bag. Jews who embrace fascists and Nazis–which Netanyahu seems to be doing–are such utter fools. They may focus first on Muslims, and next on blacks, but they’ll go for the Jews next.

  • Helen4Yemen

    1) 95 percent of Jewish Israelis support the Gaza war http://www.vox..COM/2014/7/31/5955077/israeli-support-for-the-gaza-war-is-basically-unanimous
    2) ADL Survey Shows American Jews Overwhelmingly Supported Israel’s Gaza Action https://web.archive.ORG/web/20140815052442/http://archive.adl.ORG/presrele/islme_62/5455_62.html#.WXh_g4jytpk

  • mwildfire

    well, that’s depressing; I hadn’t realized it was that high among AMERICAN Jews, though it doesn’t surprise me at all about the Israeli attitude. I do recall that ALL our Senators signed a resolution supporting “Israel’s right to defend itself” as that massacre was called. And that half the US public or so, took that attitude, led by US media’s slanted coverage. Seems there was an awful lot of video of the atrocities, though–did a lot of people never see that or see the numbers?

  • Helen4Yemen

    I simply do not trust American Jews with banners that say
    “not in my name” or some other slogan. There is a reason
    why you would see American Jews claiming to be in support
    of Palestinians: they want to give the false impression that
    American Jews do not support the atrocities committed
    upon the indigenous Palestinians. At least, we know from
    the Gallup survey of AUGUST 1, 2014 when the
    Palestinians were being massacred that 93% of American
    Jews were in support of their brothers doing the killing.
    The ADL survey of 2009 also revealed a strong support for
    the war on the people of Gaza by American Jewry.
    Therefore, it is even more disgusting that they try to give
    the wrong impression as if there is much disapproval by US
    Jewry of the genocide taking place in Gaza.


    “Sympathy for Israelis is — not surprisingly — higher
    among U.S. Jews than among Americans in any other
    major religious group. More than nine in 10 Jews
    across the time span surveyed expressed sympathy
    for Israelis, while only 2% were more sympathetic to
    the Palestinians.”

  • rgaura

    Check out Defango on you tube, as he conducts a thoughtful interview with Cynthia McKinney. #unrigg has a plan….get on board!

  • Jon

    Any time someone tries to conflate opposition to Israeli policies with antisemitism ought immediately to be rightly accused of dishonesty–every time.

  • DHFabian

    Strongly disagree, for reasons that would seem obvious. Unfortunately, its human nature to seek a scapegoat to take the blame for our own bad decisions. Anti-Israel (Jewish) rhetoric is as common as dirt in this dark era, and remains void of logic. All US involvement in the Mideast is about oil. Period. Americans hope that if they agree to obliterate the Jews, Arabs will be kind and provide abundant oil at affordable prices.

    The current trend of portraying Israel as a powerful behemoth is reminiscent of prior eras of claiming extraordinary — indeed, almost supernatural — power of Jews, in stunning contradiction of the facts. It’s a reactionary (hard right) ideology embraced by much of our liberal bourgeoisie today. Reality: The US is one of the top three providers of weapons to those Arab nations that seek to destroy Israel, establishing a 100% “pure” Moslem Mideast. If Israel had any power whatsoever over US govt., this would not be the case.

    Israel is a tiny country, the sole Jewish nation. It is roughly the size of New Jersey (one of our smallest states). Jews are indigenous to this bit of land. It takes everything Israel has got, just to survive. The notion that Arab oil states will be appeased if we wipe out Israel is false. Tremendously complex issues, but while Arabs need our oil dollars, their resentment comes from the extraordinary powers enjoyed by foreign oil corporations in their own countries. Peace in the Mideast would require getting foreign oil interests out of the region.

  • DHFabian

    Propaganda by any sector remains propaganda. When one side of a debate is simply disappeared, public perceptions are easily skewed.

  • DHFabian

    Disagree. The fact remains that Jews are indigenous to that bit of land. Israel is both the historic and modern Jewish nation. The anti-Israel rhetoric centers on a notion that Jews, like American Indians, should not have any power within their own nations. To claim that the anti-Israel rhetoric is not anti-Jewish simply denies reality.

  • DHFabian

    Why do you believe that the Mideast should be 100% Arab — that Jews should be denied the right to self-govern, to maintain the sole Jewish nation, the natlon in which Jews originated? Besides American Indians, are there any other people who, you believe, should not have the right to self-determination, as sovereign nations?

  • DHFabian

    It is correct that many Jews (and no9n-Jews) are not anti-Israel. Perhaps someone can explain why a “fair partitioning” of the Mideast would be: 100% for the Arabs, 0% for the Jews.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Simply answer a simple question: I am Middle Eastern, is the Ashkenazi?

  • DHFabian

    To understand that particular issue, you need to study the history of Gaza. Americans really aren’t into history. Israel already ceded entire chunks of the country in previous peace agreements, only to have those agreements promptly violated by their Arab neighbors. Again, the fact that Israel is already so tiny means that it cannot cede more land. The goal, of course, is to wipe out Israel itself.

  • DHFabian

    It’s not only Jews who oppose the obliteration of Israel. Much of the world does not see the fairness of “100% Arabs, 0% Jews.” Again, it’s the fact that Jews are indigenous to this bit of land, with the belief that all peoples (including American Indians) should have the right to self-determination.

  • DHFabian

    Yes, distrust of Jews is solidly-American. Not that we;re racist…

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Don’t worry! The duplicitous propaganda of the European ZioNazi assaulters of Palestine has been very heavily manured everywhere for over a century. The problem is scraping all that ZioNazi manure off the public perception.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I am indigenous to that region. Can you please explain how the white man known as the Ashkenazi who makes up 95% of world Jewry is indigenous? Can you please look at these two sets of pictures and tell me what on earth will make you believe that the white man is as indigenous as I am?

    Please do not run away when the questions get tough for you.

    What makes the Ashkenazi indigenous than the rest of Europeans?

  • Helen4Yemen

    There were no Jews in Palestine for over a thousand
    years until indigent Jews began to arrive from Eastern
    Europe in the 1830’s and 1840’s who were living on
    Halukka (charities) sent to them from abroad. These
    poor Eastern European Jews were sent to plant the
    seed for Jewish presence on that land since there
    were none up to that time. When Zionists arrived in
    Palestine in 1882, they found 15,000 Jews, who were
    all Yiddish-speaking migrants from Eastern Europe but
    there were no indigenous Arabic-speaking Palestinian
    Jews. There were only indigenous Palestinian Muslims
    and Palestinian Christians but no Palestinian Jews.
    Today, there are no more Palestinian Jews in the
    world. Over centuries, they simply converted to Islam
    or Christianity.

    Jewish land ownership in Palestine
    of total area of 26,323,000 dunums

    1882 — 22500 — 0.1%
    1900 — 218000 — 0.8%
    1914 — 418000 — 1.6%
    1927 — 865000 — 3.2%
    1936 — 1231000 — 4.7%
    1945 — 1588365 — 6.0%
    1947 — 1734000 — 6.6%

  • Helen4Yemen


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    By your behavior how can you claim that any of that distrust is unearned? You cover us with lies every time the vile ZioNazi assault on the people of Palestine comes up.

  • DHFabian

    Yes, careful editing produces a good chunk of contemporary propaganda. We see it on the news every evening.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I will tell you for the 10th time that I am Middle Eastern and the Ashkenazi is totally alien to our region. Why is this white man on that land? He does say that he is a HYBRID of European women and Israelite men. Is he? According to this myth, then 50% of him is European, is he not? Is Europe his ancestral land on his European mother’s side? Yes or no?

  • Trierweiler

    You need to read Professor Shlomo Sands books. He is a professor of Contemporary History at Tel Aviv University. He agrees that modern Israeli’s are mostly descendants of a Khazarian origin. Basically, they were a people who settled around the area of the Black Sea that have no genetic, DNA ties to the ancient Hebrews. Furthermore, Benjamin Freedman also backs this up in his 1960’s speech you can hear on youtube or read his book: Facts are Facts. Sorry…you are uninformed.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    She never said that. You threw that straw man up to hide the fact of the foul European ZioNazi invasion of Palestine assaulting Arab Christians and Arab Muslims equally barbaric ferocity.

    Sorry, savage barbarian invaders out of Europe do not have the right to fashion evil thugdoms out of other people’s lands, then laughably declare the thugdom a sovereign nation.

  • Trierweiler

    The AfD is not a National Socialist Party…..quit equating them with A.H. If a German is a nationalist that does not make them a National Socialist….no more than the Prussians or Bismarck was a National Socialist….get over the brainwashing and enter the 21st Century please.

  • Helen4Yemen

    The Ashkenazi DNA has been confirmed at
    99.9% European and 0% Middle Eastern. Does it
    make logical sense to you that anyone with 0%
    ancestry ties to any land can consider himself
    indigenous to that land? In fact, what the
    Ashkenzi has in common with the Eskimos is that
    both the Ashkenazi and the Eskimos are equally
    alien to that region, both at 0% Middleton Eastern
    ancestry. Please tell me if the Ashkenai is indigenous
    to Palestine, can we then say that the Eskimos, the
    Hindus, the Zulus too are indigenous?

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Good! A confession!

    But unnecessary, since you never fool anybody anymore with such prevarication.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Why do you hide the Ashkenazi behind “Jews”?
    The only people who are entitled to that land are
    the indigenous Palestinian Muslims and
    indigenous Palestinians Christians. Today, there
    are no indigenous Palestinian Jews anywhere in
    the world as they converted over centuries to
    Islam and Christianity. Today’s Palestinians are in
    fact descended from the ancient Jews of that
    land. If there were Palestinian indigenous Jews,
    they would be entitled to that land. But no
    Mileikowsy of Lithuania or Scheinermann of
    Russia or Jeziernicky of Belarus are.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Tell me how Mileikowsky aka Natanyahu aka Ben Nitai belongs on that land. Is it his ancestral land?

  • Helen4Yemen

    You mean if you deny what everybody sees and hears, then you figure that might convince people that what they see with their eyes and hear with their ears may not be true?

  • Helen4Yemen


    The Ashenazi does claim to be a product of the “diaspora”
    when he came galloping on the back of a donkey or a
    camel and arrived in Poland or Lithuania and hooked up
    with white European women and had hybrid babies today known
    as the Ashkenazi. What is the Ashkenazi’s ancestry make
    up to the best of your knowledge? Please choose one of the following:

    a) 50% European & 50% Israelite
    b) 75% European & 25% Israelite
    c) 25% European & 75% Israelite
    d) 99% European & 0% Israelite
    e) 0% European & 99% Israelite

  • Helen4Yemen


    You cannot tell me that the white man is my cousin and indigenous
    to the Middle East and then when I ask you for proof you simply ran away.
    On what basis is the Ashkenazi indigenous to Palestine? Convince me that
    snow white Ashkenazi is indeed my cousin?

  • Helen4Yemen

    I am Middle Eastern and when I look at the Ashkenazi, I am looking at one who is totally foreign to our region akin to the Japanese or the Eskimos or the Zulus. How is this alien European connected to that land? How many times must I ask you? You cannot gobble up precious Arab land on fake ancestry claim and when asked to prove your claim, you got none.

  • Helen4Yemen

    GODDAMMIT! Will you please answer a simple question?

    I am Middle Eastern,

    is the Ashkenazi?

  • Helen4Yemen

    Witte – Russian Minister of Finance:

    “You want to lead the Jews out of the country? Are you a Hebrew?
    With whom am I speaking, anyway?”

    Herzl: “I am a Hebrew and the leader of the Zionist movement.”

    Herzl Complete Diaries – vol 4 – page 1528
    Please tell me how a European Hungarian Jew
    can be considered a “Hebrew”? Is the
    “Hebrew” in his blood vessels or his kidney
    or his blood? What part of the Hungarian is

  • Helen4Yemen

    Shlomo Sand, Jewish author of :The Invention of the Jewish People

    __ “As an Israeli citizen, as a historian – I can tell you that 10 years ago I believed that Judean society was exiled by the Romans. Discovering that it’s a myth, it was shocking for me.”

    __ “In Judaism there isn’t any traditional patriotism, any tradition of homeland. Palestine, Judea, it wasn’t the homeland of the Jews. And I discovered that the Christians were much more attached physically to the land. And very quickly I discovered that the first Zionists were not Jews; they were your [British] ancestors.”

    __”I mean morally it’s very difficult to say that I cannot accept the right of return of the Palestinians: I am living on their land that wasn’t paid for.”

  • Helen4Yemen

    Can you imagine the Nigerians are going around the world saying that they are Nigerian but Norwegian and they even claim DNA can prove them right. The DNA results come back at 99% West African and the Nigerian says that is the wrong DNA that it was not processed right. Let me remind everyone that all the major DNA processing firms are all Jewish owned.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Ben Gurion Jan 1, 1948
    “There is no question as to whether a reaction is
    necessary or not. The question is only time and place. Blowing up
    a house is not enough. What is necessary is cruel and strong
    reactions. We need precision in time, place and casualties. If we
    know the family— [we must] strike mercilessly, women and
    children included. Otherwise the reaction is inefficient. At the
    place of action there is no need to distinguish between guilty and

    Chomsky, “Fateful Triangle” Page 324

  • Helen4Yemen

    Your analogy is very silly. Who denies that the American Indians are native to that land? The American Indians are a people with ancient traditions, folklore, music, dance, language, history. But the Jews are no different than if gays were to have a state. Like the Jews, the gays will be European, African, Asian with nothing in common but the fact that they are gay.

    95% of world Jewry is Ashkenazi at confirmed DNA of 99.9% European. How much purer does it get than 99.9%? Why don’t you ask me to show you DNA results of many European Jewry.

    You are living in a fantasy land. You are a coward!

    You could not even answer a simple question:

    Is the Ashkenazi Middle Eastern?

    You cannot say yes, because it will be like saying George Bush is Japanese. You cannot say no because your whole scheming is based on a fake ancestry to that region. So what did you do? You ran away without answering it. Coward!

  • Helen4Yemen

    “the natlon in which Jews originated”

    As long as you claim to be a byproduct of European women and Israelite men, can we then say Europe and Palestine are equally where the Ashkenazi originated? I guess you then need to explain why the Ashkenazi looks European and why he has no trace of Middle East DNA, right?

  • Helen4Yemen

    There were no Jews living in Palestine for a thousand years until the 1830’s and 1840’s when Zionists came up with a scheme to send indigent European Jews to live off “haluka” which is free money sent to them to live off. They were needed to start planing the seeds of Jewish presence ahead of the stampede that was to follow:

    Palestine population in 1882 when Zionists first arrived:

    • 400,000 Arabic-speaking indigenous Palestinian Muslims (78%)

    • 40,000 Arabic-speaking indigenous Palestinian Christians (6%)

    •15,000 YIDDISH-SPEAKING European Jews (3%)

  • Helen4Yemen

    Why can’t you do your self-determination on your grandma lands of Lithuania or Hungary or Germany?

  • Helen4Yemen

    You are simply peddling useless lies which makes your comments totally worthless, no credibilty.

    Itzhak Ben-Zvi – 1929: “The great majority of the fellahin do not
    descend from the Arab conquerors but before that, from the
    Jewish fellahin, who were the foundation of this country before
    its conquest by Islam.”
    Benny Morris: “The vast majority of Arabs who live in Palestine
    originated in Palestine, ‘originated’ meaning they have been
    living in Palestine for hundreds of years.”

  • Helen4Yemen

    You are simply speaking like a fool!

    Vladimir Jabotinsky – The Iron Wall (1923)
    Colonization itself has its own explanation, integral and
    inescapable, and understood by every Arab and every Jew with
    his wits about him Colonization can have only one goal. For the
    Palestinian Arabs this goal is inadmissible. This is in the
    nature of things To change that nature is impossible.

  • Helen4Yemen

    What do the American Indians and the Palestinians have in common?

    a) Both are native to their land that white Europeans salivated after.

    b) In both cases, the white Europeans did not want the people but only
    the land and engaged in genocide and expulsion to remove the native

  • Helen4Yemen

    Peace in the region requires decolonizing Palestine.

  • There will be no disagreement whether DHFabian is hasbara !!!

    It’s the Palestinians that are truly indigenous to Palestine.

    If the Israelis were indigenous to the location – there would be no need for the creation of the discriminatory apartheid state and the genocide taking place before our very eyes.

  • Hit nails squarely on the head.

  • skywryter

    Crackpot drivel.

  • skywryter

    Are you a Russian bot?

  • skywryter

    Yep, conflating Jews with gays. Definitely a Russian troll.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Natanyahu: we Jews control America!

    Natanyahu had asked that the video recording be turned off but it was turned on somehow – unaware that he was being recorded made this admission about Jewish control of America.

    Netanyahu Brags About How Easy To Manipulate The US

    Background: Netanyahu is visiting the home of a woman who just lost her husband, and she is being comforted by five other widows. There’s a young boy present, and Netanyahu asks that they turn off the camera so he can speak to them “freely”. The camera gets turned on again in mid-conversation.

    Netanyahu: Are you starting to understand what the slogan “Judea and Samaria are right here”? What does Arafat want? He wants one big settlement. It’s called “Tel Aviv”.

    Woman: Yes, that’s what my daughter in law, who comes from England, that’s what she says: “Tel Aviv is a settlement too.”

    Netanyahu: As far as they’re concerned, I think, our territorial waters are also their?
    -? [inaudible]

    Netanyahu: The fact is that they want us in the sea, yes, but over there in the sea [points aside]. The Arabs are currently focusing a war of terror and they think it will break us. The main thing, first of all, is to hit them. Not just one hit, so many painful its that the price will be to heavy to be borne. The price is not too heavy to be borne, now. A broad attack on the Palestinian Authority. To bring them to the point of being afraid that everything is collapsing.

    Woman: They’re not afraid, they’re making fun of us. They shoot into our settlement and make fun of us.

    Netanyahu: Fear that everything is collapsing. That’s what leads them to… [makes a hand motion]

    Woman: wait a moment, but then the world will say “how come you’re conquering again?”

    Netanyahu: the world won’t say a thing. The world will say we’re defending.

    Woman: Aren’t you afraid of the world, Bibi?

    Netanyahu: Especially today, with America. I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right correction.

    Child: They say they’re for us, but, it’s like…

    Netanyahu: They won’t get in our way. They won’t get in our way.

    Child: On the other hand, if we do some something, then they…

    Netanyahu: So let’s say they say something. So they said it! They said it! 80% of the Americans support us. It’s absurd. We have that kind of support and we say “what will we do with the…” look. That administration was extremely pro-Palestinian. I wasn’t afraid to maneuver there. I was not afraid to clash with Clinton. I was not afraid to clash with the United Nations. I was paying the price anyway, I preferred to receive the value. Value for the price.

    Child: But never mind that we gave them things, and we can’t take them back. Because they won’t give them back to us.

    Netanyahu: (holds his and to stop him from speaking): first of all, first of all, Oslo is a system – you’re right. A, I don’t know what can be taken and can’t be taken.

    Woman: he has political opinions, believe me.

    Netanyahu: He’s right.

    Woman: He said such things to Arik Sharonthat. I told him: that’s not – that’ not a child’s opinion. The Oslo Accords are a disaster.

    Netanyahu: Yes. You know that and I knew that.

    Woman: Fine, so I thought that…

    Netanyahu: The people [nation] has to know.

    Woman: Right. But I thought that the prime minister did know, and that he’d do everything so that, somehow, not to do critical things, like handing over Hebron, that…

    Netanyahu: What were the Oslo Accords? The Oslo Accords, which the Knesset signed, I was asked, before the elections: “Will you act according to them?” and I answered: “yes, subject to mutuality and limiting the retreats.” “But how do you intend to limit the retreats?” “I’ll give such interpretation to the Accords that will make it possible for me to stop this galloping to the ’67 [armistice] lines. How did we do it?

    ((Note: The Oslo Accords stated at the time that Israel would gradually hand over territories to the Palestinians in three different pulses, unless the territories in question had settlements or military sites. This is where Netanyahu found a loophole.))

    Netanyahu: No one said what defined military sites. Defined military sites, I said, were security zones. As far as I’m concerned, the Jordan Valley is a defined military site.

    Woman: Right [laughs]. The Beit She’an settlements. The Beit She’an Valley.

    Netanyahu: How can you tell. How can you tell? But then the question came up of just who would define what ,U.Defined Military Sites were. I received a letter – to me and to Arafat, at the same time – which said that Israel, and only Israel, would be the one to define what those are, the location of those military sites and their size. Now, they did not want to give me that letter, so I did not give the Hebron Agreement. I stopped the government meeting, I said: “I’m not signing.” Only when the letter came, in the course of the meeting, to me and to Arafat, only then did I sign the Hebron Agreement. Or rather, ratify it, it had already been signed. Why does this matter? Because at that moment, I actually stopped the Oslo Accord.

    Woman: And despite that, one of our own peope, excuse me, who knew it was a swindle, and that we were going to commit suicide with the Oslo Accord, gives them – for example – Hebron. I never understood that.

    Netanyahu: Indeed, Hebron hurts. It hurts. It’s the thing that hurts. One of the famous rabbis, whom I very much respect, a rabbi of Eretz Yisrael, he said to me: “What would your father say?” I went to my father. Do you know a little about my father’s position?

    Woman: Yes.

    Netanyahu: My father is…

    Child: No. [laughs]

    Woman: He’ll read in a little while.

    Netanyahu: He’s not exactly a lily-white dove, as they say. So my father heard the question and said: “Tell the rabbi that your grandfather, Rabbi Natan Milikowski, was a smart Jew. Tell him it would be better to give two percent than to give a hundred percent. And that’s the choice here. You gave two percent and in that way you stopped the withdrawal. Instead of a hundred percent.” The trick is not to be there and break down. The trick is to be there and pay a minimal price.

    Woman: Can you say that as prime minister.

    Netanyahu: In my estimate that will happen.

