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International Day Of Protest To Free Nestora

August 21, 2014 will be the one year anniversary of Nestora’s arrest and imprisonment. For 12 months, she has been denied the right to see her lawyers. Orders to free her by a federal judge have been ignored. Kept in isolation without medical attention, she represents hundreds of people in self defense groups who have been jailed for defending their communities against powerful, politically connected criminal cartels.

In June, the Mexican government expanded its occupation and repression in Michoacán, arresting Dr. José Mireles and nearly 100 of his followers. They were on their way to regain public control of Lázaro Cárdenas port, the largest seaport in Mexico, from a drug cartel known as the Knights Templar. This criminal syndicate used the port to export goods and resources stolen from the people of the region. Today Nestora Salgado and Dr. José Mireles are powerful symbols of popular resistance against Mexican government corruption and unbridled crime. As U.S. military aid to Mexico increases, the violence continues.

August 21 will be a day of International protest calling for the release of Nestora, Dr. Mireles, and all political prisoners. Join a location near you in international solidarity!

Free Nestora Salgado!
Free Dr. José Mireles!
Free all political prisoners!
Stop the government repression of self-defense forces and indigenous leaders!
End U.S. military aid to Mexico!

Protest Locations:

Thursday, August 21, 4 PM
Federal Building Plaza, 915 Second Ave, Seattle (Downtown, between Madison & Marion)

Thursday, August 21, 12 PM
Mexican Consulate, 1305 SW 12th Avenue, Portland (Corner of SW 12th Ave and SW Morrison St)

San Francisco
Thursday, August 21, 7:30 AM
Mexican Consulate, 532 Folsom Street (between 1st and 2nd), San Francisco

Los Angeles
Thursday, August 21, 4 PM
Federal Building, Downtown LA (300 N. Los Angeles St)

New York City
Thursday, August 21, 1 PM
Mexican Consulate, 27 E 39th St, Manhattan (between Madison Ave and Park Ave)

Melbourne, Australia
Saturday, August 23, 1 PM
The old GPO, corner of Bourke Street and Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
03 9388-0062;

For information about protests in these countries:
Costa Rica:
Dominican Republic:
For information about actions elsewhere, contact

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