Berlin: Refugees Threaten To Jump From Roof If Police Evict

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There is a rooftop standoff ongoing in Berlin for the 5th day in a row, in which the riot police have tried and failed to evict an occupied refugee squat and school.

Tweets from the roof:

Updates: June 28, 5th day of resistance 

Schools and universities will strike on Tuesday and march to #ohlauer for the rights of refugees; facebook event here

 1852 Police seems partly aggressive, take care everyone!

For 5 days and nights, Berliners have joined the refugees on the roof of the school to help them resist and to defend them from being attacked by cops, this is one of them, pic via  Berlin auf die Strasse

Photo: #Ohlauer Ströbele ist bei den Refugees auf dem Dach!

These pics show how Berliners responded to the refugees struggle and the solidarity protest from  

“District, Senate and Police: Stop killing refugees!” pic via  Gleich trifft Demo auf Absperrung um besetzte Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule. Mal sehen, ob’s friedlich bleibt  

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bleibt! (Ohlauer stays)  am

13:00 local time #Berlin: Live music from the occupied roof at #Ohlauer, #Berlin. The standoff that started Tuesday as 900 cops attempted to evict the school continues. Photo: 13:00 local time #Berlin: Live music from the occupied roof at #Ohlauer, #Berlin. The standoff that started Tuesday as 900 cops attempted to evict the school continues. June 27/28: Cops attack at night; helicopter in the air.  Riot cops retreat, after just minutes earlier they have stressed the supporters around the area they sealed off; now cops are standing a bit further away (local time 1:15). pic via Enough is Enough: Berlin, local time: 00:48 – More and more cops with helmets on come to Reichenberger street.

People from Berlin gathered in sit-in, blockades and protests have stopped cops for yet another night from evicting the refugees who found shelter on the roof so they can’t be attacked, brutalized, arrested and deported. Their solidarity was stronger than the army of cops, and all their abuses. Several people were arrested and injured by cops, because they defended the refugees. Berlin: Tomorrow Saturday 28 June, at 16:00 (0400pm), there will be a demonstration against the army of cops occupying the Kreuzberg district. Starting point will be Hermann Platz. The cops tweet: “Refugees rejected the offer of the senate. Police is not planning further steps.” Their offer was a scam to lure them in so they can arrest them, of course they refused it. Cops ordered hundreds of police from other states to Berlin. Convoys of cops from other states were seen driving towards Berlin tonight. Refugees will need more support.

Cops seem upset that people do not appreciate their abuses, violence and brutality. #ACAB

Refugees say they never threatened to burn the school and that they have no gas or gasoline. But they will jump from the roof when the police enters the building. #Berlin #CM Critical mass bike demo will ride to #Ohlauer today to show solidarity. Another livestream from #Ohlauer in #Berlin: #Ohlauer #Berlin: Press conference Refugees: “We have nothing to lose. When the polices comes into the school we will jump.” #Ohlauer: At the moment they are only clearing the sit-in, not the school yet! Riot cops from NRW state left their base and are now also on their way to Berlin… 

Open letter to the media: The Refugee Protest in Germany – A Silence of International Proportions: “Dear editors and journalists of the so-called quality press: I see what you are doing.
Within the last 48 hours, the recent wave of refugee protests in Germany has escalated. As I write over 900 police officers, some in full riot gear, are standing outside the occupied school in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. Inside the school between 40-80 refugees and fellow-activists have refused to leave until their demands are met. Some have climbed onto the roof of the school and are threatening to jump if the police should try to forcibly evict them. Eye-witnesses say the building smells heavily of petrol. The politicians responsible for this situation are taking big risks on the backs of people who quite literally have nothing to lose. This is a scandal and deserves to have international attention.  The eyes of the world should be on us here in Berlin. And yet there is a deafening silence, which you are part of. I am calling you out on it.” Please read it all here:

Press still not allowed to go inside school. 3 people will come out to hold press conference shortly (& be allowed back in) #ohlauer; see live stream below. @OhlauerInfo: [1613] #ohlauer #oplatz participant: “yesterday’s tension has transformed to determined militant morale!” Come support!

Berlin auf die Strasse: Come to Ohlauer Str.! Today after the planned ultimatum at 3pm anything is possible! Police are prepared to be very violent. The pressconference from the refugees from the school will take place at 3pm. Come at 1pm so that we can be prepared!
German: Kommt zur Ohlauer Str! Heute nach dem Ablauf des Ultimatums um 15:00h rechnen wir mit Allem. Polizei ist sehr gewaltbereit. Pressekonferenz vom Dach der Schule um 15h. Kommt um 13h! damit wir warmlaufen können!!