  • Helen4Yemen

    1.        Jews are indigenous to that bit of land.           
    That is like saying Muslims are indigenous to Saudi
    Arabia. Saudi Muslim are but not all Muslims. In the
    case of Jewry, 95% of world Jewry is the Ashkenazi
    who are totally a European people with confirmed
    DNA of 99.9% European and 0% Middle Eastern.  How
    a people with no trace of Middle East ancestry are
    indigenous is just hard to understand. In addition, the
    Ashkenazi does claim to be a hybrid of European
    women and Israelite men. Does the Ashkenai also
    consider himself to be equally indigenous to
    2.         Israel is both the historic and modern Jewish nation.           
    I do not know what “historic” means. There was no
    nation called “Israel” unless in the biblical stories.
    There is a country that they now call “Israel” which is
    occupied and stolen Palestine. The Jews in Palestine
    are simply colonial settler like the French in Algeria
    and the British in Kenya.           
    3.        The anti-Israel rhetoric centers on a notion
    that Jews, like American Indians, should not have any
    power within their own nations.           

    The American Indians are indigenous to their soil. The
    Ashkenazi came all the way from Poland, Hungary,
    Germany and his European feet never touched that
    soil until they arrived as colonial settlers in the 1880’s.
    In fact, it is the Palestinians that you need to compare
    with the Native Indians,  because both peoples are
    indigenous to their land, both people’s lands were
    salivated by Europeans, in both cases the white
    invaders did not want the  people but only the land.      

    4.        To claim that the anti-Israel rhetoric is not
    anti-Jewish simply denies reality.           

    98% of American Jews (Gallup 2014) supported the
    Gaza war and their sympathies were with the killers
    and not those killed.           
    5.        It’s just that this is the only racial group
    considered “acceptable” to bash.           

    The Jews are white Europeans, black Africans, Asians,
    Arabs and how they call can considered a racial group
    is hard to understand. Imagine the Muslims claiming 
    they are a race.           
    6.        What we call “Palestinians” are Arab Israelis
    who are recruited to work against the Jewish nation,           

    The Ashkenazi hatched a schem: he told the world
    that he was not taking anyone’s land but only a piece
    of uninhabited Arab land. But when the white
    Ashkenazi arrived as a colonial settler in 1882, he
    found 400,000 Arabic speaking Palestinian Muslims,
    40,000 Arabic speaking indigenous Palestinian
    Christians and 15,000 foreign and Yiddish speaking
    Jews from Eastern Europe There were no Jews living
    in Palestine for over 1,000 years before the scheme to
    send indigent European Jewry to live off welfare they
    call “haluka” as a scheme to start planting the seeds
    of Jewish presence on that land ahead of the
    7.        What we call “Palestinians” are Arab Israelis
    who are recruited to work against the Jewish nation,           

    You are simply speaking like an idiot.  Who was
    working against the British in Kenya, against the
    French in Algeria? Your disgusting hasabara is that the
    land was empty. “A Jewish state would not have come
    into being without the uprooting of 700,000
    Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot
    them. There was no choice but to expel that
    population”. (Benny Morris)           
    8.         Many Arabs live and work in peace in
    Israel, and these are separate from those we call

    Palestinian are one people whetehr they are in Gaza,
    the West Bank or what they call “Israel” or outside of
    9.        Much of the world does not see the
    fairness of “100% Arabs, 0% Jews.”           

    100% of the Jews now in Palestine are of foreign
    origin since there are no more indigenous Palestinian
    Jews left anywhere in the world. The Ashkenazi Jewry
    that makes up95% of world Jewry was inserted on
    Arab land in order to remove him from Europe where
    he was hated for centuries.           
    10.        why a “fair partitioning” of the Mideast
    would be: 100% for the Arabs, 0% for the Jews.           

     Just because you refer to the Ashkenazi as “Jews”
    does not transform him from European (at confirmed 
    DNA of 99.9% European and 0% Middle Eastern) into
    nartive. He is simply a European colonial settler like
    the French in Algeria and the British in Kenya. It is like
    the Japanese saying why is Arab land 100% Arab and
    0% Japanese? The Ashkenazi is in fact as alien to the
    region as the Japanese. But the Ashkenazi like to hide
    behind the world “Jew”.           
    11.        The goal, of course, is to wipe out Israel

     How is “Israel” different than the French in Algeria
    and the British in Kenya? “Israel” was created by force
    and “Israel” continues to exist only by the use of
    force. The Ashkenazi is native to Lithuania, Hungary,
    Poland and can easily go home.           
    12.        Israel is already so tiny           
    The Ashkenazi did arrive to grab what they call
    “Greater Israel” All of Palestine, all of Jordan, all
    Lebanon, 2/3 of Syria, 1/2 of Saudi Arabia, Egypt up
    to the Nile and it would displace 70,000,000 people
    who already live in those areas.           
    13.         that Jews should be denied the right to

    The Ashkenazi who makes up 95% of world Jewry is
    simply a foreign colonial settler. His ancestry at 99.9%
    is Poland, Hungry, Lithuania, Ukraine … He should
    have been given land in Europe where his ancestry is
    from. Christian Europe simply was looking for lands
    inhabited by non-whites to remove the unwanted
    European Jewry to. Countries they had plans to settle
    these unfortunate European Jewry were in addition
    to Palestine: Argentina, Madagascar, Uganda, Angola,
    Mozambique, Cyprus.           
    14.        to maintain the sole Jewish nation, the
    nation in which Jews originated?           

    DNA has confirmed that that Ashkenazi origin is
    Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine at a stunning of
    99.9% with no trace of Middle East ancestry – not
    even 1%.  It is ridiculous when white Europeans claim
    to have originated from a land inhabited by
    non-whites. It is even childish.           
    15.         Besides American Indians, are there any
    other people who, you believe, should not have the
    right to self-determination, as sovereign nations?           

    You have it backwards. It is the Palestinians that you
    need to compare with thee Native Indians, because in
    both cases, white Europeans arrived on their land and
    stole their land at gun point. In both cases, the white
    Europeans did not want the people but only the land
    and engaged in genocide of the natives.           
    16.        Israel is a tiny country, the sole Jewish
    nation. It is roughly the size of New Jersey (one of our
    smallest states).           

    Every square inch of that  land was stolen by the
    Ashkenazi at gun point. Why not give the white man
    in his motherlands of Ukraine or Poland or Russia or
    Lithuania. “Israel” is twice the size of Lebanon and
    simply stolen land.

  • kevinzeese

    Thank you for your regular pro-Israel warped view of reality.

    Alexander Haig was most accurate in describing the role of Israel:”Israel is the largest American aircraft carrier in the world that cannot be sunk, does not carry even one American soldier, and is located in a critical region for American national security.”

    Sometimes Israel confuses its role as a US aircraft carrier in a region the US wants to control with being an independent nation that can abuse Palestinian people. When Israel is doing its racist and abusive “beat up the Palestinians” thing, it causes problems for US Empire.

  • kevinzeese

    She tells an important truth and you name call. Hmm — who should readers believe?

  • kevinzeese

    The indigenous claim of European and US Jews to Israel is a fraud. Why does it even matter? Are Europeans indigenous of North America?

  • kevinzeese

    She is doing no such thing. I suspect you know you are making up an absurd argument. Guess what — people see it. You may want to re-read and re-think and understand her argument that Jews are not indigenous to the area.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Here is the reason why European Jewry panics when it comes to their European ancestry:

    Shlomo Sand interviewed by Haaretz

    Haaretz :Why do you think the idea of the Khazar origins is so threatening?

