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Auto Honking Protest Against ICE, Supports Hunger Strike Inside

Above Photo: slrn579537065/Flickr

Almost 100 cars here on multiple blocks, surrounding the Hudson County Detention Center in New Jersey!

The detention centers must be emptied before they turn into death camps. ICE won’t do it; only Governors have the emergency powers to save these lives. ACT

Inside this detention center, immigrants are on hunger strike because it’s the only tool they have to push for release, before it’s too late.

We’re outside making as much noise as we can. We want the people inside to know they’re not alone, & we need to hear us!

To stop detention centers from turning into death camps, we need actions like these to happen ASAP all over the country.


Take the Pledge — Never Again Action


If you think you can turn out 10 cars of people to a detention center or state capitol near you, DM us!

In 2020, it’s all about Honktavism.

We’re going to keep making noise until in NJ, and all the other Governors in this country, empty the detention centers so they don’t turn into death camps.

So many of our ancestors died of disease in concentration camps.

As we surround an ICE detention center in NJ, calling on to act, we’re also at the homes of Governor of California & of Minnesota.

Governors are responsible for the lives of EVERYONE in their state. No exceptions.

PRESS RELEASE: Never Again & ICE Free NJ Surrounded ICE Detention Center

“I’m here because it doesn’t require imagination to understand what’s going on inside. My mother was liberated while on death march from Auschwitz with nearly lethal tuberculosis.”…Image

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