Live stream from refugees press conference:

In protest towards police brutal tactics, slander and attempt to criminalize the striking refugees who occupy Ohlauer until the German state recognizes them as human beings whose rights must be respected, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at the courthouse in Tempelhof-Kreuzberg; and an unsigned letter was sent to the media saying that the attack was “a small symbolic act in the struggle against the ruling classes.”


Molotv cocktails and burning tyres against courthouse in #Berlin #Kreuzberg in solidarity with #Ohlauer.

[Berlin] Eviction of the school – Call for protest and militant interventions:

“Police state training and civil war maneuvers of extra legal police units in Berlin. The police leadership takes over the political leadership of Berlins district Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain.   Such a headline could easily be blamed as exaggerated crazy idea of the usual suspects from the anarchist corner. But of course, such a headline is chosen to be provocative – and it has the desired effect if the situation that we come across in one of Berlin’s neighborhoods is examined more closely. In the light of the urgent events we ask for support!   The martial law has been imposed in Berlin , without legal basis, without explanation, without emergency, without imminent danger and without political directive. There had been no preceding cause for this martial law. One is suggesting legitimacy that is not recognizable. Now a old state declines while a new one is emerging.   Three days ago the squatted refugee school in Ohlauer street in the district of Kreuzberg has been evicted by more the 900 police units from Berlin and other states. According to the newspapers police units with submachine guns were in action as safeguards. The eviction has been consciously conducted during the Fusion Festival. The police still shows massive presence.   The police and its political leadership is not any longer a merely executing institution, that acts on orders, but an independent player that is developing a momentum of its own. The police press car is issuing political statements of the revolting authority. The press is replicating police statements – not those of politicians. The police is taking over political tasks – even the formation of public opinions. The press is reproducing those statements – thus the press is spreading the fairy tale of a “voluntary vacation” of the refugees.   By the way, how much ‘voluntariness’ exists when 900 armed up cops knock on the door and brought already along the bus for evacuation? This type of ‘voluntariness’ is instilling terror if one relates other historical considerations or other parts of the world in which this ‘voluntariness’ came and comes into effect. In fact, a police state measure has been issued without an eviction title or a legal base. Now is the time for the lawyers to act on the base of just and democratic structures.   But on the other hand: still 40 people are refusing to leave the building. More accurate: the roof. With good reason, as the ‘voluntary’ evacuation of the occupied Oranienplatz this year led to 10 detentions – 10 persons that have been detained in custody pending deportation, despite the assurance of the federal state government that this won’t happen. Meanwhile one person on the roof from Sudan threatened to commit suicide as he would die in Sudan anyway.   In order to prevent direct solidarity among the people, the neighborhood and adjacent blocks are closed off since three days. Access only for those that can prove to live in the area. Many different shops experienced heavy loss of remuneration. The shops are closed. From the kebab shop to the wine merchant. The main street is blocked. Extralegal space. In order to destroy the means of communication between the occupiers on the roof and supporters that cannot reach the building the police is currently deploying jammers.   Local major Hermann (the Greens) became invisible. Its unlikely that she has been deported to the football stadium but rather collaborates with the police. She is entrenching herself behind the police. But our anger and anger will come upon her.   Panhoff, the green council member for building and construction has also been identified as protagonist. Already the squatters of ‘Franz-Künstler-Street’ were not wiling anymore to negotiate with him because he is pursuing delaying tactics with his empty promises. Of course it could also be that his own administration is not following him when it comes to the promised installation of showers. The showers have been one of the problems in the school – that led to the death of one person during a fight. If the people from the school had suspected that the promised commitments won’t be adhered, they and the supporters would have installed the showers by their own long time ago. Once again it became apparent that collaboration with the political enemy has only downsides. Panhoff declared the evacuation as ‘voluntary’ even though he knows that no legal base exists. Only the police rightly talks about an eviction – but a ‘voluntary’ one. Such subtleness is only used to be protected against possible juridical complains.   Panhoff is a Green – our rage and anger will come upon the officials of this filthy party. But it would be unfair not to tackle CDU (Christian democrats) and SPD (social democrats) with the same intensity. The CDU for her hate on refugees, that demands the siege of a neighborhood through the unchristian figure of Henkel. The SPD that shares the government with CDU is being an active actor in the “divide and rule” strategy that operates on the integration and deportation of refugees. This filthy mob was primarily responsible for the division of the refugees at Oranienplatz. If they imagine to lean back relaxed while alone the Green party officials hide themselves away in their pathetic summer party, they fool themselves heavily.   This call is being issued by non-parliamentary groups from the renters and antifa movement and other threatened projects, as the Refugee supporters barely have time and have to take care about the organisation of sleeping spaces, among others.   We hereby call for massive and resolute local and worldwide actions against the named political parties and the police. We call to attack institutions that represent the repressive refugee policy. All our rage and anger shall come upon them. And as fast as for you possible, as the school is still contested, the streets are still blocked.   We call the Fusion Festival to agree on a short solidarity statement in the name of all present people that will be read out everywhere.   And let us pay back twice the disgrace on this occasion.   Immediate and unconditioned withdrawal of the police from the building, the area and the streets.   Immediate recognition of the refugees as part of our society – unconditionally   Fight for the school in Ohlauer steet as self-determined living space for 70 refugees and as international refugee center   Act fast – but act : furious.” Source 