    Shlomo Sand:“It is clear that the fear is of an undermining of the historic right to the land. The revelation that the Jews are not from Judea would ostensibly knock the legitimacy for our being here out from under us. Since the beginning of the period of decolonization, settlers have no longer been able to say simply: ‘We came, we won and now we are here’ the way the Americans, the whites in South Africa and the Australians said. There is a very deep fear that doubt will be cast on our right to exist.”

  • Helen4Yemen

    Black Americans have verifiable ancestry ties to West
    Africa. Black Americans’ ancestors were taken away from their land against their wishes and one could argue have legitimate claim to parts of Western Africa. But what are the chances the UN will convene an demand that Nigeria be partitioned? On the other hand, the Ashkenazi who make up 95% of world Jewry have no ties at all to that land, they have no more or less ties to that land than the Christians of the world. When you factor in the silly fabricated story that the Israelite arrived in Europe and married European women and had bi-racial Israelite/European children, then one needs to ask them if they are not 50% indigenous to Palestine and why are they not demanding a state in Europe? The fact of the matter is that the Ashkenazi are simply a people who used to be known as Khazars who converted to Judaism. In Aug of 2007, 23andme sent notices to their customers confirming that what they labeled as “Ashkenazi DNA” was in fact Khazar DNA. They were forced to remove that statement and even apologize. People need to remember that 23andme is owned by Jews and would have no incentive to lie about Ashkenazi being Khazars unless their scientific studies revealed it.
    This is from the Jewish Forward:

    “23andMe, which offers direct-to-consumer genome testing services, sent out an email last week to customers, announcing updates to the genetic reports corresponding to different haplotypes, or genetic groups defined by certain DNA variations. The email promised that “a major update” of the company’s genetic history reports would help its customers “gain insights into fascinating and unusual details about your genome, details that set your story apart.”

    One of the details in question? That a large portion of Jews may be descended from the Khazars,”


  • TecumsehUnfaced

    I’m sure that Professor Sand has been hearing that drivel from many crackpots already.

  • TecumsehUnfaced

    Because you are obviously not talking about Middle Eastern Jews. You are obviously talking about unwanted, violent Zionist international criminals out of Europe. Why should such thugs be rewarded with any land for their unconscionable aggression?

  • Jon

    But the question of ancestry aside (for a moment) the central point I was making (above) is that the current virulently hostile attitude and behavior of the Israeli government toward Palestinians is what is to be abhorred.(which is not to paint the Palestinian conduct as lily white either, but the preponderance of violence is on the Israeli side.)

  • Jon

    Aha! If you can agree that this (“with the belief that all peoples (including American Indians) should have the right to self-determination” also applies to Palestinians, then to some degree we are on the same page. But the Israeli position has consistently been to deny that very concept! Checkmate!

  • Jon

    “Israel already ceded entire chunks of the country in previous peace agreements,” but subject to innumerable checkpoints and “paper-checking” and countless other indignities that prevent true sovereignty.

  • Jon

    Let’s shift this a bit, Fabian replacing “Indians” with “Palestinians,” in your statement, namely “Besides American Indians, are there any other people who, you believe,
    should not have the right to self-determination, as sovereign nations? Would you then be OK with a Palestinian state, next to Israel, with FULL sovereignty rights and NO Israeli interference? I have yet to see such from you.

  • kevinzeese

    LOL. The entire country of Israel is stolen land.

  • Helen4Yemen

    “… one day go over to Eretz Israel and take it by force,
    as it was taken from us long ago.”
    The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl – page 1023
    “The agreement could take the following form: His Majesty
    issue a most gracious invitation to the Jews to return to the land their fathers.”
    The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl – page 458
    The ancestry question if very important. These folks said
    they were not stealing anyone’s land but coming back to
    what belonged to them. If a bunch of Nigerians were to head
    towards Norway and say it is their ancestral land, people
    will begin to wonder about the sanity of these Nigerians. But when
    Europeans claim also something that is equally insane, it
    passes for normal or even legit. Uganda was offered to
    European Jewry but they turned it own. They wanted only
    Palestine – “their ancestral land”. And it does not even matter
    how nice or how bad the colonizer is behaving – the fact that
    aliens are holding Arab land by force is the issue.

  • chetdude

    “Jews are indigenous to that bit of land”

    NOT the European Zionists who showed up in the late 19th and 20th Century to steal the place from the Jews, Christians, Muslims and others who had been relatively peacefully living there for a couple of thousand years…

    Anti-Israel is a reasonable position to take against a brutal occupying semi-Theocracy perpetrating a series of illegal acts…

  • chetdude

    DH, YOUR side of this “debate” apparently owns the US Government when it comes to policies concerning the subsidized, Apartheid State of Israel…

    So your false equivalence is just that…

  • chetdude

    After STEALING it all from the Jews, Christians, Muslims and other who lived there, European, Zionist “Israel … ceded entire chunks of the country in previous peace agreements”

    Just as the Cherokee were marched from their fertile farm lands in the South to “reservations” in barren Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears…

  • chetdude

    Bull Hockey…

    Since Israel is the ONLY nation that’s sitting on hundreds of illegal nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, “It takes everything Israel has got, just to survive” is NONSENSE…

    Face it, Hasbara, the Zionist Europeans stole that territory from the folks who professed a variety of religions and had been living there in relative harmony together for centuries.

    The source of Arab resentment in the region has been the foreign oil corporations but is now the fact that half of their ‘countries’ (created by foreign corporate interests in the first place) have been rendered failed states by the USAmerican, fossil-fueled Empire and that since it was “created” in 1948, USAmerica has unquestionably (and financially) supported the rogue, Apartheid, Zionist state of Israel…

  • Helen4Yemen
  • Trierweiler

    It is true that the majority of DNA processing firms are Jewish, but the DNA doesn’t lie….it’s the INTERPRETATION of the DNA that lies. For example, my mother is 100 percent German from a long line of German ancestors from her parents who emigrated from Germany, but her DNA analysis says she has little German ancestry, but is more British-Irish than anything else. Even if she is related to the Germanic element of the British-Irish, her DNA never left the continent of Europe prior to 1924 and her ancestors can be traced living in her particular part of Germany for at least a thousand years.

  • Trierweiler

    We know they aren’t of Middle Eastern Origin, but are essentially liars, frauds and charlatans.

  • Trierweiler

    There are long skulls over 10,000 years old in North America that were found in Washington State(Kenwick Man) and Texas that are of European origin.

  • Trierweiler

    You answers are indicative of someone with very low intelligence.

  • kevinzeese

    Read again. That is not what she was saying — and you know it. You are avoiding her point by intentionally misinterpreting her.

  • Trierweiler

    Meanwhile, your American-Khazarian Barbara Spectre in Sweden is pushing for the destruction of European Christianity via DIE-versity and the invasion of European indigenous homelands. So much for you Khazarian hucksters and your push for self determination based on fraud and lies in Palestine, while you work towards the destruction of our European homelands. Filthy hypocrites!

  • Trierweiler

    They are not Germans, or Hungarians or Lithuanians…their homeland was in Eastern Ukraine and in Georgia by the Black Sea. Now we know why the Khazarian hucksters are beginning to meddle in the Ukraine, because they know they have no rights to Palestine….none.

  • Trierweiler

    If your country(Palestine was occupied by Khazarian Hucksters)would you abide by agreements to steal the rest of your homeland? You are a fool.

