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National Conference For Black Self-Determination And Pan-African Unity

Above Photo: Community Movement Builders.

Community Movement Builders is hosting a National Black Radical Organizing Conference in Atlanta, Georgia from June 23 to June 25.

“Connecting the national Black struggle for self-determination with Pan-Africanism.”

From June 23rd to the 25th, a historic gathering of Black radical organizers will take place in the city of Atlanta, hosted by Community Movement Builders. The National Black Radical Organizing Conference will serve as a rallying point for individuals dedicated to our collective liberation struggle. Under the theme of “Unity in our Lifetime: Connecting the National Black Struggle for Self-Determination with Pan-Africanism,” this conference aims to propel our movement to new heights and reaffirm our unwavering commitment to dismantling systemic oppression.

During conference keynotes, panels, plenaries, workshops, and screenings, a diverse array of critical topics will be explored, ranging from base building and mass work to ideological positioning, the non-profit industrial complex, political prisoners, policing, gender, incarceration, and the vital role of students and youth in our liberation struggle. Deliberations will also encompass media and propaganda efforts, aiming to win the support of the masses. With a focused approach on actionable steps and a comprehensive analysis of our relationship to the empire, the conference will set the stage for movement transformation.

At the heart of our mission lies the resolute belief that Black people must reject the confines of being a colonized nation within a nation. We assert our inalienable right to self-determination, envisioning a future where we govern our own destinies, shape our communities, and establish institutions that wholeheartedly serve our people. True liberation can only be achieved through an unwavering struggle for self-determination.

However, let us not forget that the Black struggle for liberation extends far beyond national borders. Capitalism, a pervasive world-system, governs human and land relations. As a settler colony, the United States was constructed through imperialist wars, necessitating the connection of our national struggle with the broader Pan-African movement. By fostering conditions for Black liberation worldwide, we align ourselves with a global fight against oppression.

Our challenge is to consolidate and organize our own Black role in the struggle for a new society. Embracing this challenge necessitates independent Black politics. There can be no equivocation on this matter, for history leaves us no other choice. We must recognize the urgent need to transform ourselves and wholeheartedly embrace the leadership role our organized masses have played since our ancestors first set foot on these shores. We are the harbingers of true justice and humanity, steadfastly leading the charge for liberation.

Meaningful change will not emerge without the collective power of Black people organizing to seize political power and achieve national self-determination. The onus falls upon us to represent our own interests, paving the way for the society we envision.

This unprecedented gathering in Atlanta is an opportunity for Black radical organizers to unite, organize independently, and strive for fundamental change. It is a resounding call to action, urging us to make concrete choices between social transformation or social destruction. We cordially invite all individuals who are steadfastly committed to the cause of justice and liberation to join us from June 23rd to the 25th in Atlanta as we collectively shape the future and forge new paths toward a just society.

To participate in this transformative gathering, please register for the conference here.

Together, we will raise our collective struggle to higher and higher levels.

Tunde Osazua is the Chair of the National Black Radical Organizing Conference Planning Committee and Co-Chair of Community Movement Builders’ Political Education and People and Administration Committees. He also works as an Operations and Program Manager for the organization. Tunde can be reached via email at tunde(at)

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