(1:27 PM) Berlin/Brussels, 27 June 2014. After a “warning” from the federal criminal police (Bundeskriminalamt), the bus charter company BVB canceled a contract of approx. EUR 6000 for coach buses for the “March for Freedom” from Brussels to Berlin. The buses had been paid in full on 6 June and were supposed to shuttle several hundred activists back to Berlin on Saturday, 28 June. Now the activists are stuck in Brussels. It is likely that the German police wants to prevent the Brussels activists from joining the protesters at the occupied school in Berlin, who are resisting an ongoing eviction by police armed with machine guns. More

A man was found unconscious when police broke the blockade to reach refugees; he was hospitalized.

“Standoff continues at the school. People are singing, some chants, situation calm. Only 3 vans with riot cops at the moment at #Ohlauer. Last hour police controls at #Neukölln  district but the cops were too late. Spontanious demo was already over.” – Enough is Enough  Open air cinema for the refugees stranded on the roof of the school, resisting eviction, deportation and repression by the state. Their defenders have organized open air cinema for them.

900 police to evict a refugee squat- read more here Photo: Standoff continues at the school. People are singing, some chants, situation calm. Only 3 vans with riot cops at the moment at #Ohlauer. Last hour police controls at #Neukölln district but the cops were too late. Spontanious demo was already over.

People from Berlin have put their bodies and their voices between the cops and the refugees they were going to attack, evict and deport, and because cops can’t get to the refugee they are starting to repress the defenders of the refugees. #ACAB

“Freedom. No human is illegal.”

People from Berlin have taken their solidarity up the roofs opposite to the one the refugees are stranded to show them their support.

This is the statement of the refugees who escaped state’s brutality and inhumanity by occupying the roof of the school in Ohlauer, via Enough is Enough: “We say it clear:  We don’t leave the building until we obtain papers for everyone in the building. As soon as we get our right to stay, we are ready to leave the school peacefully. We don’t want too much talk , we want clear results and garantues: This is the cost of bad experiences with the negotiations with the Senat and the Bezirk.”

Refugee found refuge from the state cops on the roof of the school.

“Senator Kolat has promised a transfer of the asylum cases to Berlin A six month Duldung, access to the job market, to education and German lessons. Currently, none of these five points have been reached and ten people who are on the list of the Oranienplatz agreement are facing deportation. Two month after, no one got the transfer and the Duldung is ignored by the Ausländerbehörde. This is why we don’t accept no negotiations anymore and put the German and Berlin authorities in front of their responsibilities. The Senat has lied the District is lying: People who were registering on Tuesday have been refused a place in the new Lagers! Cleary, they free themselves from any responsibilities in case something happens. But they are all responsible now: Henkel, Herrmann, Kolat, Panhoff. So the district should respect the people struggling inside the school and let them exercise their basic political rights (freedom of speech) and let the press come in until Henkel and de Mazière give us the documents. Both are able to give us a residence commit §23 Aufenthaltsgesetz.” Source

Refugees have 10 minutes to give an answer if they want to “negotiate”. City has said they want to “negociate” earlier, but refugees told them there is nothing to negotiate, because they know their demands already, and they demanded that cops let the press into Ohlauer school. It’s still a standoff, they have brought many ambulances which means they expect cops to act violently against the refugees. They plan to evict the striking refugees and deport some of them during the World Cup game between Germany and the United States.  via Berlin auf die Strasse “Please come & spread to your friends: We need your ‪#‎support‬ , please!!! Many hundreds of police are coming. The blockade Liegnitzer/Wienerstr. was broken, people beaten up bloody. FUCKING SUPPORT IS NEEDED!” – Bitte teilt die Message mit all euren FreundInnen in ‪#‎Berlin‬ – ‪#‎Solidarität‬zählt JETZT!” Live stream from Berlin: Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream via Enough is Enough: Many people to support refugees at #Ohlauer . Things calmed down a bit but but still a huge police force around the occupied school.

via Die Empörungsindustrie the refugee school in ‪#‎ohlauer‬ is about to be evicted right now, police have announced to cut the mobile networks, go there now if you can.”