  • Trierweiler

    After what they did to our European brethern(treasonous behavior)we don’t want them either…..they are the pariah of humanity.

  • Trierweiler

    Poland is not their homeland either….their ancient homeland is much further east…towards eastern Ukraine and on lands bordering the Black Sea.

  • Trierweiler

    They only give you lies…and false claims…they are continually twisting like a contortionist to escape the truth…and they are like “Silly Putty” in your hands when you try to squeeze the truth out of them.

  • Trierweiler

    The Khazarian Tribe is made up of Houdini-ites….always contriving to twist, turn, beguile and fool their audiences into believing their magical tricks with smoke and mirrors.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    What’s your point, please?!

  • Robert H. Stiver

    I purchased and saw it very early on (3 years ago?). It was good as far as it went but too milque-toasty for my liking as I concluded my viewing of it. About 10 years ago, MEF put out a 4- or 5-DVD set on the general issue and plight of the Palestinians; I’ve forgotten its name, but it had many segments, snippets of quotes by great people and an overall excellence that I put to good use by airing major segments of it via my local cable public-access TV system. Ahh! — I remember: Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land! A “landmark” documentary production!

  • Bill Rood

    Please tell me if the Ashkenazi is indigenous to Palestine, can we then say that the Eskimos, the Hindus, the Zulus too are indigenous?

    (sarcasm on): Only if they are Jewish! (sarcam off):

    Seriously, Ben-Gurion and Ben-Zvi both knew the Palestinian fellahin were the descendents of ancient Jewish inhabitants of Palestine. They co-authored a Yiddish book on the subject in 1917.

    So the irony is that the Zionists dispossessed people whose ancestors had lived in that land since Biblical times and who should, because most of them could trace a matrilineal ancestry to women who actually practiced Judaism, be considered Jews by current Jewish standards and the Israeli law of return. Zionists have instead stolen the land for the benefit of people who are not biologically descended from Abraham, but are instead recent converts to Judaism (including South Africans currently going through the process of conversion).

  • ingo

    So sorry Trierweiler, their 21st. century copy is as bad or worse, because they espouse to the more modern model, which shoots at women to discourage them from crossing the border, that imprisons children without parental visits,b That commits slow genocide by depreciating farmers ecology on farms, the model the AfD is looking up to, is that of a rogue state which does not dare not declare its borders, which steals territory and resources of others as well as supports terrorists who Keep Europe at edge.

    There was as little socialism in the NSDAP as there is within the AfD, so don’t get wet anywhere. Da ist ueberhaupt nichts orginales in der AfD, selbst foerdernde Presse Nutten, die nur einen hoch kriegen wenn sie nem Auslaendischen Steuerzahler at 45 deg. die Tuer zeigen koennen. How many of the AfD representatives are unemployed? Should they not want a taste of what they want to implement for refugees? Ein paar Wochen im Arbeitslager, zum nutzens der Steuerzahler wuerde den gut tun.

  • Robert H. Stiver

    IMO, JVP (most prominently via its demonization of the great Alison Weir) and J Street are, in the end, Zionist gatekeepers, drawing the proverbial line at a point(s) they determine acceptable to them and their tribe.

  • Bob Beal

    Thank you for the reference to the other MEF documentary and for your dissemination of it.

    I didn’t get the feeling that Occupation of the American Mind glossed over or omitted any key facts, that I know of.

  • Jon

    “The US is one of the top three providers of weapons to those Arab
    nations . . . True! The MIC sells weapons in huge quantities to the Saudis, Egypt, and of course also in huge amounts to Israel! Have you noticed that ISIS, supported strongly by the Saudis, never attacks Israel?

  • Robert H. Stiver

    Probably my bad…I have the DVD somewhere and should undoubtedly re-watch it. Until then, my impression remains that it simply wasn’t forthright or “radical” enough for my tastes…not necessarily a good thing. Cheers….

  • Jon

    Not to mention the USS Liberty, strafed for an hour by Israeli warplanes in the sixties (forgot which year–I think 1966) with heavy loss of life, but the ship did not sink as the Israelis had hoped. News of this was suppressed in the US.

  • Trierweiler

    And the CDU/SPD racket is what is good for Germany, by letting in millions of undocumented Muslims, many of which have a sick antipathy towards European values, customs and safety? “No Go Muslim” zones like they have in Sweden and France is the future you embrace for Europeans and Germans in particular?

    Germany must forever be made to feel guilty about WWII? They must commit a self made destruction of themselves to atone for the past?

    If Germany is guilty than all of humanity is guilty. Please show me one race of mankind then which hasn’t done harm to another?

    The Bolsheviks murdered over 10 million Ukrainians and hardly one documentary appears in the mass media about this even, except a recent movie: Bitter Harvest made in 2016, which is LONG overdue.

    In 1920, the Bolsheviks after defeating the Poles in eastern Poland were headed west to link up with the Bolshevik Revolutionairies in Berlin and Munich fresh from overthrowing the provisional governments. Fortunately, they were halted and defeated by Polish Marshal Pilsudski at the gates of Warsaw in 1920 when A.H. was party number 7 of an obscure political movement in Munich.

    How short and myopic is the memory and history of Europe to the real facts of what occuried in the 1920’s and early years of the 30’s.

    WWII has been over for over 70 years and Germany is still shackled if not crucified daily over a past that of course is narrated totally by the victors, no different than the interpretation of the usurpation of the indigenous natives of North America.

    No, the future does not lay within the resurrection of the NSDAP, it has come and gone, but to compare the AfD consistently to that party is a falsehood. The strategy of the Left has been to consistently compare any political party in Germany and in Europe to the NSDAP.

    There are many traditionalists who want to see a return to values, including the restoration of the Monarchy and other values that represented the healthy values of German society that were it’s successful hallmarks until she was destroyed after WWI.

    You sir need to do more investigative into the true facts of WWI; it’s secret origins and the desire of the British Empire to destroy it in a war that Germany never wished or desired. (Secret Origins of WWI by Dorcherty and Macgregor)as a primer. It has been translated into German.

    No sir! Deutschland und Europa hat dem Recht zum Leben! Vergessen Sie nicht die Svea Leut im dem Skaninavische Laende lebtet da fuer ueber 10,000 Jahren und die Slavische, Keltische Leut und Andre auch!

  • Trierweiler

    I guess you are unable to connect the dots. There is evidence that Europeans were resident in North America near or possibly before the people who we consider to be indigenous.

    Also don’t forget the Europeans were forced off their ancestral lands around the Black Sea by Asians, who then sought refuge into the hinterlands of central and northern Europe. And a subgroup, called the Tocharians settled in western China, their freeze dried mummies and artifacts are widely found in that area. They settled in that area before the Asian peoples moved in.

    Research Tocharians on youtube to find out more information. You are in for a shock of history that has been hidden from you.

  • Helen4Yemen

    Are you now copying from the Ashkenzi and claiming that the Europeans coming to what is now “North America” were simply RETURNING?

  • Trierweiler

    I wrote a rather long reply. Strangely it has disappeared from this site.

  • Trierweiler

    I see this site is now editing my comments or waiting for approval.

  • Trierweiler

    I have now have some concern about the validity of this website. My comments are now being prevented from being posted. So much for freedom of speech.

  • kevinzeese

    Last paragraph translated:

    Germany and Europe have the right to live! Do not forget the Svea Leut in the Skaninavian Laender lived there for over 10,000 years and the Slavic, Celtic, and Andre also!

