Beyond The Prison Strike, Alex Jones Won’t Be The Last + Israel Targets BLM

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Beyond the Prison Strike, Alex Jones Won’t Be the Last & Israel Targets BLM

  • Alex Jones won’t be the last one banned from social media platforms – so, what’s next for the left as we already struggle with censorship and stare down similar gagged fates?
  • The National Prison Strike is over but the fight is absolutely not. We sit down with Amani Sawari to talk about what’s next in the fight for prisoner’s human rights.
  • Black Lives Matter is already in the crosshairs of local law enforcement, the FBI and the DHS. Now who’s after them? (Hint: an apartheid state)

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Black Lives Matter is no longer a target for domestic oppression. The threat of their human rights work has now peaked the interest of oppressive entities abroad – and the documentary that proves it has faced hard censorship. Speaking of censorship, let’s all cheer the ban on Alex Jones on almost all platforms – right?! No. And here’s why. Finally, Amani Sawari joins us to discuss the National Prison Strike that just ended.