Earlier, police detained 5 people, while they denied access for the media in the school, though journalists have been invited by the refugees at a press conference they organised inside the school. This is an intolerable violation of press freedom by the police: police basically made a rule and a law on the spot – journalists do not need police’s accept or certification to attend any event! Refugees transmitted their conference via Skype at a nearby bakery. Proof police are the law; this is Berlin in the European Union of the year 2014.

Via @lamda14 1908 #Berlin #ohlauer About 5 detentions. #march4freedom #RefugeeStruggle #antireport #RefugeeStrike — Enough is Enough! (@enough14) June 26, 2014

Detentions earlier on June 26

Pics from June 25 standoff, via   Berlin auf die Strasse

Police have blocked off the entire school building and set up checkpoints where neighbors have to show ID, but haven’t broken inside yet. Refugees are saying they will torch the building and jump if the cops break in, because for them it’s better to jump than face deportation. For now, the refugees are surviving on food that neighbors are transporting to them via cables from their property to the roof of the building. Police have also attacked solidarity demos with brutal force, as well as attacking a peaceful sit in at the German Embassy in Brussels (we have posted their press release below) that was in solidarity with the refugees. Photos of these events as well as the original eviction of the school available here . To keep up with this struggle, keep checking this page for updates and follow the hashtag #Ohlauer

PRESS RELEASE from Freedom not Frontex, Brussels, 25.06.2014

Brutal arrestment after peaceful solidarity action against the eviction of the refugee squat in Berlin   This morning at 9 am European activists made a peaceful sit-in at the entrance of the German embassy. The activists were protesting non- violently against the current brutal eviction of refugees in an occupied school in Berlin. Their demand was to speak with the German ambassador in order to put pressure on Berlin authorities. The situation is very urgent as there are refugees on the roof of the school building stating that if the police do not stop the operation, they will jump from the roof top or burn themselves. The eviction of the building would mean for them to lose their home, shelter and political self- organized center. The action supports friends and comrades on the roof and in the school, and their demands: the immediate stop of the eviction and police operations, free access for press, the recognition of paragraph 23 (a German asylum law for group recognition), for all refugees from School and people who were protesting at Oranienplatz Refugee Protest Camp.  The “solution” offered by the senate regarding the resettlement of the people into refugee centers and the re-evaluation of the single cases resolves nothing. We also demand the possibility to return to the school and the start of genuine negotiations of the refugees with the district and the senate. Evictions of refugee squats are happening across Europe, such as recently in Calais, and also comrades in Amsterdam are struggling to defend their home and shelter. We demand the unconditional respect of all refugee squats in Europe. The protest is also directed against the increasingly restrictive asylum laws and policies in Germany and across Europe. The European activists who are part of the Protest March for Freedom were already insisting for the third day in front of the German embassy to speak to the ambassador. The ambassador was refusing any contact, thus the activists decided to make this peaceful sit-in today. The ambassador finally also ordered to evict the 23 people from the embassy and let them be arrested by the police of Brussels. Whilst at the police station the arrested were denied drinking water, translation of the procedures and the accusations and information about their rights. The police procedures were arbitrary. One person was beaten up until he lost consciousness; another person was pushed and strangled because she asked for toilet paper. Some of the activists had no passports or identification card with them as an act of solidarity for people without papers. The first people were released after 8 hours, and after 16 hours still 4 remained in the station. They are threatened to be expulsed out of Belgium. The remaining activists of the action spoke to the press officer of the embassy and drafted a letter to the Kreuzberg District and Senate of Berlin. Herein they outlined the demands and reasons for the protest. The Embassy promised to write a statement to Berlin demanding that everything possible should be done to save the lives of the protesters on the roof of the school in Berlin. This protest was part of the Action Week in Brussels to mark the European Council Summit. It concludes the March for Freedom that started 6 weeks ago in Strasbourg. The main demonstration will be happening on 26 th June 2014 at 4.30pm on Place de Béguinage, Brussels.