  • Ron Rushburg


  • Ron Rushburg

    And murderers, organ traffickers, cowards, thieves, and, in the case of Rabbis, foreskin biters.

  • Astraea Shaw

    Jews are NOT indigenous to that area at all. Read “The Bible Unearthed.” by Israel Finkelstein, then read “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs or Israelites.” by Ashraf Ezzat. Then read “Christ in Egypt” by DM Murdock. Then continue to learn the truth.
    Besides, these Jews who have invaded and occupied Palestine are not even Semitic! Furthermore, they have q country of their own called Birobidjhan in SE Russia – which is actually their original home. They have no right to be in Palestine – but such things as honour, Truth and Justice do not ever bother such people.
    Birobidghan is the same size as Switzerland and has a modern city with rail and air links to Moscow and Beijing.

  • anarchyst

    To those who claim that the land of “Israel” belongs to the jews because “God” gave it to them, I kindly remind them that “God is not a real estate agent”.

  • anarchyst

    It is easy to see the pervasiveness of Israel’s Mossad (if one knows where to look), arguably the most effective spy agency on the planet, please read “By Way of Deception” by Viktor Ostrowsky. From the Lavon affair (a “false flag” operation designed to draw the USA into a war with Egypt by making it look like Arabs bombed the U S interests section–a planted bomb exploded prematurely, exposing this as a Israeli planned and executed “incident”) to the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (NOT “misidentification”, but another attempt to draw the USA into a war with Egypt (with U S government complicity at the highest levels) and to hide the deliberate massacre of civilians in an Egyptian city, Deir Yassin), to Jonathon Pollard and NSA spying utilizing a company named Amdocs (which handles all US telephone billing records), you will find that Israel looks out for Israel’s interests ONLY. Normally, there is nothing wrong with a country looking out after it’s own interests, BUT Israel has a nasty habit of spying (and setting up) it’s “friends”.

    Who the hell died and appointed Israel the “master” of the middle east?? Iran (and all other middle-eastern countries) KNOWS that any nuclear “discharge” would affect the whole middle east . . . Any country that possesses nukes is not stupid . . . Israel has over a hundred nukes, manufactured with stolen American classified technology, refuses inspections of its nuclear facilities and is, in general, a “pain in the ass” to the rest of the world, along with (blackmailed) “big brother” United States of America.

    It is no secret that the U S Congress has 40 or-so dual-citizenship Israeli-Americans in office and that the U S State Department is infested with dual-nationality Israeli-Americans who form (and foment) the bulk of our neocon “foreign policy” straight from Tel Aviv. In fact there are 40 or so congressmen and senators with dual-nationality “ties” to Israel.

    Most people are unaware that Israel holds a “Damocles sword” over the world. Any attack on Israel will be met with a nuclear device being detonated in a city of Israel’s choosing. Israel calls this the “Samson option” and is very real.

    Israel refuses to abide by IAEA guidelines concerning its nukes as its nukes are distributed around the world. Israel would not be able to produce all of them. No delivery systems are needed as Israel’s nukes are already “in place”. Look for another “false flag” operation with the blame being put on Iran or Syria. You can bet that some Iranian or Syrian passports will be found in the rubble.

  • Don Blumberg

    As a member of JVP with profound identification with universal humann rights born of my childhood experience as a Jew in relation to anti-semitism, I am outraged and apprehensive, and ashamed of Sen. Cardiin, the co-sponsors and Jewish organizations who support this attack on a time honored non-violent expression of the enlightened value of freedom of speech. Cardin’s proposal explicitly, primarily refers to the economic, again, economic difficulties this law would impose on Isreal. This is the choice; freedom of speech for boycott, divest and sanction versus economic penalties against an illegal, economically exploiting, major economic, militairy
    occupying power.

  • rickeng3

    It wont be long before Nigerians are claiming Norway/ Europe as their traditional homeland.

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    The problem is when someone challenges Israel’s Right to Exist.
    When this happens – that is anti-semitism.

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    And the Cherokee have no DNA evidence of their homeland.

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    wow – a glitch in the DNA system

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    I don’t see any logic in the statement. Please explain with logic.

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    The hostility towards Palestinians is the reaction to the violence that the Palestinians keep on perpetuating towards the Jewish people.

  • Helen4Yemen

    What else is the reason the Ashkenazi seized Arab land by force except for ‘ancestral land” and “returning”?

    1) Alan Dershoitz……. 98.5% Ashkenazi … 99% European
    2) Bernie Sanders…… 97.7% Ashkenazi … 99% European
    3) Larry David………… 97.8% Ashkenazi … 99% European
    4) Neil Gaiman………. 99.6% Ashkenazi … 99% European
    5) Carol Kline………… 96.0% Ashkenazi … 99% European
    6) Tony Kushner……… 97.5% Ashkenazi … 99% European
    7) Alex Feinberg…….. 93.6% Ashkenazi … 99% European

    Source: https://disqus.COM/home/channel/semite/discussion/channel-semite/ashkenazi_jews_have_no_trace_of_middle_east_ancestry/

  • Helen4Yemen


    What do the Ashkenazi and the Eskimos have in common?
    Answer contained in the link.

  • kevinzeese

    It is not anti-antisemitism — it is anti-Zionism, it is opposition to a religious state That does not mean the person is prejudice to people of Jewish Faith. There are many reasons to be opposed to Israel and their mistreatment of the Palestinian people.

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    What are you attempting to demonstrate by pointing this data out?

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    And why do you say this?
    And who else do you point out is not indigenous according you your preference on this planet?

  • Jon

    And how would you reply to the incessant degradation, contempt, harassment, checkpoints, demolition of homes, arrests for slight or imaginary offenses, torture, humiliation, and actual massacres conducted against your extended family? This is what Palestinians have endured for decades! They have no tanks, aircraft, billions in military support from the US, much less covert nuclear weapons program

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    Not imaginary offenses.
    And if it were really true why wouldn’t other Arabs come to their rescue?

  • Helen4Yemen

    The lies of European Ashkenazi claiming to be “returning”. These fake Israelite know they have no genetic ties to that land and therefore, day and night, night and day, they try to convince the gullible public that these Europeans are descended from Abraham. Are they? Here are a few statements made by a man with many names of Netanyahu aka Mileikowsky aka Ben Nitai.

