Bank Invasion — And Please Do It In Your Town

Carrying the fire back to the bank that lit the match is such logical justice. Here look at this, the world is on fire.  We are peaceful but not polite. 

The bank’s investments should be known to us if the profiteering is cutting life short. The bank that blew up the Paris Climate Agreement – everyone should know what Chase has done.  Unimaginable streams of money-  $2.6 trillion pouring into destruction: Amazon deforestation, coal power, pipelines, weapons, prisons, Saudi refining and palm oil plantations.  This should be known to everyone.  We should know and the bankers should know that we know.  We carry the karmic visuals right into the lobby and we are immediately told that this is private property and the police are coming for us.  Let them come, they need to know this too.  


Fire Fire burning bright

in the forest in the night

Chase investment lit the spark

Can you finance Noah’s Ark?


How much will burn before we learn?

How much life is lost before we know the cost?

The earth is burning burning burning


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