Bernie Sanders Supporters Just Staged Massive Walkout At DNC

Above Photo:  Bernie Sanders’ message for his supporters now: “This movement of ours—this political revolution—must continue.” Time will tell if that happens. (Andrew Harnik / AP)

Bernie Sanders delegates are leaving the Wells Fargo Center in droves, protesting the Democratic National Committee’s bias toward Hillary Clinton throughout the primary process.

In a video tweeted by NBC News’ Monica Alba, Sanders’ most ardent supporters are seen walking out, holding signs and chanting “Show me what Democracy looks like! This is what Democracy looks like!” NPR’s Asma Khalid also tweeted video of Sanders supporters chanting “Walk out! Walk out!” after the nomination vote.

Sanders delegates are also staging protests at the DNC’s media tent after Clinton’s nomination. According to Telesur English, Sanders delegates are chanting at the DNC gates, “Hell no DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary” and “Hey hey, ho ho, the DNC has got to go!”

Some delegates are also holding a silent protest at the DNC media tent, with some participants wearing black gags in an additional sign of protest.

“There’s a coalition of 57 whips and more talking to press, with at least that many delegates with them,” Katherine Brezler, a Sanders delegate from New York, told US Uncut.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee have been communicating the need for party unity despite the emails leaked by WikiLeaks showing the DNC had betrayed their neutrality by working to nominate Clinton.