    1) I’m speaking to you from the land walked by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I’m speaking to you from the land once ruled by King David and King Solomon
    2) A hundred years ago, the Balfour Declaration helped pave the way for the reestablishment of an independent state for the Jewish people in our ancestral homeland, Natanyahu
    3) And we re-established our sovereign state in our ancestral homeland, the land of Israel.
    4) But let me first say that the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel has lasted for more than 3,500 years. Judea and Samaria, the places where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, David and Solomon, and Isaiah and Jeremiah lived, are not alien to us. This is the land of our forefathers.
    5) I feel deeply honored and privileged to stand here before you today representing the citizens of the state of Israel. We are an ancient people. We date back nearly 4,000 years to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We have journeyed through time. We’ve overcome the greatest of adversities.
    6) In Israel, we walk the same paths tread by our patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
    7) It’s not easy, because I recognize that in a genuine peace we will be required to give up parts of the ancestral Jewish homeland
    8) Now this is not easy for me. It’s not easy because I recognize that in a genuine peace we will be required to give up parts of the ancestral Jewish homeland,
    9) The attacks against us began in the 1920s, 20 years before the Holocaust. And the undeniable historical fact is that the Jewish people and the land of Israel go back over 3,500 years — when Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, forefathers of all Jews; David and Solomon, ancient Israel’s two greatest kings; and Isaiah and Jeremiah, two of the Jewish religion’s greatest spiritual prophets, all lived in what was then Judea and Samaria, which today is called the West Bank.
    10) The connection of the Jewish People to the Land has been in existence for more than 3,500 years. Judea and Samaria, the places where our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walked, our forefathers David, Solomon, Isaiah and Jeremiah – this is not a foreign land, this is the Land of our Forefathers. (Applause)
    11) The right of the Jewish people to a state in the land of Israel does not derive from the catastrophes that have plagued our people. True, for 2,000 years the Jewish people suffered expulsions, pogroms, blood libels, and massacres which culminated in a Holocaust – a suffering which has no parallel in human history.
    12) The right to establish our sovereign state here, in the Land of Israel, arises from one simple fact: Eretz Israel is the birthplace of the Jewish People.
    13) These are part of the ancestral land of the Jewish people, the Land of Israel.
    14) This is the inheritance of our ancestors. This is our land.
    15) We are here to stay forever. There will be no more uprooting of settlements in the land of Israel. This is the inheritance of our ancestors. This is our land.
    16) We are talking about, in fact, areas that are part of the ancestral Jewish homeland. Judea – that’s where the word Jew comes from, that’s where we have been for thousands of years. The same thing applies to Samaria. These are areas that are very, very precious to us from an historical and national point of view.

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    Well, with that statement you have just shown yourself to cross the line from “Anti-Zionist” to “Semitic” for all to see your true self.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I am a Semite! What don’t you tell me what the fake Semites are doing on that land? Are they “returning”?

  • Helen4Yemen

    The only places that Jewry was shopping around were all lands inhabited by people of color such as:

    Mozambique and so on.

    Therefore, two white Europeans are at war with one another and the way to solve that conflict is to remove Jewry to an area where white people did not live. Why must people of color pay with their land for a conflict that was totally European?

    Therefore, you spout total nonsense,but when I ask you how the goddamned predators belong on Arab land, you became very quiet. Next time be careful about letting your fingers type total garbage!

  • Helen4Yemen

    Tell me the right of European predators to exist on Arab land?Tell me where that right comes from for white Europeans to come stampeding from all corners of the world and seize Arab land by force? You are now awfully quiet like a mouse, are you not? And the reason you became a mouse is because there is nothing that you can say to justify the occupation of Arab land by Europe’s unwanted Jewry? Is telling the truth “antisemitic”? How many times were the unwanted people expelled from Europe? More than 100 times!


  • Helen4Yemen

    Even if the Europeans were to treat the Palestinians with the utmost care, even if the Europeans were to pave the streets with gold, even if they were to provide the Palestinians with their own villas and cars, the Palestinians would still want the foreigners gone because it is about freedom. These are uninvited predators who arrived to steal land by force. They had been planning it way before Herzl was even born. Herzl learned Zionism from his father. The idea for Europeans to claim to be “returning” after 2000 years is simply childish!

  • Helen4Yemen

    There are no native Palestinian Jews anywhere in the world. “The Jewish people” is like saying the Catholic people because both the Jews and the Catholics are made up of people who are African, Asian, European, with nothing in common except for a common religion. A people have certain things in common like ancestry, DNA, language, food, appearance, alphabet, music, dance, origin, history. Tell me please what a German Jew has in common with a Yemeni Jew? Absolutely nothing except for a common religion.

  • Helen4Yemen

    This is one of the silliest statement that I ever read. Egypt and Jordan are being billions of US$ for sole reason of keeping European Jewry safe on Arab land. I asked you before to tell me how this white man known as the Ashkenazi is connected to that land. Of course, you have no answer because the only answer is that he has absolutely no connection except for some hocus-pocus about a guy from Ur named Abraham meeting god who told him to steal some other people’s land.

  • Helen4Yemen

    I am almost tempted to ask for your I.Q.?

  • Helen4Yemen

    Did you hear? Larry David and Bernie Sanders are cousins! Ashkenazi cousins,that is! Who would have guessed, right?


  • Helen4Yemen

    Total nonsense! What you call ‘Israel” was created for the Christian West to dump the Jews they did not want to a far away place. For over a thousand years, there were no Jews living on that land until the 1830’s and 1840’s when they came up with a scheme to send Europe’s indigent Jewry to go to Palestine to just live off welfare they call “haluka”. That was designed to start planting the seeds of Jewish presence on that land.

    Can you please tell me what you do not consider the theft of Palestine as theft? What else is it? If you are so concerned about Jewry, how about you offering your own homeland to them? It is always so easy to be so judgmental with other people’s land.
    Jabotinsky – the Iron Wall – 1923

    “Their voluntary agreement is out of the question. Hence those who hold that an agreement with the natives is an essential condition for Zionism can now say “no” and depart from Zionism. Zionist Colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population. This Colonization can, therefore, continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population – an iron wall which the native population cannot break through. This is, in toto, our policy towards the Arabs. To formulate it any other way would only be hypocrisy”

  • Trierweiler

    Glitch? No. It’s obvious that the Germans are being denied their own identity. Even on the commercial you have a guy saying “We always grew up thinking we were German, but we found we are actually Scottish.”

    My mom knows she is German, since her parents emigrated from Germany and we have the lineage to prove it going back over 600-700 years in the church records and other records going back a 1000 years. They were indigenous to the land of modern Germany most likely several thousand years at least.

    She nor her ancestors had no geographical ties to Britain-Ireland. In fact, I traced my grandfather’s DNA through a male line cousin to the area of Frisia, in NW, Germany. If anything the Frisians migrated to England and not the other way around. The English are more descendant of these Germans on the southeast and east of England, mixed with Norman and Viking genes and as you move west the preponderance of Celtic gene admixture increases.

    The Scots in the Hebrides, Isle of Lewis, Shetland Islands and on the northwest coast of Scotland has increasing Viking marker DNA of 1l as opposed to Celtic R1b common throughout Scotland and Ireland. Also Ireland has 1l markers around Dublin, County Cork, the Isle of Mann and the northeast coastal areas.

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    There is not need to response to such racist statements. Your stand is clear.

  • Helen4Yemen

    You failed to tell me how the Ashkenazi is connected to that land?
    Was he “coming back”?

  • Helen4Yemen

    The Ashkenazi arrived on the land of Palestine as “returning”.
    DNA says Ashkenazi = 99.9% European, 0% Middle Eastern?
    Do you want me to repeat it for you one more time?
    Ashkenazi = 99.9% European, 0% Middle Eastern?

  • chetdude

    I say this because just as the rapacious Europeans stole the entire Western Hemisphere from its indigenous populations and the white racist USAmericans stole Hawai’i from its native people, the European Zionists brought their rapacious ideology to the middle east…

  • Patrick Ira DonEgan

    And I see you fail to point out that even England was taken over by outsiders at one point, so what is your point?
    I also see that you imbed your opinion into your statements pretending that is also facts.

  • Pawl Focke Wulf

    Been warning people for over 20 years. Nobody listens. Let the world burn.

  • Pawl Focke Wulf

    The tribe of Judah is long gone…..the Levites and Pharisees wrote their corrupt and racist laws in the old testament 2500 years ago. The jews these days have no ancestral rights to Palestine since they originated from Khazaaria in Southern Russia. They’re only jews by conversion.

  • stormywindmill .

    Khazars = Fake Jxws

  • dcnj

    LOL. jeez…