Big Telecom VS The World

| Petitions and Online Actions

Big Telecom and their lobbyists want to control your Internet and make online services more expensive. So far, ‘Net Neutrality’ rules in several countries have banned their interference.5

But under pressure from lobbyists, leaders from several countries are considering implementing these Internet slow lane plans.6

If we don’t speak out for the open Internet now, it will be hard to turn back. This is why we need you to voice support for net neutrality and stop the Internet slow lane before it’s too late.

After you sign on, we’ll deliver your voice directly to decision-makers.

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Mozilla Maker Parties

The Mozilla Foundation is organizing a series of global events to educate the public about one of the greatest threats to the open Internet: the Internet slow lane. That’s why they want you to organize or join local discussions that will help show us all what’s at stake if Big Telecom gets their way. Learn how to get more involved here.

Get Involved Around the World

Here are some examples of fights happening around the world for net neutrality. Click the links to find out more, and how you can get involved in supporting the